Jul 1, 2009

Washington's Mortgage Reform fizzles like dud sparklers on the 4th of July

And How the American People Can Save Big Money in Washington

When the mortgage and sub-prime fiascoes began to hit the country in 2007 and into 2008, everyone agreed that reform would be on the menu and the sooner the better. The financial collapse which the housing market crash led to with its resulting unemployment, retail slumps, and slowdowns in all sectors of the economy and the life of the nation, made mortgage reform seem a given. Who could argue?

Well, not so fast - it's the US Congress on the case which means there are no guarantees of improvements or of corrections of the fraudulent, America.

Unlike the upcoming Fourth of July fireworks, no-brainer mortgage reform is now said to be fizzling on Capitol Hill and Senator Dodd says they have other things to do. Or did he say 'better' things to do?

Either way, thanks for nuthin' oh elitist ones.

So I've made up a timely yet brief list of To-Dos in case anyone wants the economy to work out better than Congress has planned for us:

Want mortgage reform?

Call your reps and senators on Capitol Hill and tell them what time you and your family of 3/4/5/6+++ will be turning up at their swanky digs for a long stay....just till you "find a place." They don't need kicks in the pants on Capitol Hill, they need moocher roommates and lots of them. Besides, thanks to years of outsourcing US jobs bwo Congress, you're broke because you lost your job, and there are None To Be Had. Except marching in the military or on Capitol Hill, if my further ideas are followed...

Want health care reform from Capitol Hill?

Demand that all House members' insurance companies triple the deductibles on their state-of-the-art insurance policies, and limit the number of surgeries allowed for the next few years; totally exclude cosmetic surgeries and treatments, of course, and forget free meds and exotic cruises. And while you're at it, have the premiums auto-drafted from their paychecks from now on.

Want ethics and accountability to return to our nation's capital?

Then we'll have to kick out 98% of the bums on Capitol Hill, their staffers, aides, and favorite lobbyists - and sign up to serve ourselves, citizens of America!

But Senator Al Franken can stay (until he proves his metal) since he hasn't sat down at the trough just yet. And maybe Dennis Kucinich. I can't decide about him. Ron Paul, maybe. Not sure but probably. And keep a few junior ones who have yet to underwhelm us with their craven truckling to party bosses and poor judgments.

Thing is, since it was Capitol Hill denizens who dumped us into the crises in which we're now stewing (in collusion with their Wall Street buds), what makes them think the nation can afford them with their exalted lifestyles and their expensive ways? If we're looking for places to 'cut back' in the national budget, how about firing every one of the political culprits who helped cause it?

Washington Loves Ceremonies

I have yet to get a cost estimate on enough tar and feathers for the lot of them, but it couldn't be any higher than congressional paychecks, sell-outs, give-aways, and heistings, now could it?

Oh, and again I shall wish you a Happy 233rd birthday, America!

All the gold in Fort Knox may be pilfered away, but you don't look a day past 200. (Botox not covered, as above.)
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