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Sep 12, 2008

NYSE, Eclipses, and Danny Casolaro

Have you ever read the tale of the founding of the NYSE as told by astrologer Ed Kohout?

Under the buttonwood tree on the morning of May 17, 1792, the stock exchange began with Pluto at 23AQ31...where dissolving Neptune is drifting now.

Neptune to Pluto is a period of time when power (Pluto) is dissolved and undermined (Neptune) but not necessarily by anarchy - it can be done by treachery or poison. The current ruler or system of power and control is removed or perhaps, in today's lexicon, outsourced or...downsized and given Neptune's link to webs and nets, I'd say computer hacking and other tech shenanigans may be involved along with Neptune's deceptive and fraudulent qualities.

Yes, progeny of the super-powerful PROMIS tracking software could be part of what's going on with Wall Street's ups and downs these days; plus, a Solar Eclipse in the same 11 South Series as the Eclipse of *July 11, 1991 (at '19Can' - a degree that keeps turning up in several of the charts I study relating to violence) will occur again on July 22, 2009, this time at '29Can' which is considered a critical or crisis degree.

The 11 South Series is concerned with:

the need to make sudden reforms; old methods and ideas fail and new systems are required to deal with the events that come up; as a result, new ways of handling issues are needed and any blocks may be tragically or violently removed. (Brady's Predictive Astrology.)

*It was during the 11 South Eclipse Series that the murder of writer and journalist Danny Casolaro took place - he was in the final stages of readying a book for publication outing what he and others called the Octopus, a worldwide organization of thugs for which PROMIS software has proven very useful over the years.

In its original form, the software had been stolen from the Inslaw Corporation, modified (with a 'backdoor' for surveillance), expanded, and sold for big bucks to many countries including Canada and Israel - and, some say, to Osama bin Laden (who was never intended to be "caught" by Bush-Cheney, btw.)

The weekend that Casolaro was murdered, there was a New Moon (a lady - Moon - meets a man - Sun...?) at 17Leo00. Casolaro had had meetings at his motel in Martinsburg, WV, and was last seen walking back to the motel from a convenience store where he'd gone to get a cup of coffee around the time of the New Moon on the dark night of Aug 9, 1991.

As you see, this New Moon in Leo was a month after the Solar Eclipse of July 11, and Casolaro had his notes for the book with him plus other information which he had gone to Martinsburg to receive. As you would expect, none of his notes were found after his mysterious death (he supposedly slit his own wrists while lounging in a tub of water.)

The July 11 Eclipse degree, '19Can' is conjunct Fixed Star Castor, to write or create - and is conjunct Danny Casolaro's natal Mercury, the writer; the messenger; the reporter.

The weekend of his death, transiting Sigma, the scribe, was conjunct activist Mars 15Vir54, and tr South Node 18Can47 was triggering the July Eclipse degree.

If you use the Googly Web you can find info on this strange case but I want to give you the midpoint pictures for the New Moon of Aug 9, 1991...Danny Casolaro was trying to warn the world about what was up and I believe we've been seeing the world crime syndicate having its way these last several years in countries all over the globe, so the least I can do is give you the planetary pictures. The first one concerns Pluto, the saboteur or assassin...

Mars/NN = Pluto 17Sc36: others must 'get on the train' or get left behind; a violent or forced separation in a partnership; joint achievements.

Saturn/MC 6Cap28 = NN: people in mourning; a major stroke of fate may affect all development.

Neptune/Mc = Uranus 10Cap28 Rx (Uranus out-of-bounds): self-righteousness; intense impatience; a desire to bring ideas to realization at all costs; confusion; sudden inner experiences. (Tyl; Ebertin.)

~All, none, or some combination of factors may apply.~

One more thing - the wound, Chiron, was in early Leo in July, 1991. Chiron in Leo is **easily overwhelmed by Uranus, which is the only OOBs planet in the chart and in process of approaching its Great Conjunction with Neptune at '18Cap' which is the NWO degree...smug and strong-armed paternalism...'SUPERVISION' in the Marc Edmund Jones version of the Sabian Symbols, but in the Dane Rudhyar version?

POLITICAL POWER - which is quite well-consolidated now.


** Chiron in Leo info from Barbara Hand Clow's book on Chiron.

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