Apr 6, 2010

Does the US need a 3rd political party?

Some people think our political butterfly would benefit from an additional third wing. Yes, it's been tried before but with little, if any, success. Is it time to add to the melee of political pollination? After all, this blog continually asserts that America has only One Party - and it's Them vs Us, Power Elite vs the Little Gal and Guy - the Class Warfare of Pluto/Chiron with dire consequences and disenfranchisement for all but the 'well connected'.

It's resource-hoarding Population Control writ large!

With the dissolution of America now underway so 'big time' that even your Aunt Granny Fanny can't deny it, creation of a third party seems ill-timed to me and more than a little late - unless we-the-people throw out the R and D bums and start over with a Common Good Party! (Where do I sign?)

Of course, (so suspicious an astrologer am I) it's possible that the drive to promote a third political party is merely one of the steps to further undermine our political system and thus collapse the US government in preparation for the chaos that one-world-government types insist upon for ushering in a 'New World Order'!


From Marc Edmund Jones:

'24 Libra' = "A Third Wing on the Left Side of a Butterfly"...


pos: an idealistic originality and a high facility in quick analysis;

neg/unconscious/shadow side: an interest in the worthless or an obsession with the improbable and ridiculous.

Dane Rudhyar gives the Keynote for '24Lib' as: "The ability to develop, for inner strengthening, new modes of response to basic life situations."

That last sounds good yet some might say we already have the improbable and ridiculous, no more, thanks. Or that creating a third political party is an improbable and ridiculous idea especially on 'the left'.

So how about 'the right'?

'25 Aquarius' = "A Butterfly with the Right Wing More Perfectly Formed"...


pos: a genius for turning deficiency into a real asset;

neg/unconc/shadow side: unhappy and rebellious conceit.

Rudhyar's Keynote for '25AQ' (near the degree where the speculator pair, Jupiter and Neptune, met three times in 2009 @26AQ+ conjunct US natal Moon, and precisely on Dec 21, 2009 @ 24AQ18):

"The capacity to develop the rational and fully conscious aspect of the mind ahead of normal evolution."

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Twilight said...

Third parties don't seem to work very often when a country has been stuck with just two big parties for any length of time. "Liberals" in Britain were always trailing so far behind Labour and Conservative that I wondered why they bothered. But their members did add something to debate.

I'd like nothing better than to see a socialist-type party start to grow (not using the "s" word though - it'd frighten the horses!)

Corporations are in power, whichever way we vote - that's the awful truth. If the money could be extracted from elections - then we might have a ghost of a chance, and so might a third party.

Maybe Uranus will come to the aid of the party. ;-)