Jan 22, 2010

Jan 19, 2010 brought no 'Poe Toaster' to poet's grave

Well, how disappointing. Jan 19, 2010 came and went but no Poe Toaster turned up to honor the macabre poet and literary critic with cognac and roses as 'he' has done these decades long.

The mysterious visitor has been wafting to Poe's Baltimore graveside in the dead of night for 60 years - since Jan 19, 1949, in fact, but was a no-show this time, reports the Baltimore Sun. There was an apparent passing of the cognac glass a while back but the hoary Poe Toasting tradition now broken bodes ill for Mr. Poe still in repose.

However, no protest of a turning-over-in-his-grave nature has occurred, last I heard, and we may count this as a good thing in spite of our grave disappointment.

Previous posts concerning the life and death of Mr. Edgar Allan Poe are here and here and a big hearty Thank You goes to my friend Jilly Dybka, poet and poetry-news-gatherer, for tweeting this story from off her excellent and highly recommended Poetry Hut blog.

Good catch, Jilly! And hey, maybe there's been so much publicity directed at the Poe Toaster in recent years that a mysterious someone feared being unmasked, hmm?
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