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Jan 22, 2010

Asteroid archetypes and the financial criminals they describe

Many astrologers combine asteroids and their mythological archetypes within their planetary work for delving more deeply into events and personalities, and the study of criminal personalities can be an intriguing branch of the ancient art.

One such master in this department is Mark Andrew Holmes whose Financial Criminals: Asteroid Analysis is now published at Modern Astrology. Chart details of financial culprits and crooks are provided and include asteroid analyses on Bernard Madoff, Jeffrey Skilling, and several others.

Asteroid meanings are a fine-tuned way of delineating a subject or event so check out Mark's article for further - and deeper - information on asteroid archtypes.

You may even discover that an asteroid archetype previously unknown to you can describe a facet of your own personality...on an up-and-up level, of course!

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