Aug 2, 2010

Planets of August 2010: a time of reconciliation?

Reading the current Visual Astrology Newsletter has given my spirits a boost this morning concerning one of the planetary line-ups of August 2010!

So what planets are involved in this uplifting star narrative for August?

If we look west in the early evening this week we may view them: Venus as the Evening Star, warrior Mars, and more faintly, King Saturn, all riding upon the wing of Virgo near the blue star, Spica (key phrase: a potential for brilliance), which twinkles a little further to the east.

On the evening of August 12, 2010 look for a sliver of a Crescent Moon after sunset joining the throng and reflecting Venus' Evening Star status which indicates a conciliatory tone to the proceedings. (When she's the Morning Star, Venus is warlike so her condition here is fortuitous for the world.)

It is the light of powerful Venus that brings healing to the warring-Mars/leader-Saturn conjunction; the wing of Virgo signifies a condition of exile. As an exiled 'king' or leader (Saturn) raises an army (Mars) and consults with his generals, Evening Star Venus, in her role as diplomat, will place reconciliation on the table and in the news until early September!


Blog Note: if you've seen my recent post on the December 2010 Lunar Eclipse (29Gem) please revisit and check out Jonathan's comment with his excellent addition to the chart analysis. Thanks once again for your astute insights, Jonathan!


Kieron said...

Jude, do you know *why* Venus as Morning Star is warlike and as Evening Star is not?

Jude Cowell said...

Hi Kieron, it's been observed since archaic times through centuries' of astrologers' experience (empirical.)

We follow it when we say Venus has a pleasant side and a hell hath no fury side - the Ari-Lib axis is (can be) one of war. jc

libramoon said...

Have you noticed the Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus in their own signs this weekend for the 65th anniversary of the Hiroshima bombing and the current Cardinal Cross energy?

Jude Cowell said...

No i had not! thnx for the (figurative) heads-up, L. jc