Jun 9, 2009

Mysteries of the Denver Airport, 2012, and the Australia Antigen: video

The mysteries of the Denver Airport is a video that concerns the first-built airport buildings which are now underground and in the shape of a nazi swastika, the futuristic murals on the walls of the Denver International Airport, 2012, the Australia Antigen, and conspiracies of New World Order whose aim is one-world governance - after the undesirables are weeded out.

This video is about 11 minutes of...well, I don't know how to describe it so check it out if you dare. You know, people make fun of this stuff to keep from dealing with it. And now that it's 2009 and America is on the verge of troops in the streets with the Constitution and Bill of Rights in tatters, it may be a little late to get concerned. Or is it?


Thanks go to hazelgreen1977 for giving me a heads-up on this video at my WordPress blog.


clymela said...

You know I love you BUT this is over the top and even if it is warning us of things to come what on earth would we do?
Why must the makers of these sorts of things use the breathless voices that simply broadcast that we are being had? I think this belongs with the lizards that suposedly are ruling us from underground somewhere in the deserts of Arizona.

jude cowell said...

Thanks, clymela, i think the video is way beyond madness myself but since i've never seen the Denver Airport i'd hoped someone would enlighten me as to why these futuristic murals are there - they are weird, aren't they?

Or should i say, 'why else' are they there? jude

clymela said...

Jude- I had connections there but don't know what to say about those murals-I have only flown in there a couple of times and was so busy trying to figure out how to get to the car garage that I didn't see anything and you know I would be squealing if I had noticed anything-that was a few years back.
I will look into this.

jude cowell said...

Excellent, clymela, i wish you'd check it out. It all seems odd.

A client of mine flies in and out of there lots - i'll see her next in July so am planning to ask her about the murals and whatever else she might know.

She and her husband a (now-retired) political science professor were at Mile High Stadium for Obama's acceptance speech last year. jc

Anonymous said...

Wow. Had always before heard this airport characterized as a boondoggle, more than anything else. But the murals? Creepy, at the very least. Who thinks this is appropriate public space art? My question about conspiracies and the supposed signs pointing to them is always this: why would anyone bother to put all this symbolism into things? Maybe I wonder as I don't have the energy to weave elaborate messages into my own life--and doesn't such symbolism imply someone is leaving it on purpose, which also says they expect someone to decipher it--and to what end? I'm stumped--time to sip a cool drink on the veranda--
Thanks, Jude, for an always interesting experience!

jude cowell said...

Thanks, Julie...now that you mention it, I'd heard the word 'boondoggle' attached to the airport (1995) but yes, the whole thing is creepy.

But if Any of the NWO agenda is true and totalitarian control IS in their self-serving peabrains, you'd have to be a real creep to promote it against your fellow man - though I can understand how underlings are made to feel they're part of The Big Plan; plus, some would go along in order not to be left out of the (supposed) pay-off.

And families have been threatened before to manipulate people into compliance esp for political-power reasons!

Inhumanity never ceases to amaze.