May 6, 2011

Solar Eclipse January 4, 2011: from May 2011's perch

This week has been busy to the point of very little blogging time (day job, you know) and today, Friday May 6, 2011, is more of same.

Making a flash appearance here to moderate comments, I find some interest has occurred in a previous post still current by topic which concerns America and the Solar Eclipse of January 4, 2011, the Series in which the world now twists and turns.

The post includes some thoughts on the US Saturn Return now ongoing (with its accountability-responsibility themes: in our Sag Rising chart/s, US Saturn is in 10th house = fall from grace if dependable Saturn is *not honored) and three interesting quotes with articles links, so if you wish, check it out with fresh eyes now informed by events which have occurred so far in 2011 including the assassination of Osama bin Laden, a Scorpionic event if there ever was one.

And on a lighter note, tonight is the can't-miss season finale of Fringe and with its Scorpionic-Aquarian parallel-worlds theme, the episode is sure to be a doozy!


*examples of historical figures with 10th house Saturns include Richard Nixon and Adolf Hitler both of whom experienced quite some falls from grace, yes?
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