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Feb 22, 2008

Astrology of the Oscars

In a vain attempt to escape the vermin-infested world o'politics for a little while, I've composed an article on the Astrology of the Oscars, if you're interested, added to a listing of 2008's nominated films, with a nod to 2007's top grossers (she said grossers!)

Hint: the first on the 2007 list has to do with Scorpionic Pluto you know who that is.)

Well, vain vanity and escapism are what Hollywood banks on, so why not take a break?

Hannah Hollywood will be in attendance, as well as some chart details set for the ceremony in California, Sunday evening, 8:00 pm pst, popcorn optional (I prefer plain please--and hold the genetically modified corn while you're at it.)

So...will you be joining us? ;p

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