Dec 15, 2009

Insolvent Social Security and America's Saturn/Neptune

Gary North's article on the insolvency of the US Social Security *System and Medicare is an eye opener well described astrologically by the recent transit of clear-eyed Saturn to US natal Neptune in Virgo, sign of Work and The Worker.

But I mentioned the transit and more Saturn/Neptune stuff in my previous post - things like deception and corruption (Neptune) in government (Saturn) - read Mr. North's article for a laundry list of deceptions concerning SS, Medicare, and the political can-kicking they've long duped us with.

He's talking about 'Social' (Neptune) 'Security' (Saturn)!

You know the US natal chart, Sibly version with '13Sag' rising, has Neptune 22Vir25 in 9th house and Saturn 14Lib48 in 10th house and their midpoint degree is 3Lib37; Mc 00Lib53. Tr Saturn in early Libra is stimulating our Sat/Nep midpoint off and on as I type. Perhaps Gary North is one of those now acting as Saturn's agent (a man with a bucket of cold water) as he asks us to deal realistically with these social issues.

At Ic 00Ari53 is revolutionary Uranus/Pluto 3Ari14, quite a pile-up of difficult energies, I must say, since whatever affects one cusp affects its opposite polarity.

There's no time this morning to discuss details on this interesting picture (as it relates to government, my usual topic of grumpiness) but I can say that the US natal Mercury/ASC midpoint is conjunct n Sat/Nep. (Mercury/Asc on a negative level can indicate wrong or misguided judgments.)

So considering that the Goals/Aspirations point (Mc) of any chart is the most visible position, therefore what one displays to the wider world, America's Saturn/Neptune is assuredly more obvious to others than it is - or has been - to Americans as a populace (with us being all insulated and all, and busy gazing at our own **beebos.)

And of course, Saturn in 10th house, its natural abode, gets really really karmic and rather nasty when an individual - or a nation - doesn't live up to its Saturnian responsibilities in the world. Then when the piper is paid, heavy accountability causes a world class fall from grace - which comes predictably and inexorably after the arrogant pride.


*SS 'System' - July 21, 2009 Solar Eclipse 29Can27: 'systems fail.'

**'beebos' are bellybuttons and everyone has one.

USA Sibly chart: July 4, 1776 5:10 pm LMT Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.
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