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Sep 19, 2021

Video: a Dark, Strange Ceremony in Switzerland in 2017

Sunday September 19, 2021

Here's an Odd Question for the Readers of Stars Over Washington

from Jude Cowell

Dear Reader: are you in the mood to check out a video showing the weird Satanic Ceremony held in Switzerland circa 2017 with devilish goat heads and other symbols of evil 'celebrating' the Gotthard Base Tunnel, now the world's longest railway tunnel which opened on June 1, 2016?

(Note that the overly sensitive reader may do better to avoid watching the video.)

Now admitttedly I possess no German or related language skills so should I assume that "gotthard" = goat head? Maybe. But it all seems that an inordinate amount of choreographed dancing, strangely expressive acrobatics, gibberish singing, and zombie-like marching were used for a 'tribute' to a tunnel through the Alps, significant and useful as the tunnel is for the countries thus linked.

Meanwhile, with the entire Earth now locked in a cosmic battle between good and evil, I must also ask: how and where did the organizers of the ceremony find so many people (mostly young folk) willing to particpate, rehearse, and perform a horrific ritual to what appears to be an honoring of satanic forces? For if the ceremony's goal wasn't meant to display worship of 'the dark one' it certainly appears that way. Plus, the complexity of the performances had to have taken hundreds if not thousands of hours to rehearse to reach the level of perfection seen in the video linked, above.

But naturally rehearsals were made easier if students of dance - and/or satanist cult members - were recruited.

A Video Note: To be fair, the video was posted on the BulletBarry YouTube channel and if you watch until the end (18M 49S) you'll find him disclaiming the intentions of the ceremony but to me there is no disclaimer or argument that can make the symbolic ceremony "okay." After all, people who represent symbols know what they're expressing or they'd use other methods and symbols to make their point. So does the ceremony suggest that the tunnel was dug by evil forces? This you must decide for yourself! And as always dear reader, disagree as you wish, but there it is. jc

May 27, 2017

May 28, 2017: Laughingstock-in-Chief Returns to DC

His Arabian-European roadshow ended, Donald Trump returns to Washington DC tomorrow, Sunday May 28, 2017 as multiple publications across Europe and at home call him a laughingstock who should be impeached.

Astrologically, might we fault transit Saturn now adversely affecting Mr. Trump's Sun-NN/Moon-SN opposition? How about the natal indiscreet Mercury-Neptune square that blabs intel, tweets insults, and forms misconceptions of reality everywhere it goes? Plus, Trump's natal Saturn, planet of authority, authenticity, accountability, and gravitas is in Moon-ruled Cancer, the sign of Saturn's detriment, and is in wide conjunction with natal Venus, a combo of discontent. Neurotic reactions are quite typical for those born under Saturn in Cancer's rays.

Other potentials with Saturn in Cancer include estrangements from relationships, emotional sensitivity, a deep need for respect from others, and attempts to hide inner feelings in order to preserve dignity. 'Aggravating circumstances due to family ties' (Ebertin) may partially describe Trump's return to America under the darkening cloud of his serious Jared Kushner problem and his purported 'private channel to the Kremlin' request to the Russian ambassador.

Saturn in Cancer also suggests defensiveness, need to be taken seriously (calling him a laughingstock won't do it), emotional touchiness, excessive water retention and weight gain, and a strong attachment to material and financial possessions and we have a fit description of an unfit Donald as forces within and without the US government attempt to remove Mr. Trump from office and, one supposes, force upon the American people the theocrat VP Mike Pence.

Dec 6, 2015

Nigel Farage: We live in a Europe that is totally dominated by Germany - video

Well, I'm not certain who didn't see this coming but it needed to be said to their faces! And who better to do the job than Nigel Farage?

Feb 13, 2008

Guantanamo to Main St USA

Rape By Any Other Name

Guantanamo Comes to Main Street USA

By Mark A. Goldman

~~Warning: This Article Contains Very Disturbing Video~~

They say that the difference between how democracy in Europe has evolved compared to that of the United States is that in Europe the government is afraid of the People whereas in the United States the People are afraid of the government. That's a dangerous state of affairs and it looks like it's going to get worse.

Informatiom Clearing House has Goldman's article and video here.

Jun 18, 2007

Europe in the Skies with Venus

Space Weather News for June 17, 2007

European sky watchers should be alert on Monday, June 18th, for a mid-afternoon eclipse of Venus by the crescent Moon. Hanging high in the sky, Venus will appear as a pinprick of light beside the Moon, visible to the naked eye in broad daylight until the edge of the Moon covers the planet. (Technically, this is called a "lunar occultation.") Binoculars will improve visibility, but be careful not to point them at the sun.

Elsewhere, in the Middle East, India and Pakistan, the eclipse can be seen around sunset and after dark. From those places, a clear view of the western horizon is essential because the Moon and Venus will be setting, but the sight should be spectacular. Except for a small region around the Canadian maritime provinces, this event will be completely invisible from North America.

Visit for more details.

Jun 7, 2007

those mysterious noctilucents!

Space Weather News for June 7, 2007

NIGHT-SHINING CLOUDS: Last night a vivid display of electric-blue noctilucent clouds (NLCs) appeared over parts of northern Europe, signaling the start of the 2007 NLC season. Noctilucent or "night-shining" clouds were first reported in the 19th century after the eruption of super-volcano Krakatoa.

In those days, NLCs were confined mainly to high latitudes, but they have intensified and spread with sightings in recent years as far south as Utah and Colorado. The origin of these clouds is a mystery; they may be a side-effect of global warming. A NASA spacecraft named AIM is in orbit now to investigate.

The peak observing season for NLCs is late spring and early summer. For the next two months, northern sky watchers should be alert for silvery tendrils spreading across the western sky after sunset. High-latitudes (Canada, northern Europe, Alaska) are favored, but NLCs are capable of descending unknown distances south, so it pays to be alert no matter where you live. Visit SpaceWeather for pictures and observing tips.

BONUS BANG: Sunspot 960 remains big and active this week. Today's edition of features a movie of the sunspot erupting. It's a must-see.

Jun 4, 2007

lookin' for luv: Bush leaves for Europe

He can't get enough luv in America these days but who's minding the regime while Bush is in Europe for the pontificating, hydra-headed G-8-We're-Great Summit?

The AP has what the Bushies want you to know about it as Bush Heads to Europe for G-8 Summit while modestly admitting that he's pining for some adulation, a semblance of which may be found in the impoverished democracy of Georgia...on a thoroughfare they now call George W. Bush Avenue of all things.

Highway to H*ll would be more descriptive. Wonder what it's called by the good people of Georgia? World Leaders Su*k Street?

But of course the Summit supposedly centers around the Bush and the Putin being in a (staged) "spat" about the US's nebulous missile defense system which Putin says will turn Europe in to a "powder keg" and it's simply forcing Russia to muscle up militarily for "a new arms race"! Bush is "forcing" him to power up--seemingly against his (iron) will, poor thing!!

They craftily keep reminding each other that the "Cold War" is over--but they act more like, long live the "Cold War." Oh, the complexities of leadership, we're to think philosophically (insert yawn.)

And let us not forget the Vatican's wishes--and that the pope's ring does need a reach-around shining by George while he's in the neighborhood (as previously posted):

Pope calls for New World Order.

Seems more likely to little me that Bush, Putin, and friends are in cahoots in the militarization of space for world domination...but it's their acting techniques that really need beefing up. Such drama queens!