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Mar 24, 2007

Full Moon of Dec 4, 2006 deja vue?

This post is an experiment to see if my entry of Dec 4, 2006 will be accessible with this link since the "new" Blogger has seen fit to disappear my Archived Posts for December 2006--with the exception of two entries concerning Herr Mozart's 250th birthday.

Wonder what other months' posts are missing from your view?

If you, lone reader, user please let me know if you're having a similar problem of disappearance and brilliantly know how to solve this perplexing issue.

I found some code in the Help Group to add to my Template but it only added a second Archive List so that now there are two...yet both Lists are missing 'Dec 2006' (insert: headscratch.)

UPDATE 3 minutes later: the above link works. Perhaps I'll do a post asap with all December titles/links just to make them accessible. Sheesh. Oh--and I don't like these annoying 'labels' either. Puh.

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