Dec 27, 2006

Human Intelligence Collectors

No, not bloggers, you silly!


Pressed in Iraq, U.S. Army turns out interrogators 26 Dec 2006 The U.S. Army has stepped up its training of interrogators to get a clearer picture of Iraq... The number of soldiers going through a 93-day course to become Human Intelligence Collectors, the army term for interrogators, has quadrupled over the past three years -- from 265 in 2003 to 1,070 in 2006 -- and is projected to rise to just over 1,500 by 2009

LegitGov also has the info on the Bush-Cheney War Machine's plan to accept more foreigners into the US armed services in exchange for citizenship...and somewhere on this blog or elsewhere you may find my assertion years ago that Bush's "come on up" attitude in his first State of the Union Address was to line up Latinos to fight his oily wars.

And I'm not the only one:

Some people saw this coming from years away, m'peops. Perpetual war a la Orwell, did you say?


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