Jul 31, 2010

Chelsea Clinton weds Marc Mezvinsky 7.31.10

This is just a brief heads-up in case you're interested in the Wedding Day Astrology Report of Chelsea Clinton and Marc Mezvinsky who are tying the nuptial knot this very evening in upstate New York, it is reported.

The pair are marrying under a Fire-Fire combo of energies so you may wish to check it out since I presume your invitation to the festivities hasn't arrived in time!

Well, mine didn't either.

In addition, you'll find a link to bio details on former first-daughter Chelsea including her natal chart along with Marc Mezvinsky's birth date.

With Marc's birth time unknown, it's possible that his natal Moon is in late Aquarius, or in Pisces. If it's in Pisces, they have themselves a Sun Pisces (Chelsea)-Moon Pisces (Marc) conjunction very suitable for marriage.

However, it's usually better if the man's Sun conjoins the lady's Moon. In their case (if theirs is a Pisces Sun/Moon combo), the balance of power in their partnership will be on Chelsea's side. Plus, natally Marc's Sun-Neptune conjunction in Sagittarius (and Neptune is a co-ruler of Pisces) indicates an alternating ability to express himself with confidence followed by an over-compensating brashness which may lead to disappointment.

Very creative, yes, but his is a veiled outlook on life: facing harsh realities is not his strong suit! Meanwhile, Chelsea's natal Sun in Pisces-Moon in Leo, and her intensely passionate Venus-Pluto opposition, indicate a strongly romantic nature with a zest for life, and with something of a Cinderella quality to it.

But why fret when the couple's exalted social position, wealth, and powerful connections will always 'save their bacon' so that life's 'harsh realities' may never have to be fully faced at all!
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