May 23, 2010

BP-Gulf oil spill Art Film Short: a fish's plea

Yes, this is a quite different sort of post for Stars Over Washington but not if you consider that I've blogged here previously on the Deepwater Horizon 'blowout' (or whatever you prefer to call it) - so now the 'characters' from my Dreamyfish Art collection of botanical fish drawings of Southern Australia are airing their deepest feelings about the Gulf Coast inhabitants being directly in the line of fire of sticky Neptunian oil glops and damaging detergents.

After slathering the globe with chem-laden plastics in all forms, shapes, and colors for decades, the industrial sector of the US has now gashed Earth's belly (if you look at the Gulf of Mexico as a bowl) and they did it where the Sun never shines and no one can get to it, even our best submarines.

Turns out, Science's brilliant young robots can be pretty clumsy when working on their own in a hostile environment so far beneath the sea. Who knew?

Well, please do check out my '8mm film' if you dare. And since BP is going to toss a bit of everything at the problem including golf balls and old tires (and maybe Donald Trump's hair) I daresay throwing in a smidgen of Art can't hurt.

And my wish is that it might make you feel a little better.



Fish Art For Accountability!
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