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Mar 10, 2018

Additional Astro-Notes on Spring Equinox 2018 posted

For those desperately longing for Spring 2018 to arrive, additional astro-notes are now published on my WordPress blog Jude's Threshold along with a pencil drawing for illustration, Abandoned Garden.

Please note that the title of the drawing isn't to suggest anything in particular being abandoned or about to be abandoned but is embedded in the post because of its flowery Spring-like appearance!

NASA image: Neptune, still floating through its creative if secretive sign of Pisces.

Dec 27, 2010

Astrology for a New Year's Resolution? Try Saturn!

First I admired her astrological pseudonym for its cool perfection: Auntie Moon. Then I read and appreciated her common sense style of writing and discussion of astrological principles and their practical applications in daily life.

This evening, as New Year's resolutions begin to form within many little pea brains across the land in an attempt to psyche ourselves up for action - or face the fact that change cannot be delayed any longer - Auntie Moon's C. J. Wright publishes her practical and timely article for the benefit of all.

Having grumped on this blog all year about America's current Saturn Return (3x, so the lessons will spread well into 2011) and fretted over whether or not lessons have been learned by the US government - and the American people, I can do no less than pass on a link to C. J.'s insightful article with info which could be part of a make-or-break tactic suitable for individual, group, or nation when wishing to feel more...resolute.

Now most people who know anything about Saturn and Saturnian principles such as restriction, constriction, delay (patience), accountability, responsibility, loss (long term gain), etc., find themselves dreading the Hoary One's difficult lessons and tasks as he stomps through the Zodiac and the houses (life departments) of our horoscopes, becomes active by progression, and/or shows up prominently or angularly in a return chart or two. What a drag!

But don't let that be you or you'll miss out on valuable stuff for Saturn doesn't 'do' shoddy! You know the one: anything worth doing is worth doing well? Saturn wrote that. Along with the tired old chestnut (fatigued yet true): Time and Patience are the Keys to Success. And that's the kind of lasting success that Saturn prefers.

So as we close in on New Year 2011, it occurs to me that Show Me Your Saturn and I'll Show You a New Year's Resolution You'll Have to Keep can give you solid grounding from which springs the stick-to-itiveness it takes for your inner Saturnian control to leap forth with shield in hand and keep your New Year's resolution intact...and the more realistic your goals, the better your chances for ultimate achievement!


Now under construction: Cosmic Lilith Art.

Aug 28, 2008

Stars Over Washington's Favored Visitors, come!

This is your chance: not to lead the nation, not to attend an Inaugural Ball, not to reform our broken political system, but to join Stars Over Washington's new Favored Visitors list in the Blogger sidebar.

Simply scroll below for a sidebar link which will give you the constant bloggish shout-out you so richly deserve!

Jude, your reluctant astrologer with a lamentable and totally unjustified interest in Politics (and I love to draw, too, so there's that)

Jun 14, 2008

blog dilemma: am i timing out?

As my pc ends its days with no whippersnapper waiting in the wings to take its place, you may find a little something on the following list to review or visit for the first time, who knows?

This is a full online accounting of myself some of which are archived on the interweb, and perhaps some of which are not:

Jude's Threshold, something of a 'sister blog' to SO'W but with Art, Celeb Charts, and Bad Political Poetry snugged in occasionally. Actually Bad Political is redundant, isn't it?

Named in honor of Saturn, the Guardian of the Threshold, Jude's Threshold is a 'tapestry blog' of Astrology, Politics, Astro-Politics, Celeb Charts, Art, and lamentable Poetry.

I also like to pass on links to social and political articles in case you've missed them.

Lim's Limericks political cat limericks with links to fishy dinners of the Dreamyfish variety, plus, some charming kitty cat photos for the feline among us.

Dreamyfish Art, my online gallery of tropical fish portraits, botanically rendered yet depicted as ensnared within their most private dream scenarios where you're invited to peek!

my Lulu Storefront for affordable Art, you may wish to order a Dreamyfish Art print available there of a lovely Breaksea cod from Western Australia--an Aussie!

Secret Moon Art a gallery of drawings from such genres as: Moon Art, Cosmic Art, Children's Art, Fairy Art, and Botanicals such as flowers, mushrooms, moss and trees. Take one of my new Paths'n'Portals as you mosey over to Secret Moon Art!

Cosmic Persona Designs is for 17+ers please.

There you'll find (after you approve of Blogger's Adult content admonishment--now don't cheat with yourself!) a collection of beauties in the figure study department, but remember these drawings are approached with a 'design' sensibility which was revved up way back in college days by classes in Fashion Illustration, Lay-out, and Design.

This influence is easy to spot, as you may agree.

Masks and their pointlessness also make frequent appearances along with a saucier style of cabaret-infused scenes, and backstage tableaux of dancers and other lovely ladies.

Boudoir Blossoms is one of my imprints, if that helps describe something of the Cosmic Persona Designs pantheon of artchetypal images of the Chiffonery Art persuasion.

My Gather Pages are such a hodge podge contentwise, I can't even tell you. And frustratingly in recent months I've not technically been able to publish much there--a few images, that's about all, but no articles.

In spite of the many who may be relieved to be spared more Gather articles from yours truly, I do miss being and publishing on Gather, and highly recommend this social networking site for those who like to display their own and/or read and view literature, articles, and photography in particular...very creative!

Well, there it is, my list of personae upon the interweb, as TV's Craig Ferguson taught me to call the www, along with links to a bunch of my you won't have to miss me much when I'm gone!

~~or maybe just a little...?~~ ;p

Feb 22, 2008

Astrology of the Oscars

In a vain attempt to escape the vermin-infested world o'politics for a little while, I've composed an article on the Astrology of the Oscars, if you're interested, added to a listing of 2008's nominated films, with a nod to 2007's top grossers (she said grossers!)

Hint: the first on the 2007 list has to do with Scorpionic Pluto you know who that is.)

Well, vain vanity and escapism are what Hollywood banks on, so why not take a break?

Hannah Hollywood will be in attendance, as well as some chart details set for the ceremony in California, Sunday evening, 8:00 pm pst, popcorn optional (I prefer plain please--and hold the genetically modified corn while you're at it.)

So...will you be joining us? ;p

Dec 18, 2007

We Call Ourselves Civilized

Image: Don't Bomb My Baby by jude cowell 2007

A Violent Cartography

Bomb After Bomb

By Howard Zinn

I am stunned by the thought that we, the "civilized" nations, have bombed cities and countrysides and islands for a hundred years. Yet, here in the United States, which is responsible for most of that, the public, as was true of me, does not understand--I mean really understand--what bombs do to people.

Click to read full article at Information Clearing House.#

"It's not right to respond to terrorism by terrorizing other people. And furthermore, it's not going to help. Then you might say, "Yes, it's terrorizing people, but it's worth doing because it will end terrorism." But how much common sense does it take to know that you cannot end terrorism by indiscriminately dropping bombs?" --Howard Zinn Terrorism and War

"Wanton killing of innocent civilians is terrorism, not a war against terrorism." --Noam Chomsky

And if you're in the DC area, there will be a fundraiser for Capital Hospice, Epilepsy Foundation of Virginia, United Cerebral Palsy and other noble causes on New Years Eve...go to: A Party and A Purpose for details and ring in the New Year by partying on for a good cause!

Blogger Note: haven't had time to figure out the cause of this weird underlining crisis SO'W has going here since yesterday.

This week is the busiest of the year in my 'real world' so by weekend I'll be around more...if you've had a similar quirk with your own blog, all advice would be greatly appreciated. So far Blogger's HELP section has not been of any.

Contact me at: judecowell at gmail dot com if you please, or leave an informative comment here (hint: mocking my lack of tech savvy won't help at all so hold yourself back, Sparkie!)

Jul 6, 2007

Bush: Solar Return 7.6.07

You can be sure I didn't want to spend the morning thinking about the 61-year-old cuss infesting the White House but our crook-in-chief has only one birthday per year, so here goes.

Sol returned to natal degree at 12:56 am edt today with Sun conj IC indicating a pivotal year which will be esp eventful the first few months. (In other charts there are some indications of danger to his nibs in August and September but if he makes it through September, he'll be resonably home free.)

Natal Jupiter 18Lib09 is conj DESC (others; partners) as is US secondary progressed Mars, now Rx. "19Lib" is the "Gang of robbers in hiding" degree (Sabian Symbols in Astrology, Dr. Marc Edmund Jones.)

This angular connection highlights Bush's extravagant and ostentatious natal Sun/Jupiter square, an aspect that wants to accomplish too much too fast and which resorts to egotism as a defense mechanism. "Foolish optimism" is another unfortunate result of having a Sun/Jupiter square.

One thing we always consider in a Solar Return chart is the Sun's applying aspects to see how the year may progress:

1. Sun inconj Chiron: this is the loaded stick of dynamite aspect mentioned in the US Solar Return just below.

2. Sun QD Pluto: this is the ruthless, manipulative, intimidating "focused on success" aspect...perfect for a politician.

3. Sun square SR ASC: not good for popularity (what little he has left. He'll be acting all Arian (Mars) while his protective, nurturing Cancer Sun won't compute with his outer stance.)

4. Sun trine Uranus: help will arrive, obstacles may disappear thanks to others with similar goals, and being in the right place at the right time will bring accomplishments. Uranus = technology and thus is related to Bush's spying tendencies--and Uranus is in the behind-the-scenes 12th house from whence his help cometh.

Chart-ruler Mars, god of war, violence, and quarrels, is in first house of the Return chart...more fighing, disagreements, contentiousness, and activism.

Mars makes no applying aspects to the SR's planets, but he does sextile NN (helpful opportunities for his projects), and trines MC--his aspirations and goals for the year will gain support from Mars. Are so-called insurgents keeping him in office?

SR's Sun/Pluto midpoint is conj Bush's n Neptune so we see:

Sun/Pluto = Neptune: vocation or health are undermined; impressionability, sensitivity; lack of vigor; physical or mental impediments. (This picture is in SR 6th house of work, service, and health--and in natal 3rd house which also has a health connotation.)

There are only two midpoint pics in the SR chart and both point to NN (North Node = the path; destiny; encounters; associations):

Moon/Neptune = NN: projecting passivity or confusion (I'm confused as to why he's still infesting the Oval Office and our airwaves);

Mars/MC = NN: imposing one's will upon others; leadership (if you call it that.)

The Jupiter/Chiron midpoint is opposite Bush's n Sun these days and you will see it in SR 10th house, if you click the chart to enlarge (you'll see a few other notes written in chicken scratch as well.)

This combo is the "maverick with a superiority complex" (Chiron, Clow) so we'll suffer another year of that merde (pardon my French.)

You see that Rx Jupiter 11Sag26 is conj the Pluto/Chiron conjunction of Dec 30, 1999, in SR 8th house of debt, insurance, credit, the occult, legacies, transformation, and death. Jupiter expands the oppressive, plutocratic Pluto/Chiron pairing. He's a foolishly optimistic 'man on a mission' with a messianic complex, a virtual Sisyphus for Globalism.

Well, hopefully you'll click to enlarge the chart if you want more--I've had enough of this ornery old cuss for now--imho, he's not improving with age as he imagines himself to be...but becoming more cuss'ed by the moment.

Uploading fresh, new Art to Cosmic Persona Designs is next on my agenda. How 'bout you?

Chart Correction: mistakenly the 9 New North Solar Eclipse (28Pis07) info was added to the Sun/Moon midpoint in 1st house rather than to its position (PE) in 12th house.
My oops.

Jun 19, 2007

Bush's mojo haunts Philadelphia mint

mint releases more "godless" dollars so you know he's had a thumb in the pie.

May 17...just after the New Moon of May 16 = double Taurus (money) flavor.

Art is still prevailing, sorry to all my excellent starry friends. Back to SO'W before you know it but for now I'm hangin' out at Cosmic Persona Designs, Secret Moon Art, and my Lulu Storefront with Downloadable Art Goodness just oozin' from layer to layer...

June 25...Saturn opposes Neptune...exactly (partile) so smoosh your hats down around your ears, m'peops...the reality vs illusion game is really in the air now and all summer--with new art in the wings, propaganda flying thick, and more leaders and authority figures being undermined everywhere you turn.

Apr 13, 2007

Wolfie and the sensual Eclipse

Having followed the romantic saga of Paul Wolfowitz and his lady, Ms. Riza this week it was little of a surprise to snoop around the date of June 1, 2005, when Wolfie demanded his fair lady's exorbitant compensation just for walkin' in the joint bwo an email to his World Bank posse.

"I now direct you to agree to a proposal which includes the following terms and conditions." Woo, power as aphrodesiac--Wolfie drinks liberally from the cup, it would seem!

The Solar Eclipse series in which June 1 falls is 7 North, 19Ari07, which occurred April 8, 2005. (This is also the PE series of Hurricane Katrina btw.)

Bernadette Brady gives this series as being a very sensual family of eclipses with sudden sexual passions can I best say this?....lust. There may be deep passions which have been dormant for years--hence the power of this series to catch the person off-guard with its intensity and suddenness.

Why, Wolfie, you dog, you! You're making me wish I had boocoodles of time to post on your natal chart (Dec 22, 1943, Ithaca, NY) but my typing time is limited this evening.

The initial eclipse in the 7N series was on Oct 3, 1103 (OS) and which has some interesting midpoint pictures:

Venus/Mars (the lovers) = Moon: emotional impulses;

Venus/Mars = Pluto: powerful sex drive; the conquest.

Well we knew Wolfie the Wolf was pretty hot stuff when we first saw Fahrenheit 911 --saw Midas himself preening his hair back with his own spit. Looked good, didn't it, Ladies? Mmm-m-m-m-m.....

Note: there's been a new limerick surreptitiously phoned in today from Mr.A.Cat so I'm headed now to Lim's Limericks to publish it up in the pan for Lim and his colleague who was formerly an agent in service to our nation.

The new limerick is entitled, A Kitten from Riza... if you're game.

Update on Lim's: seems to be having partial publishing issues this evening--the limerick is posted but is unviewable by link. Please try later, if you wish.

However, there's new artwork to be viewed at Cosmic Persona Designs so you have quite a bit to do actually...move along more Wolfie for you tonight...perhaps tomorrow.)

Mar 19, 2007

Sun "30 Pisces" now

Click Temple of the Great Stone Face to see my 'artful' representation of the Sabian Symbol for "30 Pisces" which the Sun has now reached this evening (edt) and will be upon upon the morrow (this is not a typo, just bad grammar.)

This degree at the very end of Pisces is straining toward the Aries Point...aka the Spring Equinox.