Jul 2, 2010

Suspicions grow over Dr David Kelly's 2003 "suicide"

It's been a while since I studied the mysterious death chart of nuclear weapons expert Dr. David Kelly, but this is news I've been waiting for:

Doubts Grow In Whistle-blower "Suicide"

By Alex Newman

New revelations in the suspicious "suicide" death of whistle-blower Dr. David Kelly point even more strongly to the possibility of murder and a subsequent cover-up. #

And here's a link to an earlier article about how Dr. Kelly's post mortem results are to be kept secret for 70 years. Wonder how that's going seven years on?

7 down, 63 more to go?

Well, perhaps in spite of his inexplicable tendency to garner 'peace' awards unto himself, Tony Blair, and the rest of the Hussein-toppling crew, will eventually find their shadows being stepped upon by the Truth catching up with them. And that goes for Bush, Cheney, and Lord Hutton, too.

Oh, and let's not forget the mystery-lady American journalist that Dr. Kelly was in touch with just before he took his fatal walk and supposedly managed to suicide himself in a very suspicious, seemingly impossible, manner.
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