Dec 26, 2006

the 110th Congress

Jan 4, 2007: what's rising at 9:30 am est at the Capitol Building? E/Inquiring minds want to know.

Neptune, planet of deception and illusion is one degree past the "A man unmasked" degree..."19AQ": "A forest fire is being subdued by the use of water, chemicals, and sheer muscular energy"...we are shown man in action in a crucial and potentially devastating situation. There is a need for a total mobilization of energy and a deep sense of INDOMITABILITY (Dane Rudhyar, An Astrological Mandala.)

Applicable also since Neptune is associated with water and chemicals.

Sounds good for the Dem Congress' touting of getting things more common-sensically under control, but it also sounds like the so-called (Uranian!) SURGE being favored by warhawks and other die-hards in hopes of saving their bacon in Iraq.

9:30 am ASC 19AQ25, Uranus 11Pis40 and North Node 18Pis10 in first house...not the most stable factors you'd like to see rising for the day with Pisces being mutable (change is being promised though, isn't it?) and NN indicating meetings/associations.

Uranus tends to bring the unexpected...and whatever you think that doesn't. But I assume that the SURGE to Baghdad must on top of the plate.

Plus, the combo of Uranus/NN = unusual, new, or sudden associations, of course.

Neptune is now opposite the unfortunate degree of the August 11, 1999 "Mother of All Eclipses"...aka the "King of Terror" Eclipse, so-dubbed centuries ago by Nostradamus.

Obviously, the "war on terror", the misbegotten and overfunded Iraq War, and other issues of waste and Speculation (big oil tax breaks, so-called "flawed leases", Katrina boondoggling and extortion, etc) will be on the Dem menu.

Democrats Eye Oil Money Conservations which will please Saturn's deep sense of conservation, if it helps the cause of energy alternatives.

At the Ic Point, the HOW or Foundation of the chart, is transiting asteroid, MIDAS of wealth and greed fame.

Tr Moon 26Can21 is in cadent 6th house and reflecting Bush's Saturn in its accountability for his poor judgment based on intuition and pie-in-the-sky over-optimism rather than on common sense...and as you know, old man Saturn insists on use of common sense and acting responsibly. That'd be a big oops for Duhbya.

Opposite MIDAS is moneybags Jupiter, significator of the Republican Party at the WHY even though Dems have broadcast that their tenure isn't about Gotcha Politics, it's difficult to see how the 110th couldn't be--esp considering who was minding the candy store the last several years and how things have turned out and down.

Jan 4, 9:30 am is just after a Full Moon which is conjuncting the US natal--and therefore George Bush's natal--Sun (purpose) and as you know, Full Moons are the Culmination stage...something has come to fruition. Is the Dem Congress taking office?

Now for the *Sun/Moon blend's Images for Integration...Sun Cap/Moon Cancer:

A politician kisses a baby without pretense...The Third Man...a Water Clock.

Whaa-a--a? A politican without pretense? Well, don't know about you but I'm suitably impressed!

A Water (Neptune; Moon in Cancer) Clock (Saturn, the Timekeeper reaping)...that's interesting esp with the forming Saturnian Scythe and Bush's isolation becoming more obvious daily.

Wonder who The Third Man will turn out to be?

UPDATE: in pinging Technorati just now I found a great blog with articles about this very thing relating the 110th Congress and the fact that the White house is being beefed big surprise to hear this: Bush Lawyering Up in expectation of more scrutiny, investigations, and possible subpoenas from the Dems...all in Saturn's province of legalisms!

fatcatpolitics is a blog previously unknown to me but I'll be checking back--esp with its sentiment I've been sharing all through our Bush Nightmare...i'm sorry world.

Well-said--and heartfelt from yours truly.

*Sun Sign-Moon Sign, Charles and Suzi Harvey, available at and you may want to check out John Townley's for pertinent info on the Saturnian Scythe. It will behoove you.


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fc said...

Hey Jude... Nice of you to link to my post on 'fatcat politics'. I will add you to my blogroll also... Not sure if you know Iddybud but her name is also Jude. She is a very powerful lady with many readers and she commented on my page when I first joined the Indy 500 Weblogs to fight the Gonzales nomination.

Yes my dear lady... We will be expressing to the world for a long time to come our sorry that Bush has done so much damage in this fragile world which we all must share. We can make a difference by our continued efforts to elect people who care about people instead of money and power.

Nice to meet ya. Hope we shall converse in the future as well...

- fc (fatcat politics)