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Aug 12, 2006

Karma: the Neptune-Pluto septile

As you know, a septile aspect is 51 degrees 26 minutes and is an aspect of the 7th harmonic. As such it is associated with sacred and holy matters in religious symbolism. For this evening I will be using Bil Tierney's wonderful book, Dynamics of Aspect Analysis...he has several quotes therein on the subject of septiles by other authors and so my task is made lighter by Mr. Tierney...a big thanks there. The 7th Harmonic, or as I tend to write it: H7, is an indicator of many things: Creative people tend to have strong H7 charts, such as: Mozart, Chopin, Schubert, Berlioz, Wagner, and Tchaikovsky. The art world has enjoyed the works of: Matisse, Cezanne, Raphael, da Vinci, Rodin, and Picasso. In the literary pantheon, we see strong H7 charts for: Lewis Carroll, George Bernard Shaw, Robert Louis Stevenson, Yeats, Blake, Shelley, and Lord Byron. Albert Einstein has a strong H7 chart--quite an assembly for the H7! Self-knowledge and interior analysis are hallmarks of the H7 and many people today are involved with such past times, as we know...astrology being a great way to achieve this. Isolation (we hear in the news how 'isolated' modern man/woman is today) is a requirement for such pursuits along with contemplation, meditation, prayer. The H7 suggests a sabbatical (just what the Seventh Day was designed for--a break from one's weekly work pursuits...a re-creation, recommended by our Creator who gave us the model to follow--He didn't need the Day of rest, but we do.) Now Mr. Tierney says that the septile works best in privacy--'funny' that we're having so many "privacy issues" now, isn't it? He states that the number 7 relates to a composite of the principles of Saturn and Neptune with Pluto undertones (ugh on the Pluto undertones.) And in numerological literature, 7 is the number of rest and completion...yes, the end of a week, with Sunday being the first day--and you know it is, if you look at that calendar on your wall!

The great astrologer, John Addey, known for his early Harmonic studies, gives H7, or the septile series, as relating to one's capacity to receive inspiration (see above list of artists, musicians, and Albert for examples!) With H7, there is an urge to understand wholeness and completion, and so it is associated with those who perform "priestly functions." Dane Rudyar, in his Person-Centered Astrology, believes the septile "can be interpreted in a super-personal sense as acts compelled by a collective need, an occult power or fate; and these may lead to 'sacrifice' and a symbolic life"...the transpersonal life, as he says. Doris Thompson on the septile: "A fated inevitability with a compulsion to certain actions; an unrecognized force with hidden activation." (Wonder if this can also describe the repetitious rituals of the "priestly functions"?) Delphine Jay suggests that this fated tinge "springs from situations that appear to be beyond ordinary meaning. This tinge creates a consciousness-expanding struggle within, forcing (a search) beyond the obvious." (Kinda what a lot of bloggers do, and what journalists are supposed to be doing for society.) And astrologer Michael Meyer sees it as introducing "the unpredictable, irrational elements of experience, symbolizing the ability to respond to the call of one's destiny and to use unfit or left-over...materials for the purpose of fulfilling a definite goal of a karmic nature." This brings the catastrophic element into the picture.

As I type, Neptune is 54 degrees 9 mins from Pluto, both retrograde. Their waxing septile relationship has been affecting the world since December 2001, and there will be a total of 20 septiles forming off and on until February 2011. (The last septile aspect between them occurred from December 1937 and September of them.) The cycle of Neptune and Pluto began, of course, with their Great Conjunction (three actually--direct, Rx, direct) of August 2, 1891, November 5, 1891, and April 30, 1892. And the 1890's began the era of the Generation of Materialism...the robber and energy barons under whose imperialistic sway we toil and grapple still. Their Great Conjunction's Sabian Symbol: "9Gem"> "A quiver full of arrows": Keyword: PREPARATION... pos: unlimited personal capacity for rising to the issue of the moment on any level of experience; neg/shadow side: querulous overconfidence and quixotic notions. (Sound like any current-day politicians we know who tend to 'dream the impossible dream'? This degree applies until the next conj of Neptune-Pluto--you and I will be long long gone by then!) Yes, the Neptune-Pluto pairing has mystical implications with a fantastical flavor, but the combo also relates to fraud, delusions, and the use of propaganda. (Sounds like politics to me!)

The influence of this fated, karmic, irrational septile aspect between our two outermost planets (not counting recent new planet sightings in our solar system) will continue as a backdrop to our times, our thinking, and our fates. Yet this post is not meant to frighten but enlighten, and the sense of fatedness and karma we're all feeling isn't imaginal--paradoxically, it's as real as the unseen forces which are all around us. And yet I believe the seeming paradox isn't one at all! This relates to the same old left brain v right brain argument--and the truth is, mankind needs both to be integrated and whole. Karma will have her way--we reap what we sow, and that's the truth. Just ask the fellow on tv's "My Name Is Earl"--he's learning an awful lot about karma--and about rising above the baser urges and instincts...just what we need in order to change our fates. Revenge only breeds revenge--can humanity ever get it right?

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