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Jun 16, 2010

BP's cost-cutting = Jupiter/Pluto square?

Today, while looking again at the horoscope of last evening's Presidential address from the (Venusian) Oval Office concerning the BP-Gulf Oil fiasco and US 'energy options', I made a few interesting notes on the Jupiter/Pluto square, an aspect that was not within orb on the evening of the catastrophe, April 20, 2010, but was last evening.

And given the fact that Jupiter and Pluto are mythological 'brothers' and together their energies indicate people who organize large-scale projects, plutocrats, squanderers, speculators, and economics professors (Ebertin), I took a closer peek at the Jupiter/Pluto square and was intrigued by how much the aspect's details sound like BP's way of doing business by dangerous cost-cutting.

Without getting into the multi-national corporation's record of bad decisions that have caused accidents, blowouts, and explosions, let's consider one good example which we and the inhabitants of the Gulf Coast are suffering from now:

On the Deepwater Horizon oil rig platform the morning of April 20, 2010, @ 7:00 am cdt, BP canceled a recommended cement bond test which would have taken 9 - 12 hours to complete and $128,000. By canceling the test, they would pay $10,000 and then move on since they were antsy to do so. See Wiki's Timeline of Events.

Now as you know, Jupiter and Pluto shared a Great Conjunction on December 11, 2007 @ 28Sag24 when the Great Cosmic Clock reset and once again began to time their collaboration in their approximately 13-year cycle. We are now experiencing their first square in that very cycle which is the stage of 'crisis in action' (which the after-effects and clean-up of the Deepwater Horizon blowout certainly are.)

I might also remind myself that their plutocratic meeting on Dec 11, 2007 was the day of a meeting of the Fed when interest rates were lowered, and we know from later financial analysis that Dec 2007 marks the official beginning of the current recession in the US. That big bankers (Jup) and secret manipulators in control (Plu) are culpable for the economic downturn now bedeviling the globe is well-accepted by me; disagree if you must though I can't imagine why you would.

So what is it about a Jupiter/Pluto square that echoes BP's cost-cutting business tactics in pursuit of overflowing coffers of gold?

For one thing, a square (90 degrees) between the two titans indicates rebellion against existing codes of ethics which challenges authority in its efforts to find easier ways to realize goals! At some point it becomes a great problem to continue to expect huge returns from little or no investment; burdens are exaggerated in order to justify an unwillingness to accept responsibility.

There is a tendency to be misguided when approaching questionable enterprises and the assistance of others cannot be relied upon too heavily when trouble knocks; there is also a tendency to over-extend in the realm of credit due to the assumption that money will somehow be found when the piper presents his bill.

Large-scale enterprises which affect many people are favored because substantial returns are likely; wheeling and dealing is the name of the game as a fate-tempting tight rope is walked, and risky schemes bring legal difficulties. Other interests of entities (or people: Dick Cheney and Zbigniew Brzezenski have Jup/Plu squares in their natal charts) with this aspect are money-lending, political maneuvering, and professional gambling; actually, any big-payday activity that unscrupulously exploits others may be of interest to the greedy brothers, Jupiter and Pluto.

However, sometimes the exploitation boot turns up on the other foot for a certain amount of short-changing of oneself comes into the rule-breaking picture as one's frailties and shortcomings are not recognized and dealt with in the mad rush to gather additional wealth through fevered attempts to satisfy an unquenchable thirst for more more more.

Plus, Jupiter/Pluto square folk have difficulty learning from their mistakes so we may only hope that that isn't the case for BP with this, the largest environmental disaster in US history.

After President Obama met with BP reps this morning, it is being reported that BP agreed to set up an escrow account or fund to guarantee pay-outs to Gulf Coast victims. But hey, BP 'saved' $118,000 by canceling the cement bond test on April 20.

Now I'm no gambler but I'll wager they wish they hadn't. Applying these expensive lessons to their next oil drilling enterprise will be a test of BP's intelligence.

May 28, 2010

US Taxpayers to Bailout BP? Sign the petition!

A chance to sign a petition directed to the US Senate has arrived in my Inbox this morning from Fire Dog Lake - to hold BP completely accountable for the damage done to the Gulf Coast.

Please sign the petition before Congress gets its chance to lay the financial burden for oil damages on the backs of over-strapped US taxpayers.

You know, it seems to me that Washington and its corporate bosses are having to work awfully hard to totally destroy this nation. Does it ever seem that way to you?

May 23, 2010

BP-Gulf oil spill Art Film Short: a fish's plea

Yes, this is a quite different sort of post for Stars Over Washington but not if you consider that I've blogged here previously on the Deepwater Horizon 'blowout' (or whatever you prefer to call it) - so now the 'characters' from my Dreamyfish Art collection of botanical fish drawings of Southern Australia are airing their deepest feelings about the Gulf Coast inhabitants being directly in the line of fire of sticky Neptunian oil glops and damaging detergents.

After slathering the globe with chem-laden plastics in all forms, shapes, and colors for decades, the industrial sector of the US has now gashed Earth's belly (if you look at the Gulf of Mexico as a bowl) and they did it where the Sun never shines and no one can get to it, even our best submarines.

Turns out, Science's brilliant young robots can be pretty clumsy when working on their own in a hostile environment so far beneath the sea. Who knew?

Well, please do check out my '8mm film' if you dare. And since BP is going to toss a bit of everything at the problem including golf balls and old tires (and maybe Donald Trump's hair) I daresay throwing in a smidgen of Art can't hurt.

And my wish is that it might make you feel a little better.



Fish Art For Accountability!

May 13, 2010

Housing is a Human Right! Neptune to US Moon

Taking Back Homes from the Banks

By Bill Quigley

Organizations across the US are engaging in "housing liberation" and "housing defense" to exercise their human rights to housing.

Here are a few examples.#


Mr. Quigley's article concerning various US cities moving people into bank-foreclosed housing reminded me of the upcoming July 11, 2010 Solar Eclipse in Cancer, sign of home, housing, real estate, domestic scene, business, and security.

In DC, the July 11 Eclipse occurs in the 8th house of Credit, Debt, Banking, and large amounts of money, and the Eclipse is in the same Series as America's Pre-Natal Eclipse @ 00Pis33 (12S, Feb 19, 1776), the position of transiting Chiron now.

Click the Eclipse link to view the July 11, 2010 chart with details.

The idea of making use of empty houses for those who need shelter is something I had not considered when I wrote of the dissolving effects of the current Neptune-to-US Moon transit, with mundane Moon representing The People; Neptune = dissolving, deceptive, and fraudulent forces (including the media; on other levels: oil, gas, water, ideals, the Divine Source, etc.)

And the Deepwater Horizon oil platform?

Neptune as deepwater also relates to the April 20, 2010 'blowout' in the Gulf of Mexico as a water catastrophe in the homeland (Moon), and Jupiter in Pisces (sign of the sea) describes the expansive 'blowout' since Jupiter broadens 'horizens'.

So depending on which US natal chart you use (n Moon 18 - 28 AQ), Neptune-to-US-Moon has been affecting us for some time with its sense of rootlessness and of being robbed. What I've written previously concerned the phenomenon of people leaving the keys in the mailbox and walking away from their upside down mortgages, and foreclosures (loss of home.)

Adding to the picture of despair and loss has been the recent transit of restrictive Saturn's grim reality to US natal Neptune 22Vi25 (hopes, dreams, illusions) with both planets bringing their own sort of loss and sadness.

My point today is that the movements across the country (as mentioned in Mr. Quigley's article) to set up the unsheltered among us in sitting-empty houses sounds to me like a great way to 'use' these difficult transits and make lemon out of lemonade. Empty houses do no good in any neighborhood, do they?

For after all, Housing is a Human Right!

And if besting our greedy, deceitful banks should occur simultaneously, then 'housing liberation' is an excellent and useful solution on behalf of we-the-people as it positively expresses that housing (Moon) is a basic human right which is a noble Neptunian ideal!