Jun 9, 2009

Mysteries of the Denver Airport, 2012, and the Australia Antigen: video

The mysteries of the Denver Airport is a video that concerns the first-built airport buildings which are now underground and in the shape of a nazi swastika, the futuristic murals on the walls of the Denver International Airport, 2012, the Australia Antigen, and conspiracies of New World Order whose aim is one-world governance - after the undesirables are weeded out.

This video is about 11 minutes of...well, I don't know how to describe it so check it out if you dare. You know, people make fun of this stuff to keep from dealing with it. And now that it's 2009 and America is on the verge of troops in the streets with the Constitution and Bill of Rights in tatters, it may be a little late to get concerned. Or is it?


Thanks go to hazelgreen1977 for giving me a heads-up on this video at my WordPress blog.
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