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Jun 6, 2020

June 13, 2020: SCOTUS Saturn under scrutiny

by Jude Cowell

June 6, 2020: Since June 2020 is a significant month for Supreme Court (SCOTUS) decisions within the coronavirus contagion time frame let's took a look at the founding Horoscope for SCOTUS (February 1, 1790 9:00 am LMT NYC is the chart I use) and an unpleasant discovery: that the June 13, 2020 Mars-Neptune Conjunction lands directly upon the natal Saturn of the highest Court in the nation. Checking other significant US charts against Mars-Neptune @20Pis56, I found no other horoscope that resonated as closely with the conjunction except for the SCOTUS horoscope (1 minute orb). This doesn't meanthat there aren't any, it means that of the ones in my files I found none and this includes the Federal City Horoscope of April 21, 1791!

Naturally, everyone knows that realistic Saturn in Mundane Astrology is associated with law, attorneys, judges, courts, legal systems, lawmakers, government, business, and such along with the status quo and The Establishment. Time, tradition, standards, regulations, structures, limits, restriction, authority, authenticity, accountability, consolidation, seniors, managers, isolation, concentration, hard work, failure, and loss also come under karmic Saturn's rather wide umbrella. Yet in watery Pisces, solid Saturn can have a difficult time since his placement there reveals a karmic planet in a karmic sign so obviously the correct channeling of Saturnine energies can make or break an institution or an individual. For as you know, Saturn demands much but will (eventually!) reward those who follow his precepts in a responsible way. And with America's natal Saturn (1776) in Libra where Saturn is exalted (expresses best), we've come to expect that SCOTUS will carry out its traditional duties in the most admirable way possible - not always a realistic expectation, but it is always to be hoped, even in these trying times.

So with the June 13, 2020 Mars-Neptune Conjunction coming its way, the 1790 Horoscope of SCOTUS is pictured below with the Mars-Neptune Conjunction Horoscope snugged around it in bi-wheel form. The Mars-Neptune-to-Saturn transit is highlighted in green and red while the Moon (red) simultaneously conjoins SCOTUS' natal Venus, as you can see:

Yes, too many scribbles are squished upon the chart/s (mea culpa!) but hopefully you can enlarge the image to read them if you wish. Upper right contains a few of the potentials of the midpoint picture Mars-Neptune = Saturn but I'll also type them here for you: unfortunate consequences due to a weak will; being taken advantage of; perseverance; instability - and there's a bit more that couldn't be squished in such as: misdirected energy; feelings of inferiority; lasting weakness or illness; blocking of anger toward people who avoid reality (by intimidation, threats, blackmail?); frustrations encountered when punishing those who deceive others; pessimism over arguments received from clerics; reticence; a sense of futility. And to 'perseverance' add, in spite of fear.

(Tyl; Ebertin: Munkasey).

Confusion, deceit, and/or some type of paralyzed activity may also be notable around the time of the blending of these energies particularly since America's problematic Mars-Neptune square may be involved with the Court's cases, people, and/or decisions. That's US natal Neptune @22Vir23 conjunct Descendant and US natal Mars in 3rd house near the Sun-Chiron conjunction which suggests a focus on dealing with moral and ethical principles and receiving acclaim for it.

Meanwhile, transit Mars to natal Saturn suggests careful planning, organization, and perhaps some type of delay, while transit Neptune to natal Saturn suggests potentials for either idealistic or misguided authority figures, eroding traditions or systems, and/or a new approach to handling authority.

In addition, the astrological archetype for Justice, asteroid Astraea, is found on June 18th conjunct the SCOTUS Mars-Jupiter Conjunction in late Leo - and therefore conjunct the natal Mars of Donald Trump (Mars = action, energy, motivation). For SCOTUS' natal Astraea look to mid-Capricorn and the 1790 chart's 11th cusp.

Neglected notes not penned on the June 18, 2020 chart include: Hour: Sun; Sun-Moon: 3rd quarter +273:35 = crisis in consciousness: and hidden manipulator Pluto Rx in Capricorn leads a BOWL shape of the planets, and he's bossily tilted toward success no matter the cost.

Now the Mars-Neptune Conjunction perfects on a Saturday (Saturn's day!) but note that on the SCOTUS calendar Opinion Issuance Days in June (Mondays) include June 15th, a mere two days after the Conjunction so we'll see what transpires and which cases and topics the Justices address. And if they appear to be acting independently of outside influences.

May 17, 2020

May 2020: Notice to Readers of Stars Over Washington!

Announcing a New Day for SO'W! Or Is It? What Do *You* Think?

May 17, 2020: After nearly 15 years of freebie content created for the most part by yours truly, Stars Over Washington, my labor of love on behalf of America, now has its very own Patreon account set up for any reader who may wish to encourage a continuance of SO'W posts, plus, perhaps read a bit of special content published there just for you as my schedule permits!

Therefore, after years of domain fees, plus, ink and paper expenditures, my question for you must be:

Shall SO'W be shuttered by October 2020 before it enters its 16th year or should I continue publishing Political Astrology horoscopes and posts into 2021?

Any and all Patreon 'Votes' will be encouraging and very much appreciated!

Jude Cowell

ps: Perhaps you caught a recent post: Stars Over Washington and "An Unsealed Letter"?

May 5, 2020

A List of Planets' Meanings in Political Astrology

Here's an updated list with the meanings of planets in Political Astrology, a branch of Mundane Astrology. Now these are the meanings that I tend to use; no doubt others could add more or subtract a few:

Sun: supreme authority such as US President ('POTUS'), Prime Minister, Chancellor, CEO, leadership. (Solar eclipses hitting a Mundane Sun may denote the death or displacement of a head of state, national character and identity, major events, disruption or a turning point for government in the eclipse year and suggesting a new direction.)

Moon: the populace, We The People (USA), the popular mood, national security needs, basic necessities, women's issues, health, agriculture, nurturing, our daily rounds, the general emotional weather and/or societal trends.

Mercury: news media and the press, blogs and bloggers, oration-speeches/speakers-writers, messages, communications, and announcements, spreading of propaganda, negotiations, contracts, treaties and pacts, changes, votes-voters-ballots, literature, information, intell, spies, all schooling up to higher educational levels (Jupiter), the post office, thinking and planning, opinion polls, transportation (air+), sales, commerce, trade. As usual, young people in general, students and teachers are included where applicable, plus, medical research and doctors may also be represented by Mercury.

Venus: females, evaluations, smaller amounts of money, currency, relationships, partnerships, unions, diplomacy or diplomatic gestures, perspective; if afflicted: disease, arrogance, vengeance, defeat in war, anger, envy, possessiveness, and/or jealousy.

Mars: males between ages 25--35 or so, military and police forces, violence, criminals, war, industrial concerns, arsonists, sports figures, fighters, aggressors and combatants no matter the gender; combined with Uranus, Mars may cause explosions, terrorism, attacks, gun violence, operations; with Neptune, treachery, misguided motivations and/or actions, divisive elements in society, activists, protests or strikes (participants thereof), the fog of war, infections and epidemics.

Jupiter: clergy, churches, and religion, gurus, lawyers and judges, law and legal systems, higher education, prosperity, hope, breaking of boundaries, publishing, banking-bankers and the Fed, insurance; credit, corporations and CEOs, the upper classes; ministers of state, public relations and promoters, philanthropic institutions, especially if associated with Neptune, plus, Jupiter and Neptune = speculators, wastrels, spendthrifts, inflation, bubbles, grandiose schemers and planners, people who make promises they can't keep (ex: politicians).

Saturn: government, the system, The Establish, status quo, stability, institutions and bureaucracy, civil servants, conservatism, infrastructure, austerity, restriction or retraction, law and lawmakers (ex: US Congress), management, control, repression/suppression, accountability, loss, karma; with Jupiter, Saturn is associated with financial and business cycles (contraction vs expansion) and other cycles in society including in Politics; with Uranus, Saturn signifies the Middle East, especially Palestine and Israel; and/or old order vs new order; with Neptune Saturn = poor, sick, or depressed people, illness or disease, movements such as Socialism, social safety net programs, charities, those who suffer, undermining circumstances, difficulties or illness with causes difficult to diagnose.

Uranus: revolution, revolt, riots, protests, or strikes,reactive politics and politicians, progressive or radical movements, disruptive reforms, riots, counter-cultures; physical power such as electrical and nuclear, new technology, innovation; genius or sudden insight; the future; novelties; erratic persons; Uranus is also The Witness, The Awakener, the sky god; with Neptune: The 'Enlightened Ones' determined to establish a New Order to replace the Old, aka, a 'new world order' or the long-planned 'one world government'.

Neptune: the urge to merge, the Divine Source, the arts, glamour, the media, the masses, hope, idealism, covert actions, saboteurs, secrets, spying or other networks, secrets and leaks, socialism; hospitals, charitable institutions; the Navy or Marines. If afflicted: fraud, crime, scandal, deception, illusions, falsehoods, internet scams; undermining circumstances and those who cause them, brewing and alcohol, drugs; chemicals, oil, gas, water, footwear, oceans; with Pluto, Neptune = the Robber Baron class of the 1800s, resource plunderers, Organized Crime, mobsterism, the mafia.

Pluto: financial and/or political power, factions, oligarchies, Plutocracy, big business, nuclear energy, mines and tunnels, the Dragon Guarding the Riches; if afflicted: the criminal underworld, death, catastrophe, dictators, thieves and spies; Global Crime Syndicate/s; criminal detectives, spies, surveillance, hidden power/s behind 'the throne', The Pope, assassins, saboteurs, secretive men in invisible cloaks of power, death, transformation, regeneration, the occult and other hidden things and people.

Note that besides Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto can be karmic, too!

Got more political potentials to add to this list? Then leave your on-topic comment with this post! jc

Aug 19, 2019

Boris Johnson's Horoscope: Brexit and Britain in 2019 and 2020

With a view from abroad here's a featured post by Britain's James Lynn Page:

Below is Boris Johnson’s horoscope, as we look at what kind of Brexit we’ll be getting. Left-leaning journalists have been beside themselves lately over the prospect of Johnson as P.M. of the United Kingdom. I have discussed the new Prime Minister 'elsewhere', but in this article I look at what kind of Brexit Boris Johnson will preside over (and the indications from his birth chart). The main questions right now are: will we leave without a deal on October 31st? And, more generally: just how easy will he find it as PM? “Dude, we’re going to energise the country!,” he proclaimed on his victory. Some commentators are not so sure, like the Guardian’s Andrew Rawnsley who wrote, 'Boris John's braggadocio will soon come back to haunt him at Number 10':

‘The schoolboy who wanted to be “world king” has spent many years lusting after the job, but that is entirely different to doing it … Whitehall is preparing for the Johnson premiership by adopting the brace position. Is this because he is infamously cavalier about detail, bored by complexity, known to react peevishly and sometimes with a ferocious temper when frustrated or contradicted, and has a notoriously casual relationship with the truth?’

At first I did a double take at this quote – Rawnsley could just as easily have been talking about Donald Trump. The astrological parallels with Trump are significant, too, and I don’t just mean the fact that both leaders are populist, outspoken sun Geminians. I have written elsewhere on this site that Trump’s continued weathering of political storms in Washington is down to progressed Jupiter on his ascendant. Jupiter has a supportive, protective quality that often ensures one’s luck holds good – whilst its astrological influence is operative, of course. Later we will find this Jupiter aspect significant on Boris Johnson’s horoscope, too.

First, let’s look at the astrological context for why we have, along with the USA, shifted to the right of the political spectrum. The transit of Pluto through Capricorn has ended up with the UK in a political and constitutional crisis. Pluto is the Great Destroyer, it is Death and Rebirth for entities that have outlived their purpose; Capricorn (in mundane astrology) is the Establishment, the System, the powers that be. No wonder that in the UK we’re going through what one commentator described as a ‘political nervous breakdown’.

In short, politicians have lost the trust of the electorate, as naked capitalism is allowed to run rampant, what with private (profit-based) companies overseeing the distribution of benefits, public education spending cut whilst private education fees are increased, and where even homelessness can be considered a crime. This is why we’re in the age of the demagogue, the populist who fills the vacuum when we’ve lost faith in mainstream political parties. But we’re a divided country because of it.

Saturn will also make an exact conjunction with Pluto in January 2020. We’re likely to see a further hardening and increase in authoritarian control as the powers that be lash out. (What the US astrologer and philosopher Richard Tarnas discreetly called ‘conservative empowerment’.) The cold unforgiving hand of Authority is already with us, take the example of the recent shameful arrest of Wikileaks founder Julian Assange. If, in the UK, it seems we’ve reached crisis point in our daily politics, you haven’t seen nothing yet; I believe the authoritarianism we’re seeing will increase in 2020.

To get a flavour of what happens worldwide when Saturn makes a hard angle to Pluto, consider these two events from recent world history. Often there is some some kind of power grab by politically motivated opportunists, such as on September 11th 1973, when an exact Saturn-Pluto square manifested in the coup d’etat in Chile, and the murderous dictator Augusto Pinochet began his reign of terror. Or ten years later, in August 1983 during a Saturn-Pluto conjunction, when Manuela Noriega rose to power. He was ‘one of the Central Intelligence Agency’s most valued intelligence sources, as well as one of the primary conduits for illicit weapons, military equipment and cash destined for U.S.-backed counter-insurgency forces throughout Latin America.’ (Wikipedia)

During any creeping shift to the right, well meaning liberals continue to warn us that true democracy is a precious thing and we should not let authoritarian leaders undermine it. In the case Boris Johnson, Guardian journalists have already noted how he has actually hardened his stance on Brexit, asking if he could close down shut down (prorogue) Parliament to stop it legislating against No Deal:

‘The legal default position is that if there is no deal, and the UK has not asked to revoke article 50 or been granted a further extension, then we leave on 31 October with no deal. But MPs of all parties have already flexed their muscles to prevent the prorogation of parliament to get no deal. Earlier this month they passed an amendment to a Northern Ireland bill by a majority of 41 to make prorogation more difficult; 315 MPs backed it and 274 were opposed. The anti-Brexit campaigner Gina Miller is also planning legal action to prevent prorogation.’

Boris Johnson’s Horoscope

Let’s get an idea of the man himself – above is Boris Johnson’s horoscope, and with the sun (conjunct Venus) in Gemini and Libra rising, he has that charismatic, easy-going appeal to the public, that plain-speaking, ‘blokey’ sense of humour. In short, the Libran ascendant provides charm, and Gemini the light touch. Of course, it isn’t quite as simple as this: he also has vociferous Mars in Gemini, providing fuel for his outspoken, attention-seeking quips. Johnson’s fan club like him for this perceived directness and honesty; his detractors point out that such quips are often racist, like describing Muslim women wearing a full veil as “letterboxes”.

But these situations stem from deeper, more serious elements. For one, on Boris Johnson’s horoscope we see Mercury square Pluto. Not only are there strong opinions to voice, but a range of entrenched, stubborn ideas. “You’re not going to change him,” commented one senior Tory aide. Then there is Mars square Saturn, which can mean difficulty expressing anger: Mars-Saturn bottles up reserves of aggressive ego, whether its reacting to annoying regulations, annoying people, or just the slow pace of everyday, mortal life. One wonders how much he’s suppressed over the years and how much he’ll want to get his own back on those who stood in his way. His moon is in subtle, tight lipped, opportunistic, manipulative Scorpio, after all. Here is someone motivated by the need for power. Not only that, he has the passion and determination to see his plans through to the bitter end. Now he’s Leader he’ll want to show just who is in charge.

Johnson’s much mentioned ‘buffoonish’ image is simply a part of a grand strategy: to appear funny, likeable and most of all ‘ordinary’. Who can resist someone that makes them laugh? But even the verbal gaffes are mostly deliberate – there’s little suggestion from the birth chart that he’s unaware of what he’s saying, or is unconscious of the offence he causes. His appearance on the BBC’s Have I Got News For You panel show was gold dust for this carefully contrived ‘clownish’ image. But Johnson is no fool – he knows that the accident prone, bumbling, tongue-tied, public schoolboy is a smokescreen, whilst he slowly and surely gets closer to fulfilling his ambitions and manoeuvres himself into a position of power. Job done!

An anecdote from BBC presenter Jeremy Vine reminds us that much of this buffoonery is carefully stage managed. Vine was set to do an interview as Johnson arrived, reaching for a pen to hastily scribble something on a piece of paper. So Vine was treated to the likeable, ill-organised class clown on that occasion – hair askew, falling over his own feet and then his own words. But about a year after, as Vine recalled, it was during another interview that Johnson went through the exact same repertoire, using the exact same lines: ‘as if had been scripted’.

Brexit – the Astrological Outlook

The UK Chart

Let’s have a look at the predictive material: first the national charts and then for Boris personally. First, the progressions to the United Kingdom chart (set for 1801 January 1st) on Oct 31, 2019 provide the background scenery for British politics. Here, there’s a heavy concentration of planets in the 4th house which, on a mundane chart, is about our heritage, our ‘patriotism’, our collective identity as a country, or at least a version of it. Mercury, Sun, Jupiter, Mars and Saturn are all present here – an emphasis on roots, the past and tradition. This suggests the scene is set for strong nationalistic fervour at this time in our history, one where the familiar, knee-jerk stereotypes of ‘what it means to be British’ (or English) are invoked.

The Brexit Chart

The chart set for the exit poll on referendum day (10.00 pm, June 23rd, 2016) can be progressed to show the Midheaven (‘career’/public image) within one degree of a conjunction with Mars (in late 2018 and early 2019) This right away suggests the ongoing rifts, short fuses and in-fighting surrounding all aspects of Brexit. In brief – divisiveness. With obstructive Saturn in the 11th house we might well expect that lack of resolution/agreement in Parliament, too. (This house on a mundane chart is the ‘Parliament’ of a country’s birth chart, in the case of the UK, not merely the government but the entire House of Commons.)

Also, transits to the Brexit chart show Neptune opposite natal Jupiter (exactly to the minute) on October 29th, 2019, only two days before the supposed time we exit the EU. On a birth chart this opposition means impractical, over-idealistic and ballooning expectations. Any type of concrete limitation or systemic problem is the enemy. This represents the Brexit voters’ attitude to the EU – the material reality is inconvenient. Stop standing in our way!

The Article 50 Chart

This is set for 13.20 p.m. March 29th, 2017 in Brussels, when the EU’s Article 50 for leaving the union was activated. This brings into play the European Union and is a chart about the negotiations – as such, it is somewhat different. Though Venus is on the M.C., a Mercury/moon/Uranus conjunction is prominent in the 10th (rules and authorities). This stellium is one of instability: ‘emotional’ and erratic behaviour, wilfulness and sudden whim hold sway. If both sides take this approach you can guess at the result! The urge for self-interest and trying to get one’s own way (and the determination to do this) is shown by the Pluto square to Uranus. The only conciliatory factor is Venus on the M.C. – we did at least get an extension when Theresa May was in power, and there was talk of an even longer one if required. But it’s a chart which bodes ill for harmonious negotiations and talks.

So far we have a combination of aggressive ‘I want’ and a strongly idealistic, nationalistic attitude that just may be self-deluding. But how is Johnson likely to cope? The Guardian’s Andrew Rawnsley wrote that:

‘the best educated guess about where he will get to in the autumn [of 2019] is this. There will be no better deal with the EU and parliament will prevent him from leaving without one. There would then be three avenues forward. One: he could seek another extension to the deadline for withdrawal. This would be a humiliating betrayal of his solemn pledge to his party that Britain is leaving “come what may” on Halloween … Two: he could seek to resolve the deadlock by calling a fresh referendum [or Three] he could call an election.’

The Solar return chart for Boris Johnson’s horoscope – from 20 June 2019 – has Saturn/Pluto conjunct in the 1st house. This forms an opposition to Mars and Mercury in the 7th (relationships), suggesting he’s assumed the office of Prime Minister with enemies already waiting in the wings. It’s indicative of major disagreement, but will ‘they’ be powerful enough to stop a no-deal Brexit? (The Saturn-Pluto conjunction also is widely conjunct the moon, suggesting Johnson has some emotional commitment to all of this.) It certainly suggests little in the way of compromise – and as we have seen lately, the signs are already there. Johnson will be moving heaven and earth to get Britain out of the EU by Halloween – we’re going to see more of his true Moon in Scorpio colours!

When we look at Oct 31, 2019, the progressed M.C. (‘career’) on Boris Johnson’s horoscope is exactly conjunct to natal Uranus. This is another indication of the potential tension and challenge we’ve already seen – it signifies a kind of angry revolt against stuffy authority, for this is how Johnson will see (and does see) the EU’s officials and negotiators. He’s cast himself in the role of the freedom fighter; they are the intransigent oppressors. But when it comes to enemies, ‘they’ may also be Parliament, another bunch of potential oppressors who seek to prevent a no deal Brexit. So, he has plenty of conflict to look forward to. The question is: will he get his own way?

Remember Trump’s fortunate placing of progressed Jupiter on his ascendant? Boris has this same protective phenomenon on his progressed chart for 2019, as Jupiter is in close conjunction to the descendant, and whose astrological meaning is not so different from a conjunction with the rising degree. This suggests there are powerful friends looking out for him, that he’s well placed to receive support and assistance from important sources. One of those will be Trump himself, but I think that without progressed Jupiter in close conjunction to the descendant, Johnson would be sunk by Parliament or would lose in a General Election in September. However, look at how many people wrote off Trump’s chances of even being the Republican candidate in 2016, let alone winning the election. And now look.

Don’t make the same mistake with Boris Johnson. I’ll deal with whether or not all of this leads to a General Election in another look at Boris Johnson’s horoscope, but remember, he may well be in No 10 for quite a while. Remainers, brace yourself! Like Trump, he has lucky Jupiter protecting him for now. The astrological picture for the next few months show he may weather the storm, beat his opponents and come good in any conflict. And conflict there will be! Just wait until it all kicks off in early 2020.

Image: Beyond Brexit: A Global Britain (Foreign and Commonwealth Office)/License: Creative Commons

James Lynn Page is a consultant astrologer, tarot analyst, teacher, lecturer, and author of Mind-Body-Spirit titles, who received the Faculty of Astrological Studies’ Certificate in 1984. His first astrology book, Jungian Birth Charts, was published by Aquarian Press in 1988 under the pen name Arthur Dione, and was called “one of the better popular astrology books to see print in this decade,” by Horoscope Magazine. Prediction in the UK labelled it “one of the best books to date to bring added depth to the art of horoscope interpretation.” Soon after going to work for W. Foulsham Publishing, James co-authored their annual 12-volume Old Moore’s Horoscope and Astral Diaries, and is now one of the chief astrological consultants to Foulsham’s annual Old Moore’s Almanac. He has authored the monthly astrology newsletter for Raphael’s Ephemeris. His website is Astrology, Magic and the Conscious Universe.

A previous post by James Lynn Page appeared on SO'W earlier this year as, Donald Trump in 2019 and 2020. All content used by author's express permission.

Jun 12, 2019

Horoscope: US Congress March 4, 1789 first session

Current US Capitol Building Washington DC; public domain photo

June 12, 2019: The first session of the US Congress was held at Federal Hall in New York City on March 4, 1789; the first session ended September 29, 1789.

2nd session: January 4, 1790 --August 12, 1790 (Federal Hall, NYC); 3rd session: December 6, 1790--March 3, 1791 (Congress Hall, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania). Legislation and other events that were addressed may be tracked through this time period (March 4, 1789--March 3, 1791) by the movements of the planets over New York and Philadelphia if one wishes and has the time and interest.

Assuming the gentlemen of 1789 would have begun their work around 9:00 or 9:30 am LMT, a horoscope may be set for March 4, 1789 NYC which reveals information in 2019 for comparing transits of our current day calculated--now that the US Congress is stirred to reassert its constitutionally mandated powers and duties in necessary response to Trump era challenges which are considerable, undermining, and anti-constitutional. As you know, our traditional 'three branches of government' were founded with co-equal powers and intended to act as guard dog over the other two branches yet Congress is now under threat by an Executive branch attempting a monarchical, autocratic take-over of government--implemented by an administration many would call illegitimate.

Below is the US Congress First Session Horoscope March 4, 1789 9:00 am LMT NYC--set for 9:00 am because this timing echoes the ASC/DESC and MC-IC positions in our January 20th Inauguration charts and places US natal Pluto conjunct MC, The Goal Point. Added underneath are comments concerning today's transits to the 1789 chart, plus, prominent transits in force on Inauguration Day 2017 12:00 pm est for they continue to affect the current administration and thus impact the lives of We The People:

Naturally, Neptune, Pluto, and Chiron were unknown in 1789 but in 2019 they are not. Please enlarge the image to read basic chart information messily penned on.

Prominent Synastry potentials of June 12, 2019 Transits vs 1789 US Congress: Mercury trine Saturn--keen insights, realism, new ideas and plans, learning new skills. Mercury sesqui-square Mars--agitation, pressure to solve problems, working under stress, hostility, criticism, sarcasm. Saturn opposes Jupiter--frustration, delay, people and events block progress, hard work to remove or circumvent obstacles such as rules, regulations, policies, and laws. Pluto sextile Mercury--psychological issues, persuasion, propaganda, exposure (revelations especially via eclipses), discussion of deep, serious topics, powerful rhetoric, talking about changes and/or sexuality (women's rights and concerns). Pluto square Neptune--psychological issues that need professional attention, social upheaval, corrupt political institutions, feeling vulnerable, obsessions, compulsions, hallucinations, a need for spiritual regeneration.

Trump Inauguration 2017 vs March 4, 1789: Jupiter conjunct Neptune--pretence, illusion, fanaticism, flights of fancy and fantasy, loss of touch with reality, scandal, bankruptcy, propaganda, delusions, disappointments, paranoia, unrealistic expectations, speculation, over-promising, fraud, and risky schemes. Sun (POTUS) opposes Uranus--unexpected challenges, unusual events, normality disrupted, obstinacy worsens problems, a need to break out of old patterns, 'digging in the heels' (by a bone-spurred heel?). Neptune square Moon--blurred messages, confusion, an uncertain future, over-informed and/or misinformed, deception (including self-deception), fantasies, feeling lost, minds and feelings are flooded (floods), disturbed sleep (insomnia), weird dreams. Saturn square Mercury--narrow-minded thinking, exclusion, overly exacting judgments, plans delayed or hindered. Uranus square Jupiter--needing to break free of restriction (ex: ignoring laws and subpoenas), rebellion, sights set unrealistically high, recklessness, impatience, lacks of restraint and of wisdom.

So here we have a founding chart for the US Congress with a few notes on today's transits and those of the Trump administration in effect for the (assumed) 4 years of his tenure as he challenges the power of the US Congress and obstructs the ability of Congress members to fulfill their Oaths to the US Constitution and thereby to perform their duties on behalf of the American people.

As always, your on-topic comments concerning this post are welcomed and your Shares are much appreciated! jc

Jan 4, 2018

Republican Party's Neptune Return continues in 2018

January 4, 2018: Having published so far only the five dates of the Republican Party's current Neptune Return/s (a five-fer), below is the horoscope set for the Capitol Building of number 3 Return of the 5 which perfects on March 6, 2018. I post #3 because March 6 is the next date that transit Neptune returns to the GOP's natal Neptune degree of 14Pis01 (by sign inconjunct Mr. Trump's natal Neptune in early Libra so allegedly adjustments of ideals and dreams have been made).

As you see, the party's Neptune has just been spotlighted by the Sun, here @16Pis31, and since US POTUS Sun (13Can19 in 1776) has progressed to 13Pis23, the veiling and masking (or protecting!) by Republicans of the current POTUS actor-in-the-White-House continues as do their making excuses for him to the extent that they can or will sacrifice credibility for the sake of their own political purposes. That's if Mr. Trump manages to remain in the Venusian Oval Office until March 2018 as I suspect he may:

Above Image: GOP Neptune Return #3 of 5; March 6, 2018 11:00:23 pm est Capitol Building Washington DC USA; Hour of Venus (conjunct the Aries Point) in 5th house of Gambling; all planets hidden, BOWL shape lead by a rising Moon @20Sco39; chart-ruler Mars @23Sag53 (just passed Trump natal Moon and South Node) makes one applying Ptolemaic aspect, a trine to 6th house Uranus (26Ari11) denoting 'unusual or unexpected outcomes' and/or 'new methods or procedures being tried' (from 2nd house of Money to 6th house of Employment, Police, Military, and/or Civil Service). US natal Moon in late Aquarius conjoins the IC (Endings and Separations) with the transiting Pluto-Chiron midpoint almost directly upon us (Plutocracy).

Around the chart are penned in aqua Mr. Trump's natal planets with his natal Mars rising atop the chart at Midheaven, the Career and Goal Point. Please enlarge the image for a closer view for not all chart factors are in this text.

Yes, we are now mired within the five dates of the Republican Party's Neptune Return/s and note that natal Neptune, plus natal Moon and Uranus, are unaspected in the party's natal horoscope--and GOP natal Moon @20Sag37, though out-of-bounds, conjoins Mr. Trump's natal Moon and South Node by degree (so therefore GOP natal Moon opposes Trump's natal Sun-NN). Apparently theirs is a match made in...well, somewhere other than here:

Neptune Returns to 14Pis01: 1. May 17, 2017; 2. July 16, 2017 Rx; 3. March 6, 2018 (this chart); 4. October 20, 2018 Rx; and, 5. December 29, 2018. It will be interesting if disturbing to monitor the condition of the Republican Party by the end of 2018 into 2019 for astrological Neptune, a karmic planet with a 164-year cycle, represents idealism and spiritualism but may also signify fraud, dissolution, and/or loss.

Natal data for the Republican Party and Donald Trump are listed on the chart, upper right.

Oct 6, 2017

The Emotionally Driven Donald Trump: Moron-in-Chief

In light of the many posts published here the last two years concerning the intellectually challenged, emotionally driven (natal Moon conjunct South Node conjunct Ras Alhague) Donald Trump, this post is a shout-out to the new book The Dangerous Case of Donald Trump compiled by two dozen psychiatrists and psychologists and made ethically necessary for the sake of our country due to their professional duty to warn.

Today the book is trending number 3 on Amazon's Best Seller list. Yet alternately, voters on November 8, 2016 could have simply listened to the multiple warnings concerning this unfit-for-office moronic bully (Leo Mars rising with royal Regulus, 'the king') which were repeatedly provided the American public by mundane and other astrologers.

After all, the Jupiterian Mr. Trump is his 10th house oriental Uranus, planet of chaos, shocks, disruption, and radical reforms (see link, below), a know-nothing who cares not at all for the unintended consequences of his poorly thought out plans and quixotic notions that are intended to boost his reputation, keep his name trending atop the 24/7 news cycle, and further line his off-shored pockets.

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And from July 29, 2017 a 3-minute video Psychiatrists Lift Gag Rule to Allow Doctors to Publicly Discuss Trump's Mental Decline.

Aug 27, 2016

Campaign 2016 and the 2004 DNC Speech that Catapulted Barack Obama into Our Lives

Image: Fork'd Way (which path to take on November 8th, which forked tongue to believe?)

August 27, 2016: Brief Astro-Notes on a President and Presidential Wanna-Bes

by Jude Cowell

On the evening of July 27, 2004, Senate candidate Barack Obama delivered a rousing speech that electrified his audience and many of the public watching at home. Who is that skinny politician of the silvery oratory skills? Can he be president some day? Is such a hope mere audacity? Well, if higher ups are watching, guiding, training, and grooming a previously unknown politician, he or she certainly can rise through the ranks to become president. And as you know, Mr. Obama was selected to play the POTUS role of White House mouthpiece in 2008, a mere four years after his 2004 DNC speech debut upon the world stage.

A few highlights of his rhetoric in 2004 include how his father got a scholarship "to study in a magical place, America,"; "John Kerry believes in America"; "I am my brother's keeper" (it's true, he is, and so am I); "E pluribus unum" (out of the many, one); "There is not a black America and white America and Latino America and Asian America: there's the United States of America" (which brought thunderous, elated applause, if memory serves); we have a "righteous wind at our backs" (debatable--more like the racketeering winds of war); and he provided a few descriptions of the kind of 'hope' he was talking about--one was: "It's the hope of slaves sitting around a fire singing freedom songs," a sentiment that remains all too true thanks to our corporate Global Government masters (for whom Senator Obama touted on that hot July night whether he knew it or not--such is the price of a presidency).

Yes, slaves to a rigged system are we...which is not to diminish the horrific enslavement of an entire race of people for the sake of financial gain and to prop up an ill-built economic system operated by pathological predators upon humanity.

Back in 2004, Mr. Obama intoned something which closely applies to Election 2016:

"This year, in this election, we are called to reaffirm our values and our commitments, to hold them against a hard reality and see how we are measuring up, to the legacy of our forbearers and the promise of future generations."

Full 2004 transcript of his speech.

A "hard reality" yes, especially since the September 1, 2016 19 North Solar Eclipse contains themes of realism and tackling the truth (Brady). Trouble is, the eclipse @9Vir21 is opposed by confusing, deceptive, fraudulent, speculating Neptune strong in its own sign of Pisces which can signify such potentials as pessimism, chaos, cravings, clouding of issues, and pathological tendencies. As you've noticed, pathological tendencies such as lying and fakery are regular topics on the Campaign 2016 trail and I have previously stated that on November 8th I must settle for Hillary Clinton's sober, more realistic Mercury-Saturn square rather than Donald Trump's fact-and-perspective distorting Mercury-Neptune square. Yet it's quite a non-choice they've given us, isn't it? Feels to me like in Campaign 2016, We the People are being pulled between fact and fiction like a bone between two old hounds! And both are kinda mangey...

Because both 2016 candidates are weighed down by heavy baggage from their pasts and are hindered by real and fake scandals their opponents harp on. And both engender anxious concerns over health and aging issues (Grandma vs Grandpa!)

Still, we have a current president sitting in the (Venusian) Oval Office while transit Venus in Sagittarius on November 8th will point toward a rival moving into the White House on January 20, 2017--which would be a candidate of the Republican Party--a 'stranger' or 'the other' or 'an outsider' such as the sign of Sagittarius prefers if the US presidential Venus Cycle holds true in November. Of course, election rigging and tampering can always result in a different victory than the people expect for we've seen such machinations before.

So yes, a few transits did activate future president Obama's natal planets as he gave the July 2004 DNC speech that catapulted him into our national consciousness (and more evidence may be found in his progressed and return charts, not covered here). Since we have a time stamp on the transcript, we know he began his speech at 11:09 pm edt with 21Aries47 rising in Boston and 11Cap19 at Midheaven. Therefore, The Goal (Capricorn) was apparently to gain control over the minds of the masses via the persuasive rhetoric for which he soon became known (YOD: Sun-NN = Pluto: inner preparation during underground years provides adaptability for a new level of power as all vulnerabilities are purged--Tierney). I'd say that his 'overnight sensation' image was all illusion and pretense with the support of 2004's Neptune @14AQ approaching natal Ascendant (18AQ03), plus 2004's Mercury, planet of speeches, orators, and voters, @2Virgo27 neared his natal Pluto (6Vir58) which denotes a time when plans and activities involve gaining more power.

Actually, orating Mercury that night was centered between Mr. Obama's natal 7th house Pluto-North Node conjunction (public contact with the masses; promoting propaganda) so let's close with the midpoint picture this cosmic circumstance created on that karmic night of rhetoric when Obama's political prowess was on major display:

Pluto-NN = Mercury: thinking big; hearing the grass grow; intellectual dominance (Tyl); ability to exercise a compelling and magnetically powerful influence upon the community at large (Ebertin); getting the right education; feeling shifts of power and taking advantage of them; conversing fluently with influential people (Munkasey).

One thing stands out to me when comparing and contrasting the 2004 Election with the one we suffer through now: there is no silvery tongue to beguile us this time. But there be plenty of forks.

Jul 9, 2016

Horoscope: NATO w/ July 9, 2016 Warsaw Summit Planets

Warsaw, Poland July 9, 2016 "Landmark" Summit of NATO countries: Putin Haunts Summit as Leaders See Threat on All Fronts, says Bloomberg News today. Projecting its own shadow upon Russia, NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization) once again demonstrates its inherent disposition as shown in the organization's natal horoscope of August 24, 1949 11:42 am EDT Washington DC when NATO was signed into force by President Truman:

Founded at a New Moon phase (Virgo Sun 6-degrees-45-minutes Virgo Moon, Saturn in Virgo), NATO can be described as a New Moon entity to which people, events, and conditions are symbols upon a visionary screen on which the organization projects its own shadow (Rudhyar). This tendency is supported by the Solar Eclipse Saros Series in which it was founded, the 5 North (see themes on chart, lower right). Disruptive Uranus is out-of-bounds and it's a Mars Hour; transit Mercury, planet of treaties and signings, has just hit US natal Neptune, distorting facts and figures, and confusing issues.

So today, as warmongering 'world leaders' heat up their rhetoric of aggression and send NATO (and other?) troops nearer Russia in order to provoke an ill-advised confrontation that may spiral into World War III (as planned--the power elite's set is incomplete with only I and II), I am posting the NATO natal horoscope for future reference. If you enlarge the chart image you can perhaps read my typically messy notes penned on and hopefully you can see Harry Truman's natal planets (in blue), plus, today's planets (in red) entered around the chart. Note that when President Truman created NATO, transit Uranus, planet of revolution, had conjoined US natal Venus in Cancer and Truman's Venus for they are conjunct @3Cancer. This is penned on as: unusual or unexpected alliances.

And with Scorpio rising, Mars is chart-ruler (Pluto is sub-ruler) from within the 9th house of Foreign Lands so we look to the applying aspects of Mars for hints of how things will proceed for this, another example of a new world order project. Only one major (Ptolemaic) aspect is made by warrior Mars and that's an opposition to Jupiter (1A57), marking the organization as an inflationary entity that assumes (or allows others to assume) that it is capable of greater achievements than it is. Actions tend to go too far too fast so that control isn't possible in spite of any grandstanding or bravado. Unpleasant outcomes are usually the expected result especially since Mars is in Moon-ruled Cancer.

This denotes that the forces of NATO don't have a lot of perseverance or self-control and actions tend to be impulsive or rash with instincts in the lead rather than following well thought out plans. Such tendencies may have improved over the decades but that is what its natal chart tells me.

Now I checked NATO's progressions and Solar Arc charts for today but don't have time now to type about them though I wish to close with one Angular contact to the natal chart--NATO's Solar Arc Chiron today sits upon its natal IC @8AQ27 and the emphasized Sabian Symbol with its political flavor may give us clues about the current troop build-up and threats of aggression that NATO is being used for in order to bully Russia's Putin (not that he doesn't deserve it--I don't know if he does or doesn't--but that's NATO and Washington propaganda in the article linked above):

"9 Aquarius": "A Flag Is Seen Turning into an Eagle"...'Keynote: The dynamic incorporation of new social values in individuals who exemplify the spiritual potential and greatest significance of these values. We have here the ACTING OUT of the vision' (Rudhyar).

To this symbol Marc Edmund Jones adds a keyword: DRAMATIZATION, with a negative expression of: vindictive pride.

And projecting shadows or not, both sides can rightly own up to that.

Cited: An Astrological Mandala, Dane Rudhyar; The Sabian Symbols in Astrology, Dr. Marc Edmund Jones.

Data: Freemason Harry S. Truman May 8, 1884 4:00 pm CST Lamar, MO ('Lamar' = the Mars!); ASC 10Libra30; Sun 18Tau39; Moon 4Sco59 gave him a ruthless desire for power and fixed prejudices (Harveys).

May 2, 2016

Bernie Sanders Takes On Democratic Party - Mike Malloy video

Here is a brief excerpt from a Mike Malloy broadcast concerning 2016 candidate Bernie Sanders and the Democratic Party:

In my files are two possible natal horoscopes for the Democratic Party. The chart you see here is set for February 17, 1801 (NS) 1:00 pm LMT Washington DC during Thomas Jefferson's presidency and I'm told that its pedigree is established via the Papers of Thomas Jefferson:

Another earlier version is the chart I have most often worked with which is set for May 13, 1792 (NS) 12:00 pm LMT Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The 1792 Moon (We the People) conjoins our 1776 Moon in late Aquarius, an interesting synchronicity. You may find the 1792 chart and more details by visiting Neptune Cafe.

Jan 22, 2016

Transformational Astrology: Full Moon Jan 23, 2016 - Henry Seltzer

January 22, 2016: Here is an insightful report from Henry Seltzer, author of The Tenth Planet (Eris), concerning tomorrow's Full Moon @3Leo29 (spotlighting President Obama's natal Mercury), plus, more cosmic occurrences of note including asteroids, and a few words about the natal chart and early passing of David Bowie:

Be sure to visit AstroGraph where you'll find the excellent TimePassages software and apps (including mobile!)

Aug 3, 2015

Delving into the Mysteries you are?

Here are links to three online resources for those who are delving or wish to delve into what may be called, the Mysteries, or the Occult, in relation to Politics and the establishment of a new order that is now in progress of creating global chaos so that the Novus Ordo Seclorum of 1776 can be replaced with a more stringent model as the 'New Millennium' proceeds.

As for Political Astrology and timing of such issues, you may remember that the last US presidential election of 2012 occurred under the auspices of a Saturn-Uranus opposition which describes the status quo old order (Saturn) in a stand-off with the new order represented by disruptive Uranus--and conflict ensues, as we see. Of course, their recent opposition issues from the last (and current) Great Conjunction/s of Saturn and Uranus which perfected three times in 1988 in the 27-30 degree range of Sagittarius with deceptive Neptune soon chiming in for a triple conjunction (1989) not seen since the 15th century:

Secret Societies and Subversive Movements by Nesta H. Webster, the ancient history of George Washington's family, and A Cosmic History of the Illuminati.

Another great resource for unusual topics is The 'X' Zone Radio-TV Show with host Rob McConnell broadcasting from Canada. Yours truly is scheduled to be interviewed by Rob this Thursday August 6, 2015 at 10:00 pm EDT so I hope you'll tune in Thursday or catch a podcast at your convenience!

May 22, 2015

Still No Justice months after Tamir Rice was murdered by Cleveland Police - video

'Delayed Justice' Reflects America's Retrograde Mars

All violent tragedies and abuses of justice are tremendously saddening but the outrageous victimization of a 12-year-old boy at play is especially difficult for my Pisces Moon and brings up multiple feelings about how America's natal Mars in Gemini--the sign of young people--turned retrograde in Libra in 2006 and will remain so for decades--80 years in total. So far, the distorted, regressive condition of US Mars is very plainly seen through events and in what news broadcasts choose to show us.

For among other things, Mars rules such people as police officers, soldiers, and males in general between the ages of 25 and 35, give or take a year or two. So astrological Mars, planet of energy, action, and motivation is now retrograde (Rx) in the US chart and collective psyche and turns its energy which is often testosterone-laden and aggressive--inward and against the American people in a myriad of ways on the physical plane when we should be re-viewing past (Rx) actions and motivations (Mars) in order to repair and improve our society rather than using regressive methods to act out fantasies and delusions of racial superiority.

And if we simply accept the primal violence (Pluto-Chiron) favored and employed by plutocrats and bureaucrats (who imagine themselves 'above' us), We the People will one day be repentant that we didn't bother to repair such conditions before the ill effects of the ruling class' oppressive tendencies became even more widespread as the 'police state' became bolder.

That's one American's opinion, at least.

May 20, 2015

Hexagon: a New Astrology Magazine Debuts, August 2015!

Good news for astrologers and for those merely curious about the cosmic art: on August 19, 2015, Hexagon, a fresh, cutting edge astrology magazine concerning contemporary topics will be released. Tap or click for details about this exciting effort, the first new astrology magazine to debut in decades.

And please consider supporting Hexagon via Kickstarter or subscribe as you wish!

Now admittedly my focus these last several years has been on Political Astrology, especially that of Washington DC, so finding that one of the topics of Hexagon's first issue will be the Astrology of the NSA gives me reason to look forward to broiling August which is typically my least favorite month of the year (due to the extreme temperatures here in Georgia...can you blame me?)

So tonight from East Coast to West, I happily send out harmonic vibes and best wishes for success to the writers, artists, and publishers of Astrology's newest star, Hexagon magazine!

May 14, 2015

A Southerner Ponders American Progress and Mercury-Neptune

On April 12, 2011, the 150th anniversary of the Civil War, I published a few astrological details and my thoughts on America's Civil War horoscope and included links to a few articles and sources which may interest you. Information on the reasons for the waging of the horrific war (1861--1865) are mentioned in the post for those who agree that "war is a racket" (said General Smedley Butler) and who know, or wish to know, something about the 19th-century fight against the establishment of an American central bank which we now call the "Federal Reserve Bank" or System.

In hindsight, reasons for and results of the "Civil" War (or, War Between the States) may be considered quite differently in 2015 than they were at the time for those who were emotionally, ideologically, socially, physically, and economically involved in the proceedings of the era. The thrill, excitement, 'glamour', rapturous imaginings, and Mercurial-Neptunian irrationality of the idealistic fellows who eagerly enlisted in a major effort meant to protect the Southern way of life and its regressive, cruel economic model--primarily Southerners, I'm thinking of here being one myself and typing at you from the 13th Colony of Georgia--well, it was all a tragic exercise in self-deception and a case of being masterfully manipulated, duped, exploited, harmed, and used as rich men's pawns. A clue is found in the Civil War natal horoscope via the planetary midpoint which was precisely rising when the First Shot Was Fired at Fort Sumter Charleston, SC, on April 12, 1861 at 4:30 am LMT (according to historic record).

It was the Mercury-Neptune pair conjoining a Pisces Ascendant at that particular location and moment in time. And naturally, the Virgo-Pisces polarity is the victim-savior axis of martyrdom with Pisces one of the signs of war. Perhaps the implied confusion and potential for deception of the Two Fishes swimming up to the heights or down to the depths relate in part to military generals who are born under the sign of Pisces--Jupiter the General with Jupiter the traditional ruler of Pisces, Neptune the higher octave planet.

Mercury-Neptune = Ascendant: mistaken perceptions...

Now Mercury-Neptune combines energies of the planet of thinking, planning, communication, travel, tricksterism, commerce, and trade (the South's ability to trade its wares such as cotton with other countries was also at stake) with gaseous Neptune, planet of high inspiration (from a Divine Source--or Mystical Realms), delirium, fraud, deceit, falsehood, slander, scandal...well, you know the list of negatives for the archetypal king of oceans. Unconscious motivations, gut reactions, deluded ideals, confusion, hypnosis, the masses, and the media also come under the province of nebulous Neptune. To me, 'laying oneself open to the influence of others' (Ebertin) denotes the almost hypnotic persuasion practiced during the lead up to a war that caused brother to fight brother to the death and cousins to meet on battlefields too bloody to describe. Suggestible are those who believe what they want to believe for we must first deceive ourselves before others can fool us.

Astrological Mercury also rules youths as were many of the combatants with Neptune bringing the infections and diseases that account for most of the soldiers' deaths. This includes some of my kith and kin with "died from disease" being a somewhat typical description of a soldier's demise (2 out of 3), on both the maternal if not the paternal side of my family. Yet no, yours truly is not a secessionist! My preference is for our nation to progress, not regress into the past, to unify with a spirit of democracy, not split or be forced to join a totalitarian clump of misery and serfdom that threatens to regress populations across the globe into a system of slavery under military boot.

So, dear reader, you may as well know that this is why recent thoughts of the Civil War inspired this post tonight: the genealogy research I'm doing now along with what has become America's tragic condition of Perpetual War at the purposeful direction of international financiers, depraved pocket-lining politicians, and other satanic psychopaths who enable and engineer the ruination of the country my (and perhaps your) ancestors gave their lives for, confused as they may have been under the influence of war propaganda.

For no matter which side our Revolutionary and Civil War soldiers fought on, I have the definite feeling that they never saw their extreme sacrifices and those of their family members ending up trashed and all but forgotten underneath the high-flying and immoral Pentagon's 'Death Star' war plans for world conquest; nor did they envision subsequent US presidents selling out the American people as they have done like robots parroting their overlords' commands.

#CivilWar #InternationalFinanciers #GlobalGovernance #Astrology

May 12, 2015

US Tax Payers Subsidizing Fossil Fuel Companies!

#Oil #Gas #FuelIndustry #subsidies #UStaxpayers are #chumps #BobbyJindal #payola #ThomHartmann #TheGuardian

Shhhh! Neptune at Work

The financial exploitation of US taxpayers by the power elite that Thom spotlights from The Guardian reminds me that oily, gaseous Neptune is having a sneaky, slippery old time wafting its way through its own sign of Pisces and I suppose the current Spring Equinox Solar Eclipse from March 20, 2015 @29Pisces is stirring up the silt at the bottom of the pond with news reports of weasely fraud and graft (more words from Neptune's realm of deception.)

Plus, as you know, eclipses have a wild card of the Universe reputation for Uranian disruption and unpredictable surprises including the uncovering or leaking of dirty secrets or other details that certain fraudsters, crooks, and bad actors would prefer to keep concealed. Yes, this includes enabling politicians such as Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal. Now this is where I type, peep-eye!

May 10, 2015

Horoscopes: New Moon May 18 and Full Moon June 2, 2015

A Partial Consideration of the Lunations of May 18 and June 2, 2015 with Horoscopes Set for Washington DC

by Jude Cowell

New and Full Moons may have similar effects as Solar and Lunar Eclipses especially when manifesting on sensitive degrees. Therefore, let's take a look at those of May 18 and June 2, 2015 in relation to current societal issues. On May 18 a New Moon manifests in Venus-ruled Taurus (26:55) with the Jupiter-Neptune midpoint--the speculator-wastrel-grand-spirit pair of inflation, big schemes, and/or over-promising--conjoining the lunation amidst the stars of the constellation Pleiades. The Pleiades in late Taurus includes one of the more difficult stars in the heavens: Algol, a demon star of rage and destruction which is stimulated by May's New Moon. At the Full Moon of June 2 we find Alcyone angular instead and the input of such stars knits together the months of May and June 2015 and points toward America's ill-advised involvement in the Middle East being on the agenda.

Here are the May 18 New Moon chart and the June 2 Full Moon chart; both horoscopes are set for Washington DC as is my typical practice here on SO'W:

New Moon @26Tau55 May 18, 2015 12:13:11 am EDT Washington DC; Hour of Mercury (Stationary in 5th house); ASC 21Cap17; MC 14Sco15 conjunct the Full Moon of May 3/4, 2015 @13Sco22 which is the Syzygy Moon of this chart. Mercury retrogrades back to 4Gem35 stationing Direct on June 11 and conjoins this New Moon's Mars (4Gem16) denoting energized thinking and planning, thoughts turning into action, and quickly flowing streams of ideas and information. Of course, you know that New Moons time new cycles of activity and projects though there may be a few shady actions perpetrated during the 3-day lead-up when Luna is darkest.

Please enlarge the images to read a few notes penned messily about the charts such as a friendly Mutual Reception between the exalted-in-Taurus Moon and planet Venus in Moon-ruled Cancer at the New Moon. A Water Grand Trine of sorts (if we include the MC with Osiris upon it) is highlighted with a Venus-Neptune trine from 2nd to 6th house denoting much creative talent expressed at the Career Point (MC) yet with an idealism and vision that inspires trust in others. However, the Venus-Neptune pair also has a hidden side such as the practice of goddess worship (exs: the Catholic Church, the Babylonian Mysteries, New Age 'World Mother' Isis stuff, etc) and/or a reliance upon romantic fantasy, magic, or illusion.

In the realms of Business and Politics, Venus-Neptune can represent an inflated treasury (supported by fraudulent Neptune in 2nd house of the National Treasury and in its own murky sign, and Venus in the house of service such as Civil Service, military forces, and police. At 11Can06, evaluating Venus trods among America's natal Venus, Jupiter, and Sun and at the "A Chinese Woman Nursing a Baby with a Message" degree in Sabian Symbols; plus, using inflation as a way to manipulate growth, wealth derived from oil, gas, or chemicals, internal resources that are misstated or exaggerated; scandals over deceptive practices or misuse of the treasury, subversives gaining access to finances (which includes hackers, of course), spies within financial branches, monetary fraud, and crimes involving art deception.

Yes, trines (120 degrees) can provide a slippery slope for all manner of activities to easily manifest, whether positive or negative. Let us hope that this particular Venus-Neptune trine brings positive results in banking or otherwise.

So there is Saturn-ruled Capricorn rising, sign of Business, Law, and Government, with manipulative Pluto @15Cap18 Rx just risen into the 12th house of Politics and Secret Deals; about 6 degrees below the horizon plods US natal Pluto (27:55) so we know that plutonian themes are particularly on the rise at the May 18 New Moon including the US natal Mercury-Pluto opposition of surveillance, spies, and propaganda. Scorpio is on the 10th house cusp indicating some notice by the public being taken of plutonic issues which must include nuclear considerations as well. In addition, Saturn Rx @2Sag00 is posited in its natural 10th house so perhaps a 'fall from grace' by an authority figure (probably in relation to finances or government) may be on the calendar especially with Saturn @00Sag51 Rx conjunct the IC (Endings, Separations) in the June 2 Full Moon chart.

This 00 degree rejoined by restrictive Saturn hints at a military link ('1Sag' = "A Grand Army of the Republic Campfire") so the authority figure may be in relation to our military or somehow connected to a dictatorship. Of course, Saturn soon re-enters Scorpio, sign of Corporatism and Big Business, and at the May 18 New Moon, US natal Neptune and President Obama's natal Mars fall into the Scorpionic 8th house of the chart. Misguided actions on financial and corporate levels? If so, they may be revealed by the light of the June 2 Full Moon.

Other links to financial matters exist. The New Moon's 2/8 cusps of Money spotlight the degrees of America's Secondary Progressed (SP) Full Moon of December 2008 when our nation reached its limit (Crash of 2008) on the world stage with SP Moon @4Vir10 and SP Sun @4Pis10. You will remember that our National Treasury and many people's Pension funds were raided by the Bush-Cheney gang with a lot of help from Wall Street, the Fed, Goldman-Sachs and others, and enabled by the Obama White House. Plus, we find another chart factor knitting together the May and June lunations--North Node of Destiny in 8th house in the New Moon chart and 2nd house at the Full Moon as Money and Values intertwine.

As for We the People, one of the more difficult planetary pairs rises in DC at the New Moon giving a picture of potentials to interpret some of which relate nicely to 2016 candidates and public perceptions of their hot-air campaign promises and typical change-with-the-wind tactics:

Saturn-Neptune = ASC: noticing the false intentions or pretenses of others; inhibitions over corrections of long standing areas of disappointment; oppressive family circumstances; limitation of freedom. Also the secret/invisible (Neptune) government (Saturn) that shadows the politicians we see on TV is indicated. Plus, the Saturn-Neptune pair in Business and Politics contains interesting potentials: delusions among the real leadership; older programs which have no real purpose; policies that restrict spies (or whistle blowers?); inefficient use of expert advice ("I'm no scientist"?); mistaken religious leaders; leaders deceive about the exercise of control (in Texas? #JadeHelm15 ?!); exposure of deficient business practices (but seldom any prison time); respected persons involved in questionable enterprises; a leader capitulates; reliable equipment fails.

So chart-ruler Saturn opposes the New Moon (5A04) which gives a depressive yet determined flavor (Moon = the public, public trends and moods) and many challenges for leadership (Sun) as the lunation grows in light toward Full Moon status, a phase of awareness, fulfillment, culmination (of something begun around the time of this New Moon), but also of obstacles or inhibitions due to the opposition aspect with austere, conservative Saturn involved. The word 'stalemate' comes to mind.

On a lighter note, banker-politician-investor Jupiter @14Leo53 trines progressive Utopian Uranus (18Ari41) from the 7th house of Partnerships to the 3rd house of Communications hinting at breakthroughs (probably in scientific and/or technological fields), new discoveries, fortunate turns, an urge for freedom, and possible growth after periods of reform. Lest we become too giddy on the high-flying Jupiter-Uranus magic carpet, we note that civil war, unrest, and political conflict may be indicated as well though perhaps the protective nature of the trine will mitigate the negative nature of events if necessary. Along with scientists and researchers, organizers, inventors, adventurers, explorers, fortune hunters, and zealots with one-sided views are also implied by the Jupiter-Uranus combination of energies.

Now let's move on to the Full Moon chart of June 2, 2015 manifesting across the higher mind/lower mind 3/9 axis of Gemini-Sagittarius at 12:18:59 pm EDT; Moon @11Sag49 in 4th house opposite Sun @11Gem49 in 10th house; Hour of Saturn (Rx in 4th h conjunct IC 00Sag40, as noted above); fixed star Alcyone of the Pleiades conjoins Midheaven (MC), The Goal or Why? Point of any horoscope with its something to cry about--mystical but judgmental flavors. Also conjoining MC is the Solar Eclipse degree of May 20, 2012 hinting at returning themes of the 14 South Saros Series, details given below, yet including themes of the current Solar Eclipse Series (PE), the 17 South, which manifested at Spring Equinox on March 20, 2015 @29Pis27 and conjoined the 00:00 Aries Point of World Manifestation:

ASC 4Vir40, as noted above, is the position of the Sun in America's Progressed Full Moon chart of December 2008 (when a July 4, 1776 US natal chart is used); Hour of Saturn; chart-ruler Mercury (7Gem19 Rx in 10th house with Sun and Mars) makes one major applying aspect, an opposition to Saturn conjunct the IC (Domestic Scene; Real Estate) which spotlights the 4/10 Cancer-Capricorn axis of Security. Mercury opposing Saturn denotes strong opinions, shady deals and contracts (the TPP and other trade deals that are much more than they are purported to be?); professional troubles may also be indicated along with computing programming methods, delayed discussions or meetings, and treaties which are difficult to debate or negotiate.

Additionally, Mercury Rx @7Gem19 shows its ongoing conjunction to America's natal Uranus @8Gem55, our war indicator, which hints at potentials for labor coalitions or unions at work, reforms that cause transportation disruptions, propaganda used during emergencies, business groups that help initiate policies, those who care for numbers and data more than for people, riots or rebellion that begin because information concerning goals are not defined or well explained, breakthroughs in communications or info transmission (computers, the Internet, private systems), and/or increase or disruption in the distribution of financial, political, or societal newsletters or reports may occur.

Note that justification for the use of force will be found or invented (Mercury-Mars = Sun.)

Now unlike the New Moon, Saturn here only opposes Mercury and it's cloudy Neptune affecting the Full Moon (and Mercury) via a square aspect of blockages, obstacles, and hindrances. This forms a T-Square and a midpoint picture of Sun-Moon = Neptune, an image of discontentment, shared suffering, mistakes, disappointment, illusion and deception, self-torment, easy upsets, and a general lack of trust within partnerships and alliances. And if we take the Sun as leadership and the Moon as We the People, it's not a stretch too far to mention that political policies and events right now are marred by such feelings caused by duplicity, corruption, and an anti-sovereign attitude of government officials.

Yes, yours truly is enough of an Aquarian to believe that we're All One--in spirit. But the full implementation of a One World Government on the physical plane of existence is a totalitarian horse of a much different color, don't you think? And considering how the power elite class has poorly behaved in the past and currently--trampling our rights and stealing all the resources for themselves--how can We the 99% trust such villains with a massive undertaking like a 'new world order'? To quote the power elite:

"We shall have World Government whether or not we like it. The question is whether World Government will be achieved by conquest or consent." - FDR advisor J. P. Warburg (1896--1969), son of Paul Warburg, co-founder of the Federal Reserve Bank, during testimony before the US Senate Subcommittee of the Committee on Foreign Relations (CFR) concerning a Revision of the United Nations charter, dated February 17, 1950. Points of consideration included 'Universal Federation Required', 'Should We Let Russia Participate in the New Over-All Plan?', and 'World "Federation" or "Order"?'

Now if you fancy a stroll back to the days of Harry Truman you may wish to check out the anti-democracy information embedded within the full statement by James Warburg here.

Eclipse Themes of 14 South and 17 South

14 South Solar Eclipse @00Gem May 20, 2012 themes: success after long periods of hard work; an obsessive idea or method (viaMercury-Pluto content from the Initial 14S eclipse of August 29, 984 OS) is finally accepted, then Jupiterian success comes; long-awaited breakthroughs. The current 17 South Solar Eclipse @29Pis occurred on March 20, 2015 and contains themes of good news and sudden success in relationship matters or creative endeavors.

Eclipse themes paraphrased from Brady's Predictive Astrology; midpoint pictures inspired by Munkasey's Midpoints: Unleashing the Power of the Planets and Ebertin's The Combination of Stellar Influences.

May 7, 2015

US Patriot Act: section 215 should sunset at end of May 2015

Section 215 of the US Patriot Act will expire into the sunset if Congress neglects to reauthorize it by the end of May (2015). Opportunistically passed with knee-jerk votes in October 2001, this anti-democratic bill makes a mockery of America's tradition of honoring the right to privacy and should be either rescinded (Section 215 at the least) or sunsetted into oblivion as its sunset provision prudently allows.

The return of and respect for our Civil Liberties demands it. We the People should demand that the vacuuming up of all our personal communications stop now as well as ending the massive funding it takes to collect and store such records. The power elite *exploit and oppress us while using our tax monies to pay for it! That sort of underhanded scheme used to be called a criminal 'racket'.

Here's a previously published post concerning Surveillance America and our nation's spying Mercury-Pluto opposition of July 4, 1776 across the security-minded Cancer-Capricorn axis of control and ambition.


*Exploitation, oppression, primal violence, and most if not all of the isms such as Capitalism, Zionism, Communism, Marxism, Socialism, Bolshevikism, racism, Nationalism, patriotism, legalism, exceptionalism, etc received another astrological label once Chiron was sighted in November 1977 and subsequently studied for its meanings and effects. Along with power-mad, wealth-hoarding Pluto, primitive planet of the Underworld, the Chiron-Pluto pair describes all these concepts and practices in mundane charts all too well particularly when they are used as vehicles for harming and cheating others.

May 5, 2015

"Sociopathy on Parade" - Thom Hartmann discusses John Boehner

#ThomHartmann #JohnBoehner #Reagan #Politics #sociopaths #MTP

May 4, 2015: A caller to Thom Hartmann's program asks if the GOP's John Boehner knows he's lying during his recent appearance on Meet the Press. Thom replies and explains how the Republican Party went insane with the Reagan presidency and how their cognitive dissonance (hating the government vs wanting to control the government) made space for sociopaths to step in who don't mind lying especially since they don't view others as human beings.

If you feel empathy for other people and support America's social safety net programs, depend on them, or know someone who does you may wish to check out this video! And please consider such information carefully before voting for your next sociopath politician. It seems voters' old feeling of deciding between the "lesser of two evils" will only deepen with 2016 candidates. Yes, Senator Bernie Sanders will put important topics into the debate mix yet who would cooperate with him and his progressive policies if by a magical landslide he became president?

So when it comes to lying politicians, personally I'd call such people psychotically divorced from reality which makes it easy for anti-government, empathy-challenged politicians to ignore how their criminal actions affect the every day reality of the American people. And this includes corporate CEOs, Wall Street gentry, and international bankers...basically, the global crime syndicate and all those who support and enable its tentacles to oppress and disenfranchise--not that some of its members aren't intimidated with threats and blackmailed into doing its bidding with (the alleged fantasy of) "offers they can't refuse." The rest are simply bribed with powerful positions, fame, and fortune and ordered to follow 'the script'. Integrity comes cheap in politics.

Related: view Mr. Boehner's November 17, 1949 natal horoscope set for noon since no birth hour is known. In September 2010 I posted a few notes on the natal planets and aspects of John Boehner, a Moon-Neptune kind of boo-hooer. Perhaps the alcohol helps him numb his knowledge of the truth behind his lies.

You may also wish to revisit Matt Taibbi's 2011 article The Crying Shame of John Boehner, "the ulimate beltway hack," who became Minority Speaker in 2006 and Speaker of the House in January 2011.

Apt or not, here are 5 Famous Quotes of Note:

"Every man thinks God is on his side. The rich and powerful know he is." Jean Anouilh

"Idealism increases in direct proportion to one's distance from the problem." John Galsworthy

"Puritanism--the haunting fear that someone, somewhere, may be happy." H.L. Mencken

"As a people we have developed a life-style that is draining the earth of its priceless and irreplaceable resources without regard for the future of our children and people all around the world." Margaret Mead

"The real lost souls don't wear their hair long and play guitars. They have crew cuts, trained minds, sign on for research in biological warfare, and don't give their parents a moment's worry." J.B. Priestley

May 2, 2015

April 2015 Timeline: the arrest and death of Freddie Gray

Crisis of Confidence: Can Mars Rx Protect and Serve Americans?

A timeline provided by the Baltimore Sun tells yet another tragic American tale of undue force or negligence by police officers against our citizens. After "making eye contact" Baltimore, Maryland's Freddie Gray (born 1990) ran from police officers beginning at 8:39 am edt on April 12, 2015, was arrested at 8:40 am and transported in a police wagon toward Central Booking (though he had done nothing illegal--he ran while black). Mr. Gray was ultimately taken to Shock Trauma arriving at 10:00 am where he remained until April 19, 2015 and where double surgeries were performed on his severed spinal cord. Mr. Gray continued in coma condition and succumbed to his injury or injuries expiring at approximately 7:00 am EDT on Sunday April 19, 2015.

Six Baltimore police officers involved have been charged in relation to Freddie Gray's arrest and subsequent fatality from injury while in police custody.

The police-state style tragedies that continue to 'make the news' have reminded me of America's natal Mars in Gemini (1776) turning retrograde @18 Libra in 2006, the exact date of the Rx station depending on which US natal horoscope is used. This uncomfortable, frustrated, distorted condition for active, energetic, forceful Mars has been problematic for our nation even before 2006 as policing Mars prepared to stop forward movement through the Zodiac and symbolically turn its energies inward--against the American people.

As you know, Mars is in detriment when in Libra for Libra is opposite Mars-ruled Aries across the Self-Other axis of Relationship; therefore, the action principle of Mars is somewhat limited by a need for cooperation from others which adds to the frustration of its Rx condition. Males between the ages of 25 and 35 (give or take a year) are represented by Mars as are police officers and men Freddie Gray, age 25, may also be described as being in varying states of frustration and limitation.

And so our citizens continue to suffer indignities, injuries, and untimely deaths such as the arrest and demise of Freddie Gray, the latest in-the-news victim of a police-related event. For with America engaged in perpetual war it seems to me a given that even without our national Mars Rx in Venus-ruled Libra we would be drenched with images and circumstances of violence, death, and mayhem as fiery Mars overhead reflects events and conditions below and the entertainment and gaming industries chime in with constantly more gory, depraved story lines. As the moral weakening of our population proceeds as planned, someone's gotta get those ratings and sales quotas!

Chart Angle Clues: The What, Where, How, and Why of Freddie Gray's Arrest

My sincere hope is that the family members of Freddie Gray won't mind if I discuss here a horoscope for April 12, 2015 at 8:40 am EDT Baltimore (Gray's arrest) for I would not wish to add to their pain in any motivation is to understand.

With that in mind, here are what I consider to be a few significant chart factors:

Rising we find Venus @1Gem01 with 4Gem02 on the Ascendant, and note that 3 Gemini is a critical degree, and is also "The Garden of the Tuileries" degree in Sabian Symbols which links to violence. Mars, signifying on one level police officers, is in stubborn, intolerant Taurus, sign of the neck and throat, and sadly we must note that Mr. Gray's spinal cord injury was in the neck area. Mars @8Tau43, Mercury @25Ari54 ("eye contact"), and the Sun @22Ari17 are all in the 12th house of secret enemies, karma, self-undoing, politics, and large institutions such as prisons. It has been reported that Freddie Gray had been arrested several times previously for possession (of drugs, one assumes) so a fear of incarceration would be an understandable motivation for running away from potential interrogation and arrest. That, and Baltimore's history of oppressive policing which in this case has been ruled an "illegal arrest".

Disruptive Uranus @16Ari47 has just left 12th house and entered its own Aquarian 11th house of Groups and Associations. Uranus in Mars-ruled Aries is the quite the zealous anarchist (Ebertin) and being oriental (last to rise just before the Sun) requires adventure, variety, freedom, and/or danger within the work environment (Tyl.) Also in 11th house are the South Node @9Ari55, a Saturnian point of separation, and wounded Chiron @19Pis22, unaspected and thus disconnected from the other actors (planets) in the chart which makes its energy undiluted.

In addition, if we allow a point rather than three planets in a pattern, there is a YOD (crisis; crossroad; turning point) between a Mars-Neptune sextile pointing toward NN @9Lib55 in the 5th house of Risk-Taking, Gambling, Creative Pursuits, Romance, and Children. Mars-Neptune hints at exploitation, harm, paralyzed activity (a severed spinal cord can do it as can illegal--Neptune--arrest--Mars), and/or possible drug use; with the NN of fated encounters we have potentials for negative attitudes, a weak will, or sense of suspicion. And of course, YODs tend to have health implications as well.

Ascendant = What? Now I know of the dark side of archetypal Venus, veins, venom, cravings, jealousy and all, but to see Venus in light-hearted Gemini rising made me feel sad at the image of a young man standing on a city street possibly engaging in social chatter with what may have been a lady friend--certainly a friend, acquaintance, or even a sibling--when suddenly fear arrives in the form of police officers intent on accosting him...for what? Having a legal-to-carry knife in his pocket (assuming it wasn't planted on him during the arrest--wonder if the knife--not a switchblade as some sources erroneously reported--is known to have been his)? Was something else on his person which would again get him in trouble? Was the presence of Venus more venal than a social chat--was sex solicitation involved? (I'm only typing out loud here with such questions.)

Starkly, there is restrictive, authoritative Saturn @4Sag15 Rx setting at the Descendant (Partnerships) and opposes rising Venus, an aspect which hints at financial hardship, miserly bosses, low-wage employment, a sense of duty in relationship, and/or relationship difficulties or separations. On a societal level, the ongoing Saturn-Neptune square continues its 'social responsibilities are burdens' routine of whining and we hear pundits and citizens assessing the ill effects of urban neighborhood blight and lack of economic opportunity for minorities and the poor and working classes while the murder of Freddie Gray once again spotlights such problems for all the world to see--as if the world hasn't already seen Americans being marginalized and oppressed by a growing Plutocracy class. Much is being made of the vast sums of money sent to city neighborhoods and their failing schools which makes me want to demand of our politicians where the money went--name and incarcerate the embezzlers, investigate the 'middle men', please!

Now if we look to the Why? Point of the April 12th chart, the Midheaven (MC), we see 11AQ19 there, Neptune @8Pis51 in the public 10th house, and two planetary midpoints conjunct MC which may help shed more light upon this saddening event being too often repeated in similar cases across the country. Yet actions and oppressive policies of certain police departments may finally be re-viewed in depth and re-calibrated with US Mars re-trograde. This would be a positive outcome, as you may agree, and We the People must continue to insist upon it.

Now the first midpoint at MC is between old order Saturn, the traditional ruler of Aquarius, and new order Uranus, what some call the modern ruler of the sign. (I call Uranus the higher octave of Saturn.) Therefore, two midpoint pictures are formed by Saturn-Uranus (rebellion, provocation, tension; curtailment of freedom or the fear of it; violent people) and the second midpoint, Neptune-Pluto (a speculative use of force, control of the masses, organized crime or criminal elements, drugs and the craving of them, whims, tricks, illusions, fraud, falsehoods, the supernatural, peculiarities, obsessions, presentiments, manias, grievous loss, concerns about death matters, self-torment) at MC.

Here are the planetary midpoint potentials when having the MC angle as an outlet for the expression of their combined energies and adding in planet Jupiter @12Leo36 (still at its Direct Station degree of April 8) in opposition and conjunct IC, the How? Point and indicator of Endings; how or to whom the potentials may or may not apply to I shall leave for you to consider:

Saturn-Uranus = MC: break away from the old; separating from others; making the highest demands upon one's strength; rebellion. Opposing Jupiter: the misfortune to get into difficulties; losses; damage to buildings (which came later); adaptation to every situation; a sudden turn in destiny...for everyone concerned.

Neptune-Pluto = MC: self-knowledge; mystical peculiarities; high spiritual aspirations; worldly revolutions; being noticed by others; adjusting personal ambitions; pushing ahead to make life better for those you care for. Opposing Jupiter adds: an increased need to find a better way to spend your life; improvement of your mental state by neglecting others; expanded desire to enjoy a better future; social or political pressure (arrest quotas?); religiousness; a peace-loving disposition (Venus in Gemini?); sectarians.

As for the Moon (physical body; moods and trends) in Saturn-ruled Capricorn, sign of law, business, and government--and ambition--we find Luna in 9th house @27Cap03, the precise degree of America's natal Pluto, planet of obsessive control, subversion, and assassination. The Moon-Pluto pair denotes such potentials as emotional upheavals and shock, the pursuit of selected objectives with fanatical zeal and their attainment without any regard for other people (police policies and arrest quotas?), impulsive actions, offended vanity or conceit, deep but one-sided feelings; encouragement of violence or crime; public feelings about crime; obsessions which bring misuse of available resources; conflicting feelings about using violence as a means of control; public relations, and more.

And of course, transit Pluto now plods through Capricorn, breaking down systems of law, government, and business, toppling leaders and heads of state, and transforming societies as Mr. Underworld slowly returns to his original degree in America's natal horoscope (27Cap33). Yippee.

Now these are only the chart factors that 'popped out' at yours truly as I looked at the arrest horoscope and you are certain to find others and to disagree with my assessment. However, I shall attempt to sum up my What? (ASC), Where? (Desc), Why? (MC) and How? (IC) analysis of the illegal arrest of Mr. Freddie Gray, then add a sad note or two concerning his death based on a chart set for April 19, 2015 7:00 am EDT Baltimore, MD.

What? Venus in chatty Mercury-ruled Gemini rising: Freddie Gray arrested.

Where? Authority and law-imposing Saturn in Sagittarius, ruled by freedom-loving Jupiter = off to Central Booking in leg shackles...lock up!

Why? see Saturn-Uranus and Neptune-Pluto = MC, above.

How? by Jupiter in Leo, ruler of the 8th house of Death, opposing the above midpoints and denoting severe policies implemented and enforced for political and ideological reasons and which lead to family disruptions (4th house) and, in this case, the threat of loss of freedom, and death--by neglect or design--with an angular Jupiter expanding such tragic potentials.

By April 19, 2015, a hospitalized Freddie Gray had been through two surgeries to no avail. He lost his struggle at about 7:00 am on that date with 10Tau44 rising (neck and throat) along with Mercury @9Tau22 and Mars @13Tau46 snugged about the Ascendant. Mercury-Mars = crime and violence in the news, angry opinions expressed (on behalf of a victim unable to speak for himself--Mars severs, Mercury communicates and reports), involvement in lawsuits. Their combined energies at ASC = turbulent or stormy proceedings.

The 12th house Moon had left Capricorn and passed through Aquarius, Pisces, and Aries, joining Mercury and Mars in Taurus on that morning (8Tau13 conjunct 'arrest' Mars). The Sun is at a critical-crisis 29th degree of Aries as his vitality (Sun) ended having just passed the 28Ari25 lunation of April 18th at 2:57 pm EDT, a New Moon. Note that the 3-day lead-up prior to a New Moon is a darkened phase when shady or secluded things may occur, and endings and separations tend to happen as a new cycle of activity is about to begin. And note that a significant New Moon in a mundane chart can act in similar fashion to a disruptive Solar Eclipse--both are New Moons (Ovason).

Now since death horoscopes tend to have certain planets at angles of the chart, here we see malevolent Mars rising at the Ascendant in Taurus, the sign of throat and neck, along with the Taurean Moon, plus, a Taurean Mercury the Messenger in attendance as well. Notably, the 8th house of Death is ruled by Jupiter which is placed in the 4th house of End of Life and ruled by the Moon. Venus, formerly the rising planet, is now @9Gem04 conjunct the 2nd house cusp and asteroid Midas. Once again I shall leave it for you, dear reader, to decide the implications of such a placement in what seems to be the wrongful death of Mr. Freddie Gray.

May he Rest in Peace as others speak and act justly on his behalf. For, "Inasmuch as ye have done it unto the least of these, my brethren, ye did it unto Me." (Matt 25:40.)


Midpoints from Ebertin, Munkasey, and Tyl; all, some, or none may apply and are subject to future transits and progressions.