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Feb 5, 2021

February 9, 2021: US Senate vs Donald Trump

February 5, 2021: According to The Independent, the US Senate convenes for Trump's Senate Impeachment Trial "around midday" on Tuesday February 9, 2021. Whether senators will convict and/or vote to deny the insurrectionist the ability to run for office in future is anyone's guess at this point. However, a peek at a 12:00 noon est horoscope set for Capitol Hill, February 9, 2021 may be of interest to some while annoying to others who favored Trump's authoritarian coup attempt against the US government on January 6, 2021. Basic chart notes are penned on:

As you see, chart-ruler Mercury @18AQ39 is retrograde which hopefully only shows that this is the US Senate's second go-round trying to hold Trump accountable for his actions but if we look ahead to Mercury's movements in relation to this chart, we find The Messenger planet turning Direct on February 20th @11AQ01 so Jupiter @12AQ07 will again be conjoined suggesting an expansion of discussions or plans, news about legal issues, and/or the involvement of religious figures in the situation. However, Jupiter is also the broadcaster, politician, General, guru, big banker, and corporatist or CEO. Obviously, the roles of journalists, reporters, and talking heads will be on display (MC) through the entire process, plus, Mercury's Rx condition as chart-ruler can also denote delays and other obstacles gumming up the works - and results may not turn out as expected (see Uranus rising, below).

For clues about how things will proceed, let's consider the three applying aspects of Mercury:

1. Square Mars (1A23) suggests incorrect information or directions, frustration, provoked anger, strong opinions or quarrels. 2. Conjunct Jupiter (6A32) is noted, above; 3. Conjunct Venus (8A29) suggests that advice or ideas concerning legal matters, joint ventures, and cooperation, plus, contract negotiations, and/or discussions about common goals with allies are apt to occur. Gossip is also a possibility.

Now here are a few more chart factors of note:

ASC 8Gem28 = US natal Uranus (unexpected or unusual events, disruptions, chaos, and/or coping ability - our totem planet of rebellion and anarchy, here representing the January 6th upheaval), and the Moon-Pluto Conjunction @25Cap16/29 in the 9th house of Legal Affairs. Therefore, a consideration of the potentials of the intense Moon-Pluto duo is in order:

"Thesis: The people's opinion about subjects like crime, war, or internal secrecy; the role of women in controlling self-destructive impulses; popular promises in appeals to the people.

Antithesis: Encourages violence or crime; people become doubtful about how to exert the proper controls on criminal or terrorist elements; obsessions which bring a misuse of the resources available for country or business." (Midpoints: Unleashing the Power of the Planets, Munkasey). #ad

Reinhold Ebertin adds, "The pursuit of selected objectives with fanatical zeal and with subsequent attainment without regard for other people; violent outbursts of feeling, inner shocks or emotional upheavals." Noel Tyl seconds the potential for "zeal" and adds, "One-sided emotional intensity and exaggerated new plans." The zealous energies are further emphasized by Moon-Pluto conjunct the Inauguration 2021 Midheaven; add the energies of US natal Pluto and we have "the need to fight whatever evils there are" (Munkasey).

Now besides the fact that the asteroid of Justice Astraea @20Sag43 conjuncts Trump's natal Moon-SN conjunction (7th house; justice for past actions?), we may also wish to consider a few midpoint pictures which may or may not apply to February 9th conditions (I'll leave it up to you to decide, dear reader); for these only Tyl is consulted for the sake of brevity:

Mercury-Jupiter = MC ('The Goal'): "successful planning; looking for the best side of things to come about."

Neptune-Pluto = Sun: "rationalization reigns over realism."

Mercury-Pluto = Saturn: "insistence on point of view; driven by fear of failure; needing control; unrelenting demands."

Pluto-MC = Saturn: "potential scandal; major business reversal; the conspicuous threat of loss; hard, hard work; circumstances of death, bereavement."

Mercury-Saturn = Jupiter: "logic and reasoning."

Moon-Mercury = Saturn: "solving problems to grow in wisdom; depression if the tide has turned."

Note that any, all, or none may apply and are subject to transits and progressions.

And so as always, dear reader, your on-topic comments, insights, and Shares are much appreciated! Jude

UPDATE February 7, 2021: A new wrinkle to the proceedings has been added by Trump attorney Schoen who wrote a letter to Senate leaders requesting that the Trump Impeachment trial be "suspended at 5:24 pm on Friday if it had not yet concluded" because he, being Jewish, observes the Sabbath. As long as the trial begins as noted, above, such a suspension only gives the Astrology of the matter a second horoscope, a bookend in time even if only temporary, to investigate! And of course Trump always loves any delay he can get. And curiously, advancing the chart to February 12, 2021 Capitol Hill to 5:24 pm est shows Mars and Uranus in Taurus bracketing the Midheaven (14Tau38). Mars-Uranus = MC: "Taking drastic measures; getting one's way; the sense of 'either/or'; putting a gun to someone's head" (Tyl). jc

UPDATE February 9, 2021: now available the Senate rules for the trial.

Jul 28, 2020

July 28, 2020 Horoscope: Bill Barr to Capitol Hill

July 18, 2020: Unless a cancellation, rescheduling, or delay occurs (chart-ruler Mercury opposes Jupiter Rx), Trump's AG William Barr is scheduled to testify today (9:30 am edt) before Congress and defend ongoing militarized actions in Portland, Oregon, among other acts of the Trump regime.

Since it's almost 9:30 am as I type, this is a quick posting of the morning's horoscope and as you see, Barr's Saturn, then Mars, rise on Capitol Hill and the natal Pluto @15Vir27 of Senator Kamala Harris (his favorite questioner, no doubt!) precisely rises at 9:30 am along with her natal Venus (17:53).

A high-flying Kite pattern (success) with testifying Mercury as its tail is shown along with a YOD pattern of crisis, special task, and/or karmic opportunity with lady Venus (Senator Harris?) at apex in Mercury-ruled Gemini. Questions! Yet Mr. Barr is there to restrain and cover-up, his usual political gig.

And with chart-ruler (and Midheaven-ruler) Mercury applying three times we may expect severe disagreements and conflicts (opposes Jupiter Rx), perhaps a lack of logic, inspired ideas that can be misused or glamorized (trines Neptune), and a display of opposing forces during these intense proceedings as information is manipulated to someone's advantage, withheld, or the wrong answers are deliberately provided in order to mislead. Obviously with Barr protecting Trump, damaging secrets will be closely held (opposes Pluto).

Oh! and Pluto Rx @23Cap25 continues his powerful opposition to Trump's natal Saturn in watery, tribal, business-oriented Cancer (Saturn, planet of authority and control).

Now much more info is embedded within the chart but time is short so I'll trust you, dear reader, to sleuth away if you're so inclined!

Jun 3, 2019

June 10, 2019 John Dean Invited to Capitol Hill

In case John Dean of WaterGate fame accepts Jerrold Nadler's invitation to speak on June 10th to the House Judiciary Committee on Capitol Hill, below is Mr. Dean's natal horoscope with June 10th transits set for 9:00 am edt snugged around it--not because the hearing will open at that hour (probably closer to 9:30 or 10:00 am) but because 9:00 am happens to be the time that Dean's natal Pluto @1Leo26 rises over the Capitol Building.

In other words, I'm using the June 10th horoscope as a symbolic chart of the power (Pluto) Mr. Dean may wield through providing information which could very well have a (plutonian) transformative effect on current rather stalled conditions.

See Democrats Bringing In Nixon Lawyer John Dean to Talk About the Mueller Report.

Now with the event's occurrence and timing being iffy as such Washington events tend to be I won't spend much time typing about it here, plus, quite a few basic chart notes are penned messily on the bi-wheel charts if you care to look. However, note that Dean's Venus @00Sag32 conjoins his natal Midheaven (The Goal) and rules his 3rd house of Communications via Taurus--and June 10th Venus @1Gem47 opposes his natal Venus (see lower right, highlighted in blue) which triggers opposing views and conflicts within relationships. Dean's natal Saturn, planet of authority, accountability, responsibility, law, and government conjuncts the 9:00 am Midheaven as he dutifully shares his opinions with the world (MC). This could be refreshing, who knows? For one thing, Dean will be highly motivated (transit Pluto trine natal Mars) as he expresses his diplomatic views blended with self-interest (transit Venus conjunct natal IC, the Foundation of the Matter). However, with the Moon in critical Virgo reflecting Dean's natal Mars-Neptune conjunction (8th house), images of crooks, treachery, and/or scandal may turn up in the news (Moon = the public; publicity) concerning this hearing or possible accusations of such may be hurled at Dean himself.

Now by transit on June 10th, most of us are dealing on some level with the Sun-Jupiter opposition squaring deceptive Neptune in Pisces (in John Dean's 1st house of Self) which suggests general potentials for loss, sensitivity, and the crooks we hear and read about each day (one ex: Nixon).

Plus, transit Mars conjunct North Node is lining up to oppose the difficult Saturn-Pluto conjunction (exact @22Cap46 on January 12, 2020--conjunct Trump's natal Vertex of fated encounters) which hints at the harshness, ruthlessness, and brutality now prevalent in society--and that someone is fighting for his very existence. I leave it to you, dear reader, to decide who that could possibly be as DC Democrats continue their careful attempts, slow as they seem, to hold a not-above-the-law president accountable for his actions.

Dec 11, 2018

Dec 12, 2018: Maria Butina hearing on Capitol Hill

The Sabotage of America Ongoing

by Jude Cowell

If need be, NPR shares some background info on 'gun-rights activist' Maria Butina, a Sun Scorpio born on November 10, 1988 in Barnaul, Siberia. Reportedly, her Russian agent activities have been ongoing in the US since 2014 when she began encouraging guns-rights demonstrations. A mild activity when compared to her more recent ties to US politicians and officials, plus, there's her work for or with the National Rifle Association (NRA)--and all seem to be compromised by the Kremlin now.

Word is, Ms. Butina has changed her plea to 'guilty' and agreed to cooperate with the Mueller investigation. Unless otherwise is announced, her hearing is set for tomorrow, December 12, 2018, starting at 3:15 pm, on Capitol Hill. Here's the horoscope of that date, hour, and location:

Some of Maria Butina's natal placements are marked in and around the chart (highlighted in lavender pink), a few of Donald Trump's are added (highlighted in blue), and some of America's natal placements, too, such as US natal South Node, the 'tail of the dragon' conjunct the 3:15 pm est Midheaven (5AQ50) and the transiting South Node now 'swiping' across US natal Pluto (27Cap33). And that would be the same Pluto that was spotlighted at the RNC 2016 by a Full Moon Conjunct US natal Pluto: Russian Encounters when Vladimir Putin had the Republican platform changed more to his liking.

And if you view the RNC 2016 Full Moon chart, you'll see that the current position of the North Node of destiny points toward the Full Moon's Sun (the leader). Interestingly, a Sun-NN connection in Politics can lead to 'political associations which eventually do more harm than good, formation of ties to allies drain vitality, and/or a loss of respect due to unfortunate mergers or alliances' (Munkasey's Midpoints: Unleashing the Power of the Planets). Well, yes.

Besides a few midpoint pictures you see listed, notable in tomorrow's chart is that 3:15 pm falls within a Jupiter Hour and Butina's natal Jupiter Rx @2Gem+ is her first natal planet to rise in this horoscope suggesting Jupiterian themes on the menu such as finances and politics. Boundaries have been broken! Donald Trump's first natal planet to rise is his chaos-loving Uranus (@17Gem+ in his natal 10th house of Career and Public Status) which forms his nibs' quirky and very visible trio along with his North Node and Sun; plus, his natal Sun conjuncts the 2nd cusp (22Gem23) of this chart--along with US natal Mars. Has the money been followed? Of course!

Listed in the 5th house of the chart and highlighted in orange is Maria Butina's Prenatal Solar Eclipse @18Vir40 ('PE') which manifested prior to her birth on September 11, 1988 in the 8 South Saros Series. Themes of 8 South are 'loss, separation, sad partings, and possible physical injury' (paraphrasing Brady's Predictive Astrology). An 8 South eclipse last occurred in 2006 @29Virgo; next 8 South: 2024 @10Libra.

And in the 6th house of Military, Police, and Civil Service appear her natal Scorpio line-up of Mercury, Pluto, Sun, and Moon. Transit Venus now conjoins her natal Mercury, planet of communications, deals, and pleas and suggests her decision to cooperate with investigators though it remains to be seen if her information will be reliable for with so much Scorpio within, perhaps we can say that Ms. Butina was born to betray, spy, and sabotage.

Dec 18, 2017

Horoscope Dec 22 2017: Midnight on Capitol Hill

Horoscope December 22, 2017 11:59:59 pm est: Who knows what evil lurks in the hearts of Capitol Hill legislators at midnight when the time for legislating runs out? Government shutdown? ALEC bill-writers toss Americans into the streets and off their health insurance policies? Needy children starve? Arctic wildlife is decimated by Republican oil drilling? Corporations celebrate their free money at our expense? These are merely some of the possibilities that may be brought to fruition on Capitol Hill as this sessions ends.

Please enlarge the horoscope for a few chart factors are penned on; some details are noted, below:

As you see, brash Mars @8Sco40 ('9Sco' = "Drilling for Oil") leads the throng of planets in BOWL formation with lawmaker Saturn @00Cap21 conjunct IC ('The Drain'), a symbol of mining in 4th house. The Old Man is just growing accustomed to being back in his own sign of Capricorn (the sign of government, law, and business) during this Hour of Saturn with its freshly Stationed Direct Mercury @13Sag00, and valuable if vengeful Venus @27Sag27 out-of-bounds of the Earthly plane and isolated from the other planets (actors) yet by degree, Venus conjoins the December 18, 2017 New Moon (26Sag31), the 'Syzygy Moon' of the chart.

Leaving the 12th house of Karma, Politics, and Backroom Deals is the current Solar Eclipse @28Leo32 (the chart's 'PE'), aka, The Great American Eclipse of August 21, 2017 containing 1 North vibes of "information distorted and possibly false" and "great pressure is put upon relationships" (Brady).

This chart and the conditions it reveals contains potentials for quarrels, heavy and bitter attacks (Mercury-Pluto = Saturn), hysterical outbursts (see the Moon in 5th house--almost a US natal Lunar Return), realizing plans fanatically (Mars-Pluto = Mercury), tragic realizations (Moon-Mercury = Pluto), egotism, skepticism, nervous irritation, prosperity through cooperation and consciousness of objectives (Moon-Mars = Sun), indifference (Saturn-ASC = Jupiter), a persuasive orator (Mercury-Pluto = Sun), and obliging others (ASC-MC = NN); (Ebertin).

And of course, wealthy saboteur Pluto @18Cap29 (conjunct Minerva, journal of the Hegel Society) continues stimulating the 1993 Great Conjunction/s of Uranus and Neptune so we know that, "The big picture must be followed, very little option to do otherwise" (Tyl); this, in part, is a picture of the bribes, payoffs, and blackmail used on Capitol Hill by wealthy donors, bankers, and foreign financiers in order to sway US legislation and subsequent vote-counting their way. Herr Hegel would be proud!

Wonder how US finances would be now if it weren't for decades of embezzlement, financial sleight of hand, misuse of taxpayer funds, backroom deals on covert ops, secret slush funds, overblown military expenditures, and outright theft of taxpayer monies?

Well, as we know, the crooks are in charge and they're attempting now to avoid the financial reckoning they so richly deserve for their decades-long mismanagement of America's resources which rightly belong to...

Looking ahead to 2018, here's a link to the next Solar Eclipse of February, 15, 2018 @27AQ, what I prefer to call the We The People Solar Eclipse.

Dec 13, 2017

115th Congress to Reconvene January 3, 2018

December 13, 2017: The US Congress has released its 2018 calendar according to Roll Call for those who are curious. Members of the 115th Congress are expected to reconvene for a second session on January 3, 2018, a typical date for this event. How do I know this date is typical? Because as a child I got the impression that they reconvened for little me whose birthday is on January 3rd! And yes, this Sun-Mercury-Mars-Jupiter Capricorn paid attention to Politics, even then, as did my parents.

Now many breaks are on the 2018 congressional schedule so you might wish to take a look and marvel. For example, summer recess on Capitol Hill begins July 27th, and they'll take one full month off starting October 13, 2018, just so you know. Of course, one 'biggie' event right off the bat will be the swearing in of the new Senator from Alabama and at this point in time it looks to be Democrat Doug Jones. Will Republican senate leadership balk at scheduling the oath-taking of a Democrat from Alabama? Hopefully, they'll act like big boys and do the correct thing but as you know, that's not a certainty we can depend on these days. Still, a huge sigh of relief must have escaped Mitch McConnell when Alabama's Roy Moore lost the Special Election last evening with all that controversial baggage of his!

Note that PBS NewsHour has posted a video of Doug Jones's remarks after his victory--and he sounds so reasonable and well-informed!

As for astrological conditions on January 3, 2018 which will cosmically imprint upon the 115th's second session, its members and political events in the US until January 2019, let's take a quick peek at a noon horoscope, a time of day that gives the Codgers of Congress enough of a chance to mosey their patooties into their seats.

January 3, 2018's Sun @13Cap16 is sandwiched between lady Venus (11:55) and wealthy saboteur Pluto (18:52) with the planetary trio suggesting potentials for 'skills in demolition, acts of elimination, delight with eliminating ego or pride, and/or selfish acts involving sexual perversion' (Munkasey).

Oddly enough, sober Saturn @1Cap42 (the planet representing government, law, and business--and lawmakers) is unaspected which bodes ill for organizational abilities, the sense of duty, and concentration. Random influences can interfere with direction and goals of this Saturn and a lack of motivation to take control of one's ungrounded behavior may be evident along with timing and scheduling issues.

Meanwhile, Mars and Jupiter in sexy Scorpio announce their upcoming conjunction, exact on January 6, 2018 @17Sco55. Plus, light remains from the very recent New Year's Day 2018 Full Moon @11Can37 (DC horoscope shown) which glows along with January 3rd Venus now conjoining the 2018 lunation with its phase of fulfillment, culmination, awareness, and relationship. Unsurprisingly, women and women's issues are favored on January 3, 2018 and during the second session--for one thing, this shows in the Sun Cap-Moon Leo blend of the day. But so do snobbery, strong wills, and purposeful ambition--not that those last two are necessarily negatives in Politics.

Additionally, Earth-Fire blends can denote 'the bulldozer' and its Saturnian-Solar energies display a distinct need for power. But I guess we don't need Astrology to tell us that about the plucky folk who climb their way up the political ladder onto Capitol Hill and like to 'lord it over' the rest of us!

For more Sun-Moon blend info, please see Sun Sign-Moon Sign by Charles and Suzi Harvey.

Jun 13, 2017

June 13, 2017 AG Jeff Sessions testifies under a Mercury-Neptune square

Scheduled today at 2:30 pm edt on Capitol Hill is an open session with Attorney General Jeff Sessions who will answer the senators' questions (or not) under the day's confusing influence of a Mercury (testifier; communicator; speaker) square Neptune, planet of delusion, deception, fraud, the media, the masses--you know the list. The assimilation of information is faulty as we see with Donald Trump who was born with the same aspect between Mercury and Neptune resulting in loose lips, indiscretion, misconceptions, lies, and a 'sneaky mind' (Oken).

Under this problematic square, who's right and who's wrong is a confusing matter and cold logic is missing although inspiration and intuition may be enhanced and illusions may be promoted. It's a tricky period during which Mr. Sessions has placed himself on the hot seat in a public forum to basically defend himself--and Mr. Trump.

Will undisputed facts reach right conclusions? As an astrologer, I doubt it. As an American, I sincerely long for facts to point in the correct direction yet I fret that today's testimony by AG Jeff Sessions will make little or no difference in the end.

Image: Donald Trump natal horoscope June 14, 1946; tomorrow is Trump's 71st birthday but his Solar Return for 2017 is actually today.

Related: June 8, 2017: Comey Testifies under Trump's Sun Gem-Moon Sag Blend.

btw: I neglected to mention earlier that at 2:30 pm edt today on Capitol Hill, Jeff Sessions' natal vague Neptune in Libra was rising followed closely by transit Jupiter! And an out-of-bounds Mars @6Cancer (conjunct US natal Jupiter) opposes (challenges) AG Sessions' natal Mars in Capricorn. (Dec 24, 1946 'noon' Selma, Alabama).

Jan 13, 2017

Jan 12, 2017: C-SPAN Hacked By Russia? - video (w Mercury-Pluto)

Well, it seems the Full Wolf Moon @22Cancer on the morning of January 12, 2017 brought interruptions of an unusual variety to Capitol Hill confirmation hearings though I had thought its orb of 2+ degrees from US natal Mercury Rx (which brings along its opposition to powerful saboteur Pluto in Capricorn) was perhaps too wide to cause much trouble in Washington. Apparently I was wrong as you'll see in this brief discussion:

Raw Story has more details.

Nov 10, 2016

Will Trump TV Be Disguised As The New Fireside Chats? - Thom Hartmann

Nov 10, 2016: Thom discusses the possibility of a 'Trump TV' being created and what it could be like, along with what he sees as Trump's and the GOP's plans for governing. Thom also names just who finagled Mr. Trump into the White House:

Note: since I've never listened to Michael Savage I was slightly surprised to find that he has a book titled Scorched Earth, a phrase that has turned up several times in the public discourse this week. Republicans used 'scorched earth' tactics against Barack Obama and perhaps you recall that we discussed 'scorched earth' in relation to goddess star Sirius in my November 5th post on the new 115th Congress convening soon on a Capitol Hill near you.

Now what if the Democratic Party got together in January 2017 and determined that they would block and undermine every single thing a President Trump and his Republicans planned to do? Revenge may be 'sweet' according to some folk but, as with President Obama's presidency, it would be the American people on the losing end once again. But I guess such a result is merely part of their 'shrink the US government' plan.

Jan 22, 2016

Spying Provisions Passed, People Have No Idea - video report (plus Pluto)

Remember December 2015 when Congress hastily passed a 'cromnibus' bill so they could leave town for their holiday break? It was called by some a "poison pill" spending bill and as time goes by we'll be discovering several reasons why. For one reason, it turns out that...

Washington DC's sorry so-n-sos masquerading on Capitol Hill as the US government followed their transnational masters' orders and slipped overreaching, draconian spying provisions into the current omnibus bill. In part this is signified astrologically by the Sabian Symbol for '18 Capricorn'-- "The Union Jack Flies from a British Warship" = "smug or strong-armed paternalism...POLITICAL POWER, its value and its dangers"--Rudhyar; Jones) where 'new world order' planets Uranus and Neptune met in Great Conjunction three times in 1993--and creepy underworld saboteur, assassin, and spy, Pluto, now conjoins this degree for draconian potentials such as: the big picture demands a certain course of action which must be followed, very little option to do otherwise (Tyl), and: remaining at the mercy of external conditions and circumstances without taking a firm stand (We the People didn't), abandonment of resistance (are we wimps?), necessity to given in, calamities, catastrophes, great losses (Ebertin).

As you recognize, these are some of the current themes manifesting in society (though there are plenty of positives ones, too, and other difficult ones described by transiting aspects such as the Saturn-Neptune and Uranus-Pluto squares) which will continue over the next few years as Pluto plods through the Saturn-ruled sign of government, law, and business until the 'god of Hades' reaches approximately 23 Capricorn (18Cap + Pluto's 5-degree orb = 23Cap) and stops doubling back to that degree via retrograde motion. And of course 23Cap is within orb of America's natal Pluto Rx @27Cap33 (3 times in 2022).

And of course when it comes to Spying in America on innocent people we can always depend upon our national Mercury-Pluto opposition across the Cancer-Capricorn axis of security and the secrets it contains and the ones it's so desperate to uncover--and to hide. Like sneaking anti-American spying provisions into the cromnibus bill and keeping their perfidy hush hush.

Here is more from Dane Rudhyar on the 18Cap degree:

"Alas, this power can easily be misused under the pretext of preserving 'law and order'. Justice and compassion must balance social power, and especially the power of privileged groups. Where this symbol appears, the need for protection may be in evidence--or it may be a warning against using power for selfish advantage." (An Astrological Mandala, DR).

And now on the topic here is David Pakman:

Nov 3, 2015

A Shutdown Fight for Speaker Paul Ryan and a December 2015 New Moon

With a very brief honeymoon over, Speaker of the House Paul Ryan's First Shutdown Fight is souring the air as the appropriations bill deadline of December 11, 2015 looms.

If lawmakers don't act sooner, December 11, 2015's New Moon @19Sag03 will imprint its expansive Jupiterian energies (Sag) upon a balking US Congress and the 2015 appropriations bill, so at this point, a government shutdown lurks within the shadows of the New Moon, the seeding phase. As you know, there is a 'dark of the Moon' Balsamic phase for three days prior to a New Moon perfection and a bit after. The New Moon perfects at 5:29 am est on Friday December 11, 2015 and, also on December 11, the Moon enters a void-of-course period beginning at 11:06 am est until reaching Capricorn (sign of government, law, and business) on Saturday December 12 at 1:46 am est.

So for the 12/11/15 deadline (if they stick to that date), action taken before 11:06 am est that day may turn out okay but if Capitol Hill politicians want nothing to come of the appropriations bill (and I suspect there are dozens of zealots who want nothing because they're cheering for a shutdown), they should start the action, take votes, whatever--during the lunar void-of-course period of December 11, 2015 (11:06 am) into Saturday December 12 (after 1:46 am.)

Unless, of course, they've already taken care of the people's business concerning this economic matter and have successfully passed the dratted thing.

The New Moon in Sagittarius leads to the fulfillment-culmination-awareness stage at the December 25, 2015 Full Moon @3Can20 which conjoins US natal Venus and waves at America's natal Jupiter @5Can56. This points again to potentials for pocket-lining, budgetary conflicts, political donations, campaign funding, privatization of social safety net programs, and other financial and societal considerations as year 2015 careens to a close.

Additionally, the December 2015 New and Full Moons bookend Winter Solstice 2015 which perfects on Monday December 21 at 11:48 pm est with Sun @00Cap00:00 and the Moon exalted in Venus-ruled Taurus, one of the money signs. There will be more published here concerning Winter Solstice 2015 soon including its horoscope set for Washington DC so I hope you'll watch this space.

For now let's close with the practical Double-Earth Solstice blend of Sun Cap-Moon Taurus and a famous quote from 1964 presidential candidate Barry Goldwater who shares the blend and who so famously informed and warned us that, "A government that is big enough to give you all you want is big enough to take it all away."

And that is what Ayn Rand politicians are in process of doing. The borry sastards.

Oct 20, 2015

Oct 22, 2015: Astro-Notes on Clinton vs Gowdy

October 22, 2015 Re-Match: Gowdy 1964 vs Clinton 1947

by Jude Cowell

On September 3, 2015 I posted a video of Thom Hartmann discussing Trey Gowdy (R-SC) and his "political witch hunt" against Hillary Clinton, a 2016 candidate who is again scheduled to testify before a Gowdy-run Benghazi hearing on Thursday October 22, 2015.

Looking at a horoscope for Oct 22, 2015 set for Capitol Hill it looks like fairly smooth sailing for Hillary with negligence as the main charge against her if a rising Saturn @3Sag04 tells the legal tale (Moon-Jupiter = Saturn.) Check the 10th house of Career, Public Status, and Reputation and we find quite a fortuitous line up of planets: Venus (leader of a Locomotive pattern of success and executive power) @12Virgo, generous Jupiter @15Virgo, Mars @17Virgo, North Node @00Libra (conjunct US natal MC in the 'Sibly' chart), and testifying Mercury @12Libra, a critical degree, with Mercury also ruling hearings and such. And at 10:00 am edt, Venus precisely conjoins MC on Capitol Hill...

A rounding-up of lady Venus' degree to 13Sag gives a very appropriate Sabian Symbol (word picture): "A Powerful Statesman Overcomes a State of Political Hysteria" which Dane Rudhyar describes as "a personage endowed with CHARISMA, this elusive and mysterious power that comes from a man's or woman's openness to the power of planetary evolution."

Plus, considering recent news reports that undermine Trey Gowdy and his Benghazi Committee, it would save US tax payers time and money if this wastrel Republican partisan 'take-down' of a democratic candidate--their political nemesis--was canceled though of course you may disagree. And naturally Committee Chair Gowdy is defending Committee Efforts ahead of Clinton's appearance.

Yet there may be a fly in Hillary's Benghazi ointment and his name is Trey Gowdy.

Born on August 22, 1964 just prior to the Great Conjunction/s of Uranus and Pluto (1965-1966), Gowdy's natal Pluto @13Virgo is also triggered these days by Venus denoting a period when strategy is necessary in order to manipulate outcomes and he attempts to take charge of every detail. Simultaneously, Pluto @13Cap now trines his natal Pluto, a generational influence denoting added power (or the demand for it.) Plus, Gowdy's natal Mercury @17Virgo Rx is activated on October 22 by transit Mars which shows a tremendous increase of ideas and plans, a faster pace of life, and which partially describes his insistent demands that others speak (testify) in combative group sessions (hearings.) Of course, when Mercury and Mars are linked there's a decided leaning toward Politics.

In addition, Gowdy's natal Uranus @9Virgo has recently been activated by the Virgo line-up mentioned above so unpredictability is part of the picture (ex: Kevin McCarthy's inconvenient revelation on the political nature of the Benghazi Committee to lower Hillary's poll numbers.) With quirky rebel Uranus involved, alliances breaking apart and/or unusual if temporary partnerships are possibilities for Mr. Gowdy.

Now it seems interesting to me that a natal midpoint picture in Gowdy's natal horoscope is now echoed or stimulated by a transiting Mercury-Uranus = Pluto T-Square which is in effect on October 22, 2015. Mercury-Uranus = Pluto: added slurs and vulgarities in speech (Munkasey); getting the biggest job done in a commanding way (Tyl); a hasty realization of plans; over-strained nerves (Ebertin.)

And after three long years of Benghazi hearings we may wish to note that Mr. Gowdy's natal Saturn (authority; responsibility; accountability; fear) @1Pis49 Rx has in recent years been touched by nebulous Neptune's fairy wand of delusion with Neptune a higher octave ruler of Pisces. This marks a time when one becomes even more idealistic than usual and misguided tendencies cast an obscuring veil over one's sense of Saturnian reality. Add to that Gowdy's natal Neptune @15Scorpio--conjunct Hillary Clinton's natal Venus @16Scorpio--and it is doubtful that her relationships and diplomatic efforts can ever be truly and clearly perceived by Benghazi Committee Chair Trey Gowdy whose natal Sun (ego) conjoins royal star of Persia, Regulus, the king.

Dec 4, 2014

A Cosmic December 2014: Winter Solstice and on to January 2015

During the month of December 2014 and on into early 2015 the heavens ring with cosmic events and changes which will be reflected by earthly events, no less so in Washington DC.

All times are EST and all horoscopes are set for Washington DC USA; all events mentioned here are under the auspices of the Solar Eclipse of October 23, 2014 @00Sco24.

A partial list of cosmic highlights for December 2014 includes activist and warrior Mars entering Aquarius on the 4th, then the December 6 Full Moon @14Gem17 (7:27 am) with Venus out-of-bounds in later Sagittarius, a culmination/fulfillment stage and the 'cosmic bookend' of something seeded at the November 22, 2014 New Moon @00Sag03. The Full Moon @14Gem17 perfects during an Hour of Saturn with Ceres rising (food, nurturing, and security issues) and falls in the middle of America's natal Mars-Uranus midpoint, an explosive, conflicted spot to be and, besides military events, one thinks of the several legal actions against the president on the Republican agenda (all of which makes them look quite desperate, sputtering, and politically neutered in my opinion.)

Next in December is investing Jupiter (The General, the banker, the guru, and the high-powered executive in his recent role as lead in a locomotive planetary pattern--see his change of condition at Winter Solstice, below) performing a Retrograde Station on December 8, 2014 @22Leo37, known as a degree of "worst foot forward" or "foot in mouth" (A. Louis) so watch for such mentions in the news (or that you notice yourself) and you'll identify Jupiter acting in one of his many roles.

Naturally we may expect Jupiterian concerns--particularly finances, investment, and expansion since we're mainly considering a spiteful Congress--to stall (move backwards) or be delayed until Jupiter's Direct Station the second week of April 2015 @12Leo35 and forward movement beyond 22Leo37 which won't occur until a couple of days after July 4, 2015. Of course, any cosmic events as of January 2015 will be intimately reflective of the 2015 Congress. The Direct Station will again conjoin Mr. Obama's natal Sun denoting a time when projects begun about 12 years ago must either ramp up or cease completely--which has timed his expansion of US troops into the Middle East, sad to say. Yet perhaps you agree that he's only following orders from a higher authority as all presidents do since....well, that's up for grabs but one point in time when a major shift occurred may have been with Andrew Johnson after the ritual of America's first assassination. Once that event changed our course, US debt to foreign bankers really began to corrupt the entire ideal of this nation.

Next is Venus, an integral part of the founding of this nation for one has only to look at Washington DC statues lauding the goddess, plus, the Statue of Liberty in New York harbor, to see this no matter the name. Venus will enter Capricorn, the sign of government, law, and business, on December 10, 2014 and this, of course, is 00Cap00, a World Point of manifestation, prominence, recognition, and fame. Capricorn is also the careful investor which is interesting since funding for running the US government is scheduled to expire on December 11, 2014 unless Congress acts with accountability, not grandstanding for political points. Yet as you know, another government shut down is in the air though establishment Republican leaders have denied it but Jim Demint of the Heritage Action group of anarchists knows more about the plan, I suspect, for he was behind last's year's costly 16-day fiasco.

(Apparently the "heritage" they tout is from pre-Civil War days in the secessionist/white supremacist mold and though I'm a southerner, theirs is a shady, forcible, even satanic way to behave imho, and a crummy way to run the US government based on paternalistic strong-arm tactics. They do not grandstand or obstruct progress in Washington DC for me!)

Next is the spoiling-for-a-fight Uranus-Pluto square, exact on December 15, 2014, the 6th of 7 exact squares at critical degrees of 12Ari-12Cap. Their square perfects at 12:14 am with its Mars-Saturn vibes due to sign rulership, a stop-go, frustrating influence of hardship inspiring more protests, conflicts, and generational clashes on the streets and on Capitol Hill, plus, more strong-armed police actions against the people. These social concerns issue from their Great Conjunction/s in mid-Virgo in the mid-1960s, the Civil Rights era when progress was made toward equality.

The last (7th) exact of the Uranus-Pluto squares occurs on March 17, 2015 after which perhaps things will cool down a little toward the end of 2015. Yet I'm quite certain grumpy, anti-social Republicans--still violently against New Deal and Great Society programs--and the new Congress with its 'charming' hog-castrating flavor will keep things riled up as much as possible for as long as they can. Considering their past behavior against the president, aren't you? Only political concerns over Election 2016 might keep the GOP under any control whatsoever if it will.

Next day, on December 16, speedy Mercury, planet of orators, communicators, reporters, young people, students, traders, transport carriers, magicians and tricksters enters Capricorn at 10:53 pm and we see the Winter Solstice 2014 stellium lining up in Saturn-ruled Capricorn (horoscope shown, below.)

Hannukah begins on December 17 and ends on December 24, 2014.

TV Note: the last episode of The Colbert Report is scheduled for December 18, 2014, a cosmic event to many of us.

December 20 brings a new cycle between Venus and Pluto as they conjoin @12Cap46 (critical degree) in the 8th house of Corporatism, Debt, Credit, Insurance, Legacies, Transformation, the Occult--but mostly with vibes of financial disruption (square Uranus) possibly due to natural disasters). Denoted are events involving organized crime and a worsening of the ongoing breakdown of the social fabric (which plutocratic elements within the US government have been working toward for decades--ex: billionaires' ownership of politicians and judges, anti-New Dealers, etc.) Other potential areas of concern with Venus-Pluto include waste processing and disposal, both of nuclear and other toxic by-products, transformation of America's beautiful landscapes and natural resources--water comes to mind--such as with fracking and other destructive mining practices.

Naturally for timing peaks of the Venus-Pluto cycle we look to their waxing and waning squares (credit debasement?) and their opposition (tax, insurance, joint finance problems, plus, underworld involvements such as money laundering, counterfeiting, prostitution and sex trading, and so on).

A Venus-Pluto conjunction also suggests extreme amounts of wealth hidden in secret places which may or may not be outed in the news for this is the pair's 'New Moon', a time when things tend to be done in the shadows and may only come to light around the time of their opposition in May 2015. We may expect with quirky Uranus squaring their conjunction that certain actors will exhibit a studied indifference to any destruction caused to society by their corruption--but how else do they ever face themselves in the mirror each morning, right?

This brings us to a very busy day cosmically: December 21, 2014, the Winter Solstice of 2014 which is imprinted with a New Moon of new beginnings @00Cap06 (8:35 pm, Dec 22.) Yet prior, at 6:03 pm is the actual perfection of Sun entering Capricorn, the Solstice itself. And even before that is a prominent shift of energy performed by disruptive Uranus in Mars-ruled Aries, a signature of anarchists and blind zealots (Ebertin.) Considering current and recent events, it seems safe to include Zionists, neo-Nazis, Klansmen, and secessionists in with this Martian bunch of political regressives--part of the anti-government movement against Washington DC.

Now it's time to check out the horoscope of Winter Solstice 2014 set for December 21, 2014 at 6:03:20 pm est, Washington DC, with a bow to royal star Fomalhaut, the Watcher of the South and guardian of earth's Winter Solstices:

It's a Balsamic phase between Sun and Moon (a dark few days of secret activities) and an Hour of Mars @13AQ11 (apex of the oppressive Pluto-Chiron midpoint of plutocrats, racists, and primal violence perpetrators); warrior Mars is in 8th house of Joint Finances keeping company with US natal Moon @27AQ33 (We the People); Mercury and Venus are out-of-bounds of the earthly plane and working on their own--both in 6th house; explosive Mars-Uranus are friendly in Mutual Reception (each other's signs) as the difficult pair Saturn and Pluto continue to be--here, from 5th house of Risk-Taking with a critical 29th degree Saturn, and Pluto @12Cap49, a critical degree affecting here 6th house matters such as Health, Work, Service (Military, Police, Civil), and our Daily Rounds.

Both mystical Neptune (Islam's 'totem planet' as Uranus is ours) and wounding-wounded Chiron, the guru and mentor, are in 9th house of Foreign Lands, Philosophy, and Higher Education and with Saturn anxiously on the verge of entering Sagittarius we may expect religion and austere ideologies to continue at the top of every malcontent's militant agenda, here and abroad.

Solstice 2014 Moon in Jupiter-ruled Sagittarius--often a happy placement--in Political Astrology may denote immigration issues and can have an 'attacks which weaken' vibe due to the Moon conjoining star Acumen. Plus, that's America's natal Ascendant on the 6th cusp which personalizes indicators relating to our government and its war machine sucking up all our money and resources not the least of which are our family members. And with critical degrees on the MC-IC axis (29Vir-Pis, the victim-savior polarity) we perhaps shouldn't expect our nation to fare well in the Public Status department during the next 6 months for between the Death Star Pentagon gorilla-ing around the planet and the US Congress willfully turning itself into a laughing stock, We the People are numbed, genetically modified, and too disengaged to actually do anything about the crooks in charge at this particular time.

Now the Solstice 2014 planets form a Bucket pattern with Jupiter Rx @22Leo20 as the handle and thus uniting the fuller and emptier hemispheres of the chart--carrying the chart. Coercive measures are being used and Jupiter Rx is delaying investment and other financial concerns as noted previously especially since 2nd house signifies the National Treasury in Political (Mundane) Astrology. A new direction is being forcibly installed within our government and having Leo-AQ on the 2/8 cusps increases the chances for breaks and breakdowns between the three branches of government (Sun-Saturn-Uranus).

And is that an elephant in the Solstice room you see before you? Only if you include the Nodal axis and the ASC of the chart (17Can08) as points in a Cardinal Cross involving planets Venus and Uranus which as a pair denote extravagance, eccentricity, and erratic behavior which will probably affect the US economy. Of course, North Node (the head of the dragon) always points to a future direction and as noted above, this NN conjoins US natal Saturn which is opposed by transiting Uranus (soon to conjoin tr SN), the old v new order condition already mentioned--but also significators of Israel and Palestine and their ancient disagreement at the base of all conflict. The Ascendant, a chart angle, is a point of manifestation of the Venus-Uranus-Saturn energies giving the Cross--or at least the T-Squares that are formed--a place to act out. Or up, if we're talking anarchy in the US Congress--such as another government shutdown at the expense of taxpayers once again.

(If any grandstanding Republican serves us 'green eggs and ham' again it may be hog castrator Joni Ernst's dream but none for me, thanks. I'll fast instead.)

To conclude my current remarks concerning the Winter Solstice 2014 horoscope:

The factor that should have been discussed at the beginning--Moon as chart-ruler and its applying Ptolemaic aspects which hint at how things will proceed from Winter Solstice 2014--we find only two such: Moon conjunct Sun (1A24) and Moon conjunct Mercury (9A01), the Speedy One, which conjoins difficult star Facies, one of the 'victim stars'.

Obviously the December 22nd New Moon @00Cap06 is spotlighted by Winter Solstice 2014 and as such, makes this particular Solstice prominent in many ways--and perhaps fortunate for some. At the least, new creative projects are planned and seeds now germinate, a condition which may reference on one level the dark agenda of sourpuss Republicans and their financial backers who just can't stand a Democrat in the White House especially when he dares to be half-black. Or is it his white-half they so despise? Either way, their shady plans to undermine proceed apace.

(Never mind that Mr. Obama was purposefully chosen by Those Who Select Presidents to--in my view--gum up the works of the US government and to get done what has been done since 2009--and to not get done what the power elite didn't want done. The ultimate goal is, as I've blogged here way too often, to dismantle our government system of 1776, take control, and replace it with one from a devilish plutocrat's dream--Lucifer's servant. You may wish to check out General Albert Pike's writings about WWIII if you haven't. Not only is he the only Confederate General with a statue in Washington DC--still!--but his body is entombed down the block from the White House at the Scottish Rite Masonic Temple. Mummified, you ask? Don't know. Don't want to know. Ugh and weird.)

Last in the chart: with Moon to Mercury we naturally think of such potentials as communication between leaders and the masses, propaganda campaigns (yes, we're constantly drenched in them already), speeches tailored to what the people need to hear, leaders who analyze the attitudes and moods of the public, family concerns, excitement over popular causes, restless workers, and agricultural statistics which come to light.

And the Solstice Sun? No application (isolated leader, but not weaker, stronger) unless we count the December 6th New Moon, a lunation we must discuss in a later post.

Because if you, dear reader, have managed to read this far (skipping or otherwise), I'm impressed and do hope my populist Political Astrology view of Winter Solstice 2014 won't ruin the celebratory season for you!

For it isn't as if planets and stars are forcing politicians to act like self-serving idiots with a higher oath to uphold than the one they took to the US Constitution and to the offices they hold. Therefore, we may freely blame any of the jacka*ses for deciding their own hee-haw behavior and choosing to follow orders and act in such a sorry fashion by putting the Greater Good last on their list of important considerations.

Kwanzaa observance begins December 26 and ends New Years Day 2015.

2015: a Grand Cross again: Moon, Sun and Pluto, Uranus, and the Nodes

As for January 2015's swearing in of the new Republican-led Congress, an imprint is found in the horoscope of the Full Moon of January 4, 2015 @14Can30 (the result of the previous New Moon) conjunct Sirius which conjoins US natal Sun (the leader, usually, POTUS.) Fixed Star Canopus ('the plumb line' waiting to weigh each of us in The Scales) is nearby as well and has several ancient myths associated with it as does Sirius ('the mundane becoming sacred' and more.) With the DC chart of the Full Moon which perfects at 11:53:14 pm est, we find the Full Moon in 10th house and Alhena ('to have a mission') conjunct MC (9Can54) which also places America's natal Venus and Jupiter (and Sun) at the Goal Point of the Full Moon chart.

Opposite in 4th house, the Sun @14Cap30 has met powerful saboteur Pluto @13Cap18 and they, plus the Cancer placements, tie in with zealous radical Uranus @12Ari39 (setting) and the rising North Node @14Lib40 Rx--which conjoins US natal Saturn (14:48) denoting a 'new order replacing the old'--the Republican majority in House and Senate? Or a more sweeping change to the US government? The planets form a massive, dynamic Cardinal Grand Cross made more conflicted and generational by the ongoing Cardinal Square of Uranus-Pluto which again perfects at critical degrees on December 15, 2014 (#6 of 7 exact squares, the last on March 17, 2015 but past critical degrees.)

Additionally, plodding manipulator Pluto continues his siege opposite US natal Sun in Cancer denoting the titanic power struggles 'with important consequences' (Tyl) against Mr. Obama and the US presidency itself. We might think of the Koch Brothers but Pluto represents more than that--foreign financial backers, governments abroad, and global bankers and other corporatists are implicated as well as occultists of the dark persuasion.

Now the January 4th Full Moon horoscope is weighted on the Angular side suggesting that actions are being initiated though not necessarily of a positive nature and a majority of planets are in the hidden hemisphere of the chart suggesting private events. Constricting authoritarian Saturn in 2nd house of the National Treasury adds his delay and disapproval blockages and tactics to the stalemates created by Republican maneuvers intended to stymie President Obama's initiatives on immigration, budgetary matters, nominations, and...fill-in-the-blank.

Then around January 20, 2015, look for disruptive rebel Uranus to conjoin the transiting South Node (the tail of the dragon and a separative point of neurosis yet possibly of inherited talents) denoting societal conditions disrupted by violence, war, or other large concerns such as electrical disruptions or natural disasters. Their exact conjunction still involves America's natal Saturn which squares US natal Sun (the president, not a comforting picture as the New Year begins.

Perhaps President Obama will reach a new stage of development, however, around the New Moon of January 20, 2015 for the lunation @00AQ09 conjoins the presidential Sun in all our Inauguration horoscopes. This New Moon times closely with the usual date of the president's address to a Joint Session of Congress, the SOTU, and since Republicans are making noises about ignoring a long congressional tradition by not inviting POTUS to deliver SOTU 2015 in the chamber of Congress, I suspect his alternate direction may be to address the American people via TV from the White House.

'Funny' how GOPers think they're dissing him when it's actually rude congress members of the anti-government persuasion who don't deserve the honor of being courteously addressed by the President of the United States.

Related news: Republican senators say they'll block President Obama's choice to head Social Security. As I was saying...

Jul 11, 2014

July 12, 2014 Capricorn Full Moon a "Supermoon"

Blog Note: first of all I want to thank my readers for their kind well wishes for my surgery this week. Gratefully, I'm in recuperation mode now but with more action to come.

With that said, I've not had a chance to blurb here about Saturday's Full Moon (7.12.14), a "Supermoon" as coined by Richard Nolle, at a critical degree of Capricorn, and since a Full Moon opposes (a phase of culmination, fulfillment, relationship issues, awareness) the Sun's zodiacal degree, the entire axis of Home/Security is affected and spotlighted at the critical degrees of 20 Capricorn and 20 Cancer.

Now unless you've been under a massive rock the last few weeks you don't need Astrology to tell you of the several crisis/critical circumstances going on in America and across the globe. Problems abound and in my personal estimation, Republican obstructionism makes everything worse as they attempt to score political points against President Obama. Perhaps you're aware that no one is selected to play the role of US president unless vetted on Wall Street and they agree to follow the Global Government agenda, but as usual, Republicans think their harsh methods are best. I disagree and will be voting in November for a rag mop as long as it's Democrat or Independent.

Yet as I've asked before: do you ever get the feeling that GOP extremism is meant to sway the masses toward the Democrats? Well, it isn't as if the Globalist Agenda of international bankers, other corporatists, and shadowy elites who rock satanic bloodlines will stop bedeviling America no matter which political party has the upper hand after November and into 2016/17. As we know, one president can only do so much and he/she needs the cooperation of others in DC to be successful--assuming that 'change' for the better is really the goal.

Even the saddening border crisis of children and mothers (Cancer) crossing our southern border (Saturn) seeking protection in America contributes to the result of melting US sovereignty. Governor of Texas Rick Perry has called this week for POTUS to send National Guard troops to take control of the situation which I assume means pointing large guns at children and forcing them back into Mexico--with the added bonus for the GOP of photo ops of such an ugly, draconian way of dealing with the situation--with President Obama as the bad guy, of course!

Okay, that's enough venting over political tricks and deceptive propaganda! So much is going on in the world under girded by the current Solar Eclipse theme: 'misdirected motivations especially when dealing with groups; take no real action'--Brady.) Apparently non-governing House Republicans fit right in with that advice.

Capricorn: Responsibility, Authority, Conservatism, the Status Quo

But fortunately for you, dear reader, the wonderful Dipali Desai has written an overview of the July 17, 2014 Full Moon in Capricorn so I hope you'll visit her at Celestial Space for more uplifting Luna information than politics-as-usual can provide!

And of course you never go wrong checking out the insightful information provided each day at Julie Demboski Astrology so you may wish to check out Julie's Full Moon info there as well.

Sep 3, 2013

Syria, Capitol Hill, and the Sept 2013 New and Full Moons

Powerful Manipulator Pluto Busy in Syria and on Capitol Hill

by Jude Cowell

Today it is reported that the Syria Resolution Will Hit Right Mark, Predicts Obama which completely bypasses the opinions of the majority of the American people who agree that another Pentagon intervention on Middle Eastern sand is a very bad idea. Genuinely so. But expecting any good faith efforts from the bandits and charlatans who infest Capitol Hill is a waste of our time especially since this Political Theater script is being written elsewhere.

Plus, the Israel lobby in DC will direct the votes of senators and representatives alike of both parties but particularly those of the Republicans.

As we've seen in the years since January 2009, the undermining and thus the weakening of the US government has been in high gear for racial prejudices can always be used against America and we will now be encumbered by more performances of the anti-Obama kind which may discredit his legacy as president while it also demonstrates the weaknesses now showing in our republic form of government. The US is not a democracy if it ever was so we can predict with 99.9% certainty that We the People's views on military intervention will not be taken into consideration. With each new president, the agenda of the global domination/new world order plan "must be followed; very little option to do otherwise" (Tyl).

But then most regular folk don't pine for Global Government the way the Jupiter-Pluto types do, those who can mount large-scale enterprises and foment war whenever it suits their psychopathic obsession with grabbing ultimate control of the world, its people, and its resources. Waging war is a 'handy' form of de-population after all, and the property of millions of exiles may never belong to them again, ancestral lands or not. Plus, dispossession and disenfrachisement are favorite tactics of Pluto-Chiron, the Plutocracy duo of primal violence, prejudice, and exploitation.

Looking at the two Syria natal horoscopes in my files (January 1, 1944 12:00 am Damascus and the Assad coup chart of November 13, 1970 at dawn), the 1944 natal chart's Sun is now precisely conjoined by transiting Pluto @9Cap59 Rx (which forces a new start), and the 1970 chart's Pluto @29Vir01 is rising precisely at the Full Moon's perfection on September 19, 2013 (@26Pis40) when the chart is set for Washington DC. That makes two Pluto assignations with destiny of a vastly transformative nature and my heart and prayers go out once again to the good people of Syria and to those in the entire region of the Middle East.

Yet some empathy is due the American people as well since people don't start wars, only governments at the insistence of the Global Crime Syndicate (headed, some say, by the Vatican Bank) do.

New and Full Moons of September 2013 (Washington DC):

On September 5, 2013, a New Moon @13Vir04 begins a new cycle of activity and perfects at 7:36:08 am edt with, sad to say, 23Vir19 rising and 22Gem24 at MC (Aspirations; the Goal) which puts America's natal Neptune on the Ascendant (what's coming up--loss and fraud) along with President Obama's natal Mars (action; energy; motivation) which is masked by US natal Neptune making the president's motivations and actions difficult to see or understand clearly. At the New Moon's MC is America's natal Mars in duplicitous Gemini which tallies with reports that the US and others have had 'boots on the ground' in Syria for some time now (commando forces.)

So the fog (Neptune) of war (Mars) that lurks within our nation's problematic Mars-Neptune square is on the rise with its misguided actions/confused motivation implications. Well, if Congress makes a decision this week or next on Syrian intervention by the US, it will be fraught with misinformation and deception, some of which is supplied by the president, some by lobbyists and others who intend to profit by exploiting the dire situation in oil-rich Syria.

Note: all of Congress returns to session on September 9, 2013--between these two Virgo-Pisces lunations across the victim-savior axis. The populations of each nation are being victimized!

A dynamic T-Square pattern between the financier-class Jupiter-Pluto duo (criminal elements with great social influence; religious leaders who want political control--AIPAC? Evangelicals? Both?) which points toward radical Uranus Rx in Aries (Utopians and blind zealots--Ebertin) so we have potentials for quick exploitation of every situation, sudden reforms, overturning the tables, and/or getting back on track or finding a better one (Ebertin; Tyl.)

The New Moon culminates on September 19, 2013 with a Full Moon @26Pis40 perfecting at 7:12:51 am edt; the horoscope contains a brutal Thor's Hammer pattern formed by the Mercury-Jupiter square aimed at fraudulent, misleading, confusing Neptune (@3Pis20 Rx which squares Mr. Obama's natal Moon in Gemini, a time of being at the mercy of confusing situations and facing undermining obstacles when loyalties are undependable and alliances shift--recently, to France from Britain, as the script goes!)

This cosmic pattern results in a midpoint picture that denotes bamboozling or misleading people, erroneous thinking, putting too much faith in poorly explained theories (a constant charge made against Mr. Obama), successful attempts at deception or speculation, and a lack of realism. (Inside the Beltway? Puh! As always, they are not in the 'real world'.)

And of course, whenever Neptune is active in a mundane chart we tend to think of The Masses who are being bamboozled into yet another unwin-able war, and the Mass Media folk who enthusiastically promote the Global Government agenda through such bamboozling of the American public who have been habitually used by foreign bankers and other operatives to finance the military arm of their tiresome global agenda.

Recommended: September 5, 2013 New Moon insights may be found in Julie Demboski's post All in the Family...'14Virgo' = "A Family Tree" (MEJ.)

Astro-Note: Adriano Carelli, who does not use the rounding-up method for degree symbols, gives '13Vir' of the New Moon as "A rose on a Greek cross (the Rosicrucian symbol)" which reminds me of Britain's Rosicrucian-Zionism with its long-term desire for triggering World War III and setting up a World Kingdom based in Jerusalem. The Full Moon symbol for '26Pis' = "Judith, beheads sleeping Olophernes", a revolutionary and warlike degree which is that of Robespierre's natal Uranus, the anarchistic ruler of his natal Aquarian Ascendant.

May 3, 2013

Can Astrology Describe Senator Ted Cruz?

An Astrological Investigation of Senator Ted Cruz

by Jude Cowell

In August 2012, NPR called Ted Cruz a Rising GOP Star (click for text or audio) but his star may be twinkling a bit off-and-on these days, a condition which is quite appropriate for a man born with Saturn Rx in stubborn Taurus opposite Mars, Venus, and Jupiter in Scorpio!

(Mars-Saturn combinations can give off-again-on-again energy to the demeanor like one who tends to 'blow hot and cold'. And he does seem to blow and bluster...)

Well, here's the wiki page of Senator Ted Cruz if you want the brief details of his rise to senatorial power (since January 2013!) As you've heard, the old boys club of the US Senator seems en masse to be somewhat taken aback by Cruz's McCarthy-ite style of interrogation and innuendo and who can blame them? If the off-the-rails GOP is being honest about Cruz's arrogant boat-rocking, that is. Yet, is it actually possible for one mere fellow to out-arrogant the GOP?

Let's consider the main planetary aspects of Mr. Cruz and see what we can glean:

Born December 22, 1970 in *Calgary Alberta, Canada (hour unknown), Cruz has one of the Cardinal Points of Fame and Prominence for his natal Sun position, 00Cap and some minutes. Look to his Sun-ruler Saturn and you see it's retrograde which means father tended to be weak when strength was needed, and domineering when gentleness was called for, plus, dad may not have been available physically (ex: long work hours) and/or emotionally. So Ted had to find his own inner authority and from his current demeanor and the drive it took to reach Capitol Hill, I'd say he found some semblance of it in abundance. One thing we know from his actions: he takes himself very very seriously which is not uncommon with a Capricorn Sun (Sun = ego.)

Also, with Mercury around 12Cap48 and Rx, Cruz thinks like the Capricorn Sun he is, and Cap-ruler Saturn, in Taurus as noted, is in a helpful, opportunistic trine (120 degrees) with Mercury giving structure and a conservative bent to his thinking.

As for his difficult temperament, we find that natal Moon in airy Libra is intellectual and somewhat detached emotionally, and denotes vividness in expression with perhaps a streak of self-indulgence. By sign, Sun and Moon are square (90 degr) which may indicate confusion in parenting what must certainly have been a willful child for Sun and controlling Pluto are squared. Factor in Chiron in Mars-ruled Aries and we see a portrait of one with a wounded sense of self which affects the actions he takes, or chooses not to take. Father issues are authority and control issues so please read on...

Those born with Sun-Pluto squares can be destructively willful, as you know. Frustration may easily lead to explosions (temper tantrums) and moderation is difficult to find or keep in relationships. This square tags Sen. Cruz as a might makes right kind of guy--rather a perfect fit for the Republican Party, imho.

A 'chip on the shoulder' might also describe the junior senator from Texas for his usual tendency is to be eagerly at-the-ready for adversaries, an attitude that arouses the worst in others. Yes, right out of the gate, we find that abuse of authority is about all the American people will be getting from Senator Ted Cruz who is actually his own worst enemy with a Sun-Pluto square that's separating (waning) and so therefore, unconscious. He may not be consciously aware of his self-defeating tendencies! Learning to compromise with others would go a long way toward lessening the ill effects of his overbearing ego and ruthless drive yet at the tender age of 42, he doesn't seem to realize this and perhaps never will.

Well, there are no major applying aspects to his Sun in Capricorn (sign of government, law, and business) which makes his personality a bit harder to fathom astrologically. Actually, he's quite an enigma to those who know him, too. Thinking, communicating Mercury is sextile (60 degr) Mars in Scorpio, an aspect which completely supports his Sun-Pluto implications.

Mercury sextile Mars gives Cruz self-assertion issues and an insatiable curiosity to know more. Apparently at some point in his life, he was browbeaten and his sense of fairness was violated (see Chiron in Aries, above) which sounds much like the behavior he exhibits toward others now. This sextile makes him always ready to quarrel yet patience and discipline are needed when developing ideas before he unleashes them upon the world.

His gruff, forceful way of speaking comes across as harshly aggressive to others, and he should double-check his facts before speaking since he often makes mistakes (Epstein.)

Yes, Cruz likes to take the opposite position in most debates, plus, his planet of debate, Mercury, is engaged in a separating (unconscious) square with quirky Uranus (13Lib14) so there is a definite genius to his thinking yet an off-putting eccentricity, too. This square gives much mental alertness and opinions that are often at odds with prevailing societal trends and beliefs. Obnoxious and belligerent is how many people find him, and when he's speaking, logic may be skipped to make the more dramatic effect. My suspicion is that he loves the sound of his own voice--so what if the facts are skewed or entirely missing, and the hackles of others are standing on end as he pontificates?

Of course, the mature stance is that it is foolish to present oneself prematurely at the risk of being totally discredited. Again, it's moderation and compromise which Senator Ted Cruz so sorely needs.

Yet his Mercury-Uranus square provide him with a know-it-all attitude and a preference for ignoring rules. Of course, the US Senate had rules long before this sassy whippersnapper was born and will continue to have them after he's gone, we may hope.

In addition, there's an out-of-sign conjunction between Jupiter (25Scorpio) and Neptune (1Sag) but I'll leave you to consider what this excessive, grand-scheming pair of energies mean to an ambitious, fanatic fellow like Ted Cruz...because a little Cruz goes a long way with me!

Venus-Mars Passion; Pluto at Critical Degree

With Scorpio being a sign of great passion (and Big Business), we must consider the wide conjunction of Venus (17Sco) and Mars (10Sco) which can give a lack of discrimination within relationships due to an eagerness for contacts. Ruthlessness and pushiness may be traits his colleagues on The Hill have quickly noticed about him, plus, he does not like or accept anyone having control over him (tell that to the GOP, right?)

Then there's power-grabbing, manipulative Pluto at an overly eager, critical-crisis 29th degree in Virgo, sign of The Critic. Pluto in Virgo indicates one with an inquisitive mind, a desire to collect, a scientific leaning, and a fanatical zeal for investigation (Ebertin.) We've already seen his 'zeal' and jackassian arrogance demonstrated such as in the following exchange in the Senate where he 'schools' Senator Dianne Feinstein on the Constitution--so I can't resist closing with the video of his performance which is sure to become a Cruz Classic:

Recommended: for astro-notes concerning the Sun-Moon personality blend of Ted Cruz, you may wish to mosey over to my tapestry blog of Astrology, Art, and Politics where you'll find him described as "a crusader dueling with shadows".


Yes, m'peops, though born in Canada, Mr. Cruz can indeed run for US president because of his mother's American citizenship. Drat.

Dec 29, 2012

113th Congress' natal chart: Sun-Pluto = Mc

Major Update Jan 1, 2013: Pardon! Due to a date mishap where I'd heard in recent weeks that the 113th Congress would swear in on January 3, it turns out that their oaths will be taken on Friday Janaury 4, 2013 instead. Therefore, you may read the following post based on 'Janaury 3' or, you may wish to stay tuned for a new post concerning the 113th's January 4th horoscope. How much will change astrologically from one day to the next remains to be seen but of course some changes such as the Moon's position will be notable. Thanks! Jude

Orignal post begins here:

The image below shows the natal horoscope of the 113th Congress of the United States of America which opens on January 3, 2013 at noon est on Capitol Hill. Its Ascendant, the Congress itself, brings up the transiting Jupiter-Neptune (speculators, spendthrifts, wastrels, frausters, grand schemers, and the Grand Spirit) midpoint which gives a hint of the 113th's character though not all members may be thus described by the duo's negative tones (we hope):

Jupiter-Neptune = ASC: living in a world lighted by personal imagination, or, an emotionally rationalized agenda. (Mdpt pics today are from Noel Tyl's book, Solar Arcs.)

Penned around the outside of the chart are America's natal placements from the 'Sibly' chart of July 4, 1776 5:10 pm LMT--as you see, Jupiter Rx @7Gem31 in 2nd house of the National Treasury will again conjoin US natal Uranus 8Gem55, as discussed in previous posts; North Node (NN 24Sco45) points to the 8th cusp and house of Shared Resources, Debt, Credit, Insurance, Legacies, Transformation, etc, and is ruled by the 8th H's natural rulers, forceful Mars and powerful Pluto:

If the 113th gavela in on time at noon, it's an Hour of the Moon, suitable for changes and for newly elected congressmembers to take their seats, some of whom are women (Moon.) Publicity is involved as are security needs, real estate, and other realms associated with the astrological Moon including milk (Farm Bill? $8 milk?)

Here's a list of the 113th Congress' freshmen members.

As you see, there's another major midpt picture at Mc (Midheaven, The Goal Point of any chart) which has potential for:

Sun-Pluto = Mc: power games with important consequences; striving for power and control; vocational changes or upsets to adopt new perspectives.

Other midpt pics may be useful to consider though I shall not list them all in this post, then we'll look at the applying aspects of chart-ruler Mars (conflict; action; energy; warring factions, etc, to see how things may proceed for the country under the sway of the 113th Congress--note that Mars @6AQ48 conjoins US natal SN, a Saturnian point of separation and of past behaviors.

Challenger Mars is also the planet apex of 4 midpts: Pluto/Chiron (with its oppressive plutocracy and disenfranchisement vibes), Sun-Neptune, Neptune/Mc, and NN/ASC, detailed below) to see how things may proceed for the country under the sway of the 113th Congress and whatever secret austerity plans the radical Utopians (Uranus in Aries) will continue attempting to force upon us.

Martian midpoint pictures:

Sun-Neptune = Mars: nefarious scheming to exalt the ego; magnetism and charisma.

Neptune/Mc = Mars: playing a role.

NN/ASC = Mars: working for the common good (!!! now that would be a vast improvement over the radicals obstructing the 112th! jc)

I know of no easy words to describe Pluto-Chiron = Mars though with America's SN involved, I suspect that past bad behaviors such as oppression, win-at-any-cost attitudes, and even primal violence will continue to be exhibited by the corrupt Washington politicians and the plutocrats who support them infest the District of Columbia and continue their plan to completely take over the US government and weaken it while ravaging all resources of our nation.

Let us hope progressives and populists are up to fighting the battle though I must add the Saturn-Neptune = Mercury implications of depression and pessimism, a factor affecting all who are signified by planet Mercury (including young people, students, traders, and deal-makers. Sadly, the combo of Saturn-Neptune relates to 'secret government' but also to grief and sorrow.)

113th Congress: How Things Will Go = two applying aspects of Mars:

1. Mars trine Jupiter Rx (0A43) which on one level describes the pay raises (2nd H) that President Obama has ordered for the 113th Congress and for other federal employees who've had pay freezes in place (Rx Jupiter.) Hope our congressmembers turn out to deserve such financial encouragement and that they'll do the people's business better than the unproductive 112th did!

2. Mars square Saturn (2A56), which denotes that activist Mars will run into frustrating obstacles, hard work, and delays brought on by lack of preparation and/or bad timing. The seniority and authority of others may be challenged or threatened which will be met unkindly, and trying to get around rules and regulations is to be avoided (word to the wise!) Why, even physical threats may be received. Necessary items may go missing when sought though they will probably turn up later.

Yes, Mars SQ Saturn shows that the old dictum experience is the best teacher fully applies to the whippersnappers of the 113th Congress. But of course, with the GOP's past behavior with its sour grapes-sore loser attitude, we must expect to see filibusters and other obstructive tactics meant to block any legislation that might make President Obama 'look good'.

Well, these are my brief astro-notes concerning the 113th Congress though many other chart factors will be of interest as the congressional session grinds along. My plan is to direct you back to this natal horoscope when major transits or events occur so perhaps you'll find the chart useful as you consider the madness and mischief of the US House and Senate circa 2013 and beyond.


The only horoscope I have in my files for the natal chart of the US Congress is an old one and I suspect that I only surmised the hour since things tended to get started at an early hour in the olden candle-lit days:

US Congress: November 17, 1800 '9:30 am' LMT with Sun 25Sco04 (the above NN and 8th cusp conjoins natal Sun! NN to Sun = new contacts are made--or, sworn in!) and Moon 6Sag17, a steamy Water-Fire combo of passion, commitment, self-dramatization, fanaticism, and intellectual discernment.

Synchronistically, natal NN @17Ari59 conjoins the ASC of the 113th Congress, and natal Jupiter @4Leo26 = US natal NN; plus, natal Uranus @00Lib47, a World Point of Manifestation, conjoins US Midheaven in our 'Sibly' natal chart and with tr Uranus in Aries since 2010, Congress has been in the midst of its Midlife Crisis, a time when one tends to behave uncharacteristically!

Of great concern is Congress' natal Pluto @2Pis16 (transformation, manipulation, power, control, and wealth) which is now being dissolved by tr Neptune in early Pisces, a time when the current system can be removed, traditional rules are changed, treachery is afoot, and power is eroded; a resort to poison isn't out of the question, though negative societal trends may be mitigated somewhat by the current behavior and attitudes of those directly involved and challenged--here, the 113th Congress!

Feb 9, 2012

Hitler's vision: 'Germania' (video), plus his Death Chart and the STOCK Act

World Empire was Hitler's goal--What do Republicans want?

by Jude Cowell

The excellent History Today has an interesting feature concerning Adolf Hitler's plan to establish the capital city of 'his' World Empire (aka, New World Order), a remaking of Berlin which he intended to call, Germania. Guess the usual NWO vision of a global kingdom being set up in Jerusalem (with a 'King of Jerusalem' ruling all, a devilish-on-purpose and misguided reading of Biblical prophecy and of Christ's mission on earth since His was a spiritual kingdom, not an earthly one)--well, a spiritual kingdom wasn't what the German dictator wanted, was it?

And I can't imagine what Hitler in his day thought of Jerusalem since it's full of you-know-whos. Yet Hitler's DNA is said to confirm his Jewish (and African) heritage! How inconvenient this must have been for WWII's psychopath-in-chief when issuing pogroms assuming that he was aware of his own ancestry. Once again, karma is a witch for he was actually condemning himself!

Below is one of the videos concerning 'Germania' which I'm embedding from the History Today article; click Visions of Germania if you wish to view other videos on the same topic.

Born April 20, 1889 at 6:30 pm in Braunau am Inn, Austria, here's a view of Hitler's natal horoscope.

He and his brand new wife, Eva Braun, committed suicide (or did they?) on April 30, 1945 @ 3:30 pm CEDT in a Berlin bunker with both an Angular Moon 14Sag29 conjunct IC (15:15) and an Angular Jupiter 17Vir50 Rx rising (ASC 18Vir52.) In death charts, these are the two celestial bodies so often Angular at death, both or singularly.

Plus, one of the planets closely associated with Astrology, Uranus (another being Saturn), is Angular as well--conjunct MC 15Gem15 (The Goal Point) which may be icing on the Angular cake in a Death Horoscope. Yet Uranus @ MC supports a potential for a 'death ruse' by which his alleged demise could have been timed by an astrologer or astrologers with an Angular Moon and Jupiter since Hitler & crew are said to have consulted astrologers for guidance and timing. That's if they realized then that future astrologers would check Hitler's Death Chart for confirmation of his demise--and naturally we would do just that.

So if we take Hitler's Death Horoscope as a true blueprint of his suicide, chart factors weight toward the 'yes he did' side rather than the 'death ruse' side. 1945's Pluto 7Leo56 (11th house of Hopes, Wishes, Associations), planet of death, suicide, subversion, destruction, and transformation, is out-of-bounds from the earthly plane (a 'special' death?) yet the planet of Invisibility is focal planet of a particular midpoint of the two NWO planets, Uranus and Neptune ('turning from confusion and finding a new path'--Munkasey; Enlightenment; mysticism--Ebertin), which forms a planetary picture:

Uranus/Neptune = Pluto: abandonment of resistance; the necessity to give in; calamities, losses, catastrophes; ideas which can change the world. (Ebertin; Munkasey.)

Hitler definitely entertained such ideas (exs: 'Germania' and a World Empire ruled by his nibs.)

Plus, you know of the most descriptive Sabian Symbol for the Great Conjunction/s of Uranus and Neptune, the NWO planets, all through 1993: '18 Capricorn'...

"The Union Jack Flies from a British Destroyer" = POLITICAL POWER, which Marc Edmund Jones gives as, "smug or strong-armed paternalism" in its negative expression. We could ask our peacefully assembled, pepper-sprayed Occupiers about that, circa 2011/2012.

Adding a thimble full of fuel to the 1945 Plutonian midpoint picture above and the Uranus/Neptune meet-up in 1993 is the fact that '19Cap' = Pluto's South Node degree which has a difficult Saturn/Pluto connotation of separation, loss, hardship, and brutality.

So yes, planets in Hitler's Death Horoscope do seem to indicate that his suicide actually occurred 'as advertised' yet there are midpoint pictures in the chart which may or may not give a different flavor to the proceedings of April 20, 1945 in Berlin--see what you think:

Sun/NN = (Angular) Uranus: friends who provide the right connections (to secret yourself off to Britain or to parts unknown?)

Venus/Neptune = NN 10Can49: associations with others who are able to effect deceptions and illusions (pouf!) Also: an unhappy union (the newly weds?) (The 3 to 14 degree range of Cancer always hints at USA involvement, doesn't it?)

Pluto/MC = NN: club memberships that help achieve one's purposes (to go underground?); people with powerful influence.

1945's South Node (SN) conjoined the UK's natal Sun in Capricorn, btw, which may or may not be significant or may denote the British royal family's Germanic kinship which they obfuscated by changing their name to 'Windsor', to Americans' family ties to Germany as well, plus, the Western power elite's financial backing of Hitler's rise to power and his expansive war efforts.

Well, these midpoint pictures are not conclusive for his survival so I'd have to say that based on his Death Chart, Hitler did commit suicide as reported through the decades. The April 30, 1945 transits certainly 'hit' many of AH's natal planets in negative ways (ex: tr Saturn opposed natal Moon 6Cap38 and n Jupiter 8Cap15 indicating a very dampening period in his life such as: unfortunate circumstances; emotional deprivation linked to the past; thwarted desires; health problems; personal growth frustrated by authority figures; problems through unresolved conflicts; giving back what was gained, etc) proving that even self-exalted 'leaders' are not out of reach of the bad karma they themselves created in life by their heinous and criminal actions because all must reap what is sown.

And that goes for those politicians who currently infest Washington DC by working to undermine US sovereignty on behalf of a misguided march toward totalitarian Global Governance.


Blog Note: glad to say that some of my tech difficulties have been resolved today, thus I blog as a brief respite from packing for an office relocation. However, I'm following Thom Hartmann today and agree with Thom's assessment of and disappointment with the STOCK Act which just hastily passed the House 417 to 2 (agreement on The Hill?!!!)

Is this merely a public relations ploy by the guilty who wish to pass a bill that obfuscates their already ill-gotten gains through insider trading?

Thing is, the GOP's Eric Cantor made certain that the 'political intelligence' provision was removed thus giving the bill the usual toothlessness which wealthy Wall Street toffs require from their bought-and-paid-for handmaidens who 'legislate' up on Capitol Hill.

Oh, and the deal with Wall Street and the corrupt mortgage industry that Presient Obama touts today is pathetic for it lets off the hook the crooks, thieves, and robo-signers who should be tried and sent to prison for their heists against US consumers and home owners. Allegedly, states' rights to sue the miscreants will still be possible, and hopefully so.

One more astro-note on Hitler: born during the Great Conjunction of Neptune and Pluto (the Robber Baron duo), his natal Neptune 00Gem51 in natal 8th house of Death and the Occult will be 'hit' by the upcoming Solar Eclipse of May 20, 2012 @ 00Gem21 which conjoins the difficult Fixed Star Alcyone.