Dec 9, 2006

109th Congress: lame-duck limping

Here's the picture, the chart for 4:40 am est, Dec 9 as the lame-duck Congress limped to the finish line, after 102 days in session--less than Truman's "Do Nothing Congress" of yore (they logged in at 110 days...I say the 109th should pay back the 8 days' worth of exorbitant pay to our treasury.)

Yet given Republican hubris and their tiresome Bush-rubberstamping, perhaps we should be grateful they had better things to do than to show up and legislate on Capitol Hill this session.

Rising at 4:40 am we see 14Sco49 which is the Descendant of our Presidential Inaugurations (Jan 20, noon), which places Bush the "president" at the setting position in today's chart.

Venus 27Sag42 is conjunct Congress' natal Ascendant, with Pluto just having risen.

First to rise at 4:40 am is Congress' natal Neptune, planet of loss, confusion, deceit, and delusion. It's also associated with the acting profession and it's no secret our "representatives" fancy themselves thespians...yet Neptune may also bring tears of the boo-hoo variety whether crocodile or no.

Sun/Moon midpoint = natal US Saturn: addressing problems; weakened system (I'll say--is there any money left, Rs? Not to mention the ethics issues you left in your sorry wake); separation from the community (buh bye); inhibitions; depression; renunciation.

At the top of the chart we see lonely Saturn--on one level signifying Bush, the isolated leader (in Leo, too) and on another level representing the Democratic Party being on display for a turn as top pup (Jupiter = the R Party.)

Congress' natal Saturn happens to be there as well, 23Leo44, and so we are in the throes of Congress' Saturn Return which is an ongoing process this time due to Saturn's Rx period.

The three dates of Congress' Saturn Return with Sun/Moon Images to give a little of each day's flavor:

1. Oct 28, 2006...Sun Sco/Moon Cap: A general leads his troops to victory...A film director plans each shot to maximize its emotional impact.

2. Jan 13, 2007 (Rx) Sun Cap/Moon Sco: A priest turns his home into a shelter for the sick and homeless...A prisoner in solitary confinement undergoes a conversion and becomes an indefatiguable worker for the transformation and betterment of the lives of his inmates.

3. July 13, 2007...Sun Can/Moon Can: A gosling peeks out of its shell as mother goose chases away the farm cat...a theatrical family performs a
Midsummer Night's Dream in their own garden.

So in October we had the general and the film director, Jan 13 brings the priest and the prisoner, and in July (with US natal Sun and Bush's natal Sun both setting in the Saturn Return chart #3) we get the gosling, mother goose , the farm cat, and the theatrical family performing .

Will we be "treated" to the same old Capitol Hill Productions, Act II?

The transiting midpoint of Pluto/Chiron (plutocracy; oppression; racism) has been conjuncting Congress' natal Pluto/Chiron midpoint off and on recently...natal Pluto/Chiron 15Cap27. And Congress recently had its Venus Return on Dec 4 with natal Venus 21Sag54. It's all cycling 'round, m'peops.

And so--the lame-duck-limpingtook place this morning with Sun Sag/Moon Leo:

At an emotionally moving ceremony, a shaman of the gypsies is given an honorary university degree in herbal lore and ancient geography.

Even I had an emotion this morning waking up to NPR talking about the all-nighter limpy Congress pulled--yee haw!! The Dem Party's progressed New Moon cycle has begun!

Would that it may be allowed to do some good for our nation and for the world.


Sun Sign-Moon Sign, by Charles and Suzi Harvey

Note: no SolarFire software was harmed in the typing of this fact I recommend it highly.

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