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Aug 21, 2006

historian Mauriel Joslyn

Today I attended a writer's workshop given by Mauriel Joslyn, author of historical novels, screenplays, and articles.

Mauriel has written a screenplay for a film short...the trailer may be viewed at My Christmas Soldier . This film is based on a true incident of December 24, 1943 and the DVD will be available in November. It may be pre-ordered now on the website.

This is a very well-done short which promotes Peace on Earth--so war-mongerers and profiteers, beware--even though YOU are the ones who really need to hear the message of this film!

For as we all know, if dead men could vote, there'd be no more wars...ever.

And if you want to send a kid-designed postcard to thank our courageous troops overseas, go to Let's Say Thanks and choose from several brilliant designs!

8.21.06 9:00 pm

ps: yes, I was listening and watching Bush's press conference today--the part about the American peoples' psyche caught my antennae, so of course I had to see where asteroid, Psyche, was sojourning as he uttered her name...15 Leo, amongst transiting Venus and Saturn, and snugged up with Bush's natal Pluto, planet of depth psychology. Seems someone's been reading Psychology to George--hope it's Jung, and not Freud.

9:30 pm: Guess you heard that then-Secretary of State Richard Armitage had a "private appointment" with reporter Bob Woodward, June 13, 2003, where Valerie Plame supposedly was NOT mentioned. Yuh.

And the Images for the day are for Sun Gem-Moon Sag: The Pied Piper...A young man goes abroad to attend university and becomes a foreign correspondent.

Armitage's calendar released to the AP


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