Jun 9, 2009

Upton Sinclair's Utopian dream

On September 20, 1878, in Baltimore, Maryland, with Sun in Virgo conjunct Mars, and Moon in Cancer, was born future author, journalist, and social activist Upton Sinclair, who still asks:

"Is it altogether a Utopian dream, that once in history a ruling class might be willing to make the great surrender, and permit social change to come about without hatred, turmoil, and waste of human life?"

Yes. It is. Altogether.

How difficult is it for any earthbound man to give up what he sold his eternal soul for? Shhh! He's counting out his gold coins now...


Sun Vir-Moon Cancer (Earth-Water): mind vs emotions; logic + imagination; self-repressed but observant; kind-hearted; supportive, with a deep concern for others; shy but sociable; conscientious; fastidious about nutrition; devoted and sentimental; principled yet flexible.

Images for Integration: A nutritionist serves his family organically grown chicken soup...The working mother...Two old Chinese women gossip about family problems as they work rhythmically in the rice paddies. (Sun Sign-Moon Sign, Chas & Suzi Harvey.)

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