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Jun 4, 2007

lookin' for luv: Bush leaves for Europe

He can't get enough luv in America these days but who's minding the regime while Bush is in Europe for the pontificating, hydra-headed G-8-We're-Great Summit?

The AP has what the Bushies want you to know about it as Bush Heads to Europe for G-8 Summit while modestly admitting that he's pining for some adulation, a semblance of which may be found in the impoverished democracy of Georgia...on a thoroughfare they now call George W. Bush Avenue of all things.

Highway to H*ll would be more descriptive. Wonder what it's called by the good people of Georgia? World Leaders Su*k Street?

But of course the Summit supposedly centers around the Bush and the Putin being in a (staged) "spat" about the US's nebulous missile defense system which Putin says will turn Europe in to a "powder keg" and it's simply forcing Russia to muscle up militarily for "a new arms race"! Bush is "forcing" him to power up--seemingly against his (iron) will, poor thing!!

They craftily keep reminding each other that the "Cold War" is over--but they act more like, long live the "Cold War." Oh, the complexities of leadership, we're to think philosophically (insert yawn.)

And let us not forget the Vatican's wishes--and that the pope's ring does need a reach-around shining by George while he's in the neighborhood (as previously posted):

Pope calls for New World Order.

Seems more likely to little me that Bush, Putin, and friends are in cahoots in the militarization of space for world domination...but it's their acting techniques that really need beefing up. Such drama queens!

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