Jan 21, 2010

For Americans nation-building begins elsewhere

Richard C. Cook has written an excellent if sobering article concerning the US economy and our nation's present condition, Nation-building should begin at home.

Unfortunately, at home we have nation-underminers with today's SCOTUS decision leading the wolf pack for the moment. And if we could just stop the Pentagon from breaking other nations perhaps we could concentrate on our own business.

Oh how simplistic am I!

Well, if you read Mr. Cook's article (or have read it already) I ask that you think longingly of America's Secondary Progressed Full Moon of December 24, 2008, a time when an entity or an individual has expanded as far as can be reasonably expected and it's time to reap rewards, not begin new projects. A culmination has been reached in a 28 - 30 year cycle and we see outcomes from the new starts and plans of 14 years earlier when seeds were planted.

(2008 minus 14 = 1994 which furrowed the Republican Party's 'Contract with America''s seeds, or as I think of it, Contract on America, which used some text from a Reagan speech to burnish it's hoped-for effect on we-the-people.

Now we see the Treasury-emptying financial results, and with Scott Brown's rout in Massachusetts, the GOP's hopes and plans for a replay of their congressional coup of 1994 is staring us brazenly in the face. Yet who can forget the interminable 8 years of fraud and torture under Bush-Cheney? Who?

Plus, you may wish to consider Ronald Reagan's signing of the Garn-St Germain Act: "I think we hit the jackpot," he beamed proudly - or as I tend to think of it: I knew it was you, Reagan. Fastfoward to Jan 2009 and it seems to me that Bush and crew 'hit the jackpot' as they skulked from the White House, our coffers decimated, financial system wrecked, bags of moola under their thieving arms.

Yes, a Secondary Full Moon is a time of harvest and can be a positive or negative period depending on what was planted - a peak has been achieved, the light is at its very brightest and must now soften slowly until the next New Moon begins the cycle again. Recognizing that this phase has arrived may be difficult at first to accept and the American personality ordinarily has much trouble in this department - we do like our new endeavors, don't we? Expansion, baby! We think we were born to expand, never contract. Now that would be an unnatural state of karma-avoidance.

Of course, Bush and his fellow thieves of Wall Street and Capitol Hill did enjoy the harvest planted in 1994, didn't they?

So I've been blogging (aka, fussing) at government for not seeming to recognize that our nation's peak has been reached - or at least, the plutocrats-in-charge have tried very hard not to clue us in on the true condition of things by pretending we can afford to escalate wars (even start new ones!) and by refusing to give up their practice of "capitalism as usual" in spite of all indications to the contrary. Lots of funny money has been printed by the Federal Reserve which is neither federal nor reserved.

However, the financial collapse of 2008 and the tsunami-like ripples it created have made the culminating peak of our Secondary Progressed Full Moon more difficult to hide even for our master propagandists. Even citizens who prefer to pretend that 'Politics' doesn't exist because they'd rather think of other things, have been forced to pay attention to the self-destructive road we tread when common sense says we should be 'regrouping to plan anew' (to paraphrase the venerable I Ching) rather than expanding against the 28/30-year natural cycle of our Secondary Full Moon. Stubborn will or irrational will? A bunch of both, I think.

And the fact that our Sec Full Moon occurred on the Virgo/Pisces victim/savior axis has only better described the current haves vs have-nots stand-off of obscenely huge executive pay bonuses, corporate welfare bailouts, big banks tossing people out on the streets to do what with yet another empty house, millions of people unemployed, and the general inequalities and ills within our society.


Tonight my heart was wrenched by a report on NPR about the US bail bond system and how most people in jail now are there because they can't make bond - even $50 or $100 bails. Some areas of the country are worse than others, but the system supports the incomes of bail bondsmen while taxpayers foot the bill for those who must sit inside for months or up to a year. And we're not talking violent criminals here...we may be talking about your or my neighbor whose life may now be ruined and whose job is now lost because he couldn't scare up $100. The toll on families is immeasurable: even the lowest wage earner is needed in the home!

So here's our formerly great America. Land of the spree, home of the grave?

Then an activist-court SCOTUS decides to supply more 'evidence' that corporations are people, too, and after hearing of their decision upturning the campaign finance law (inadequate though it was), I fret today even more than yesterday for the future of our handicapped-from-within America that was, is, and will continue to be, my only nag in the race.


Jed said...

Hello Ms Jude!

I heard the same report on NPR this afternoon. Sadly, it sounded to me as only yet another example of good ol' business as usual. We [astrologers] may already well know how dire the world situation is simply from doing our work, but constantly hearing these frustrating corruption-related news stories is really starting to on my already-bleak Capricornian outlook. Not to say that i in any way appreciate puff pieces either. Either way, as always i appreciate your work.


jude cowell said...

Thank you, Jed. Business crookery as usual, agreed.

The US prison and court systems are tattered and begging for (improving) reforms yet i think building more prisons is their only plan. Pardon my French but it sux.