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Dec 10, 2006

Protesting in Beirut

Enormous Crowds Flood Beirut in Protest against a holed-up PM Faud Saniora.

Their ultimatum: he has a "few days" to accept their demand to form a national unity government with a big role for Hezbollah, or face an escalating campaign to oust him.

And today is the 10th day of protests. Seems the Israeli-Lebanon War just keeps on giving. Can America and Israel get anything right? Can they play fair? Can the governments of the world set themselves up without our meddling interference?

Bush used to be fond of spouting off about having a level playing field for trade relations, etc...wouldn't it be more fair if we didn't slink around setting up puppets to rule those who can certainly rule themselves? Is this Bush' idea of democracy?

Today in Beirut hundreds of thousands say, yes and yes.

Which begs the question: can we begin to mind our own business and leave Iraq which never should have been invaded in the first place? The oil blackmarket Bush and Cheney broke up by starting their war has been sufficiently demolished now and Bush Senior is avenged. Let's go home.

Too big to apologize, are we? That's pretty small, imho. But so is Bush who can't accept anyone's thinking unless it's in total agreement with his own.

As my wise mom used to say: never go where you're not invited, never stay where you're merely tolerated. Too bad Duh-bya never met her--she would've knocked some sense into his swollen and arrogant head. And she had another favorite saying used by many before and after her...a truism, y'might call it:

never trust a man who says trust me. A bunch of American voters should've listened to that one back in 2000...duh. You made the coup so easy.


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