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Oct 21, 2007

Hillary abandons her Socks: 2008 deal breaker?

Ouch! Hillary's softer image is clawed over dumped cat is one of the more insidious character attacks you'll want to read. And it uses little Socks, the former White House First Pet, as its amunition while accusing Hillary Clinton of what the article does--cynical and jaded pet use.

Clinton's book, Dear Socks, Dear Buddy: Kids' Letters to the First Pets, will now be trotted out like Buddy's ill-fated romp into the street just after his First Dog tenure ended...thus ending the life of a chocolate lab who deserved better.

Was a vast right paw conspiracy behind Buddy's demise? Was Buddy threatening to bark out about the Clinton years?

Socks, that black'n'white kitty who, said Hillary at the time, caused the White House to finally "become a home" was adopted by Bill's personal secretary, Betty Currie. This may represent abuse, but I doubt it--and I have no report of Socks' current mindset, if any, concerning Hillary's plans to move back into the First Feline's former cushy digs. Rrraorrrwwww!

May I suggest that if Hillary's prez-run results in a W-House reinstallment that she consider a different type of First Pet...perhaps a parrot for practicing the agenda's talking points, or a ferret to aid the secret service and intell community for ferreting out the truth which ran into the street years ago.

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