Apr 7, 2010

April is Confederate History Month, I do declare!

It's 7 days into April and I just found out what the month signifies in this region of the country.

Yes, southern states tend to declare April as Confederate History Month and the one I type in, Georgia, took up this particular Confederate gauntlet in 2009.

The goal of this controversial declaration is to put a spotlight on history and now the state of Virginia (where a gaggle of my ancestors hailed from before they migrated to Georgia, some of them pre-Revolutionary War due in part to tobacco growing ruining Virginia's soil - the rest may have been pioneering wanderlust or perhaps simple contrariness) is in the spotlight for choosing to remember our warring history...ad infinitum, it would seem.

So please, let us remember our ancestors who fought so bravely, but let's not fight the war all over again!

Turner Simmons
died April 1862
Goldsboro, NC

and other family members who here shall not be named.

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