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Jul 6, 2022

NYSE transits: Is the US Economy in or approaching Recession?

A Planetary Spotcheck on the NYSE: 2022 into 2023

by Jude Cowell

Whether we look at the horoscope for the NYSE Buttonwood Handshake Agreement of May 17, 1792 NYC that first formed the 'Wall Street Casino', or the reorganization chart of May 11, 1869 (for timing I use the New Moon of that day @20Tau57 at 11:11:27 am LMT NYC), we find several difficult planetary transits of stress and strain in process as the bond yield market inverts which forecasts recession for the US economy, or, alerts us to the fact that the US economy is already in recession. Can Astrology, via a novice astrologer, show such a problem of market instability?

Perhaps, because certain planetary contacts to the 1792 and 1869 charts, shown above, indicate that in general, upheaval is in our financial cards. But since my theory is that no reader makes it to the end of a very long post, I'll simply mention a major transit affecting each horoscope - and both contacts occur three times due to retrogradation which stretches out the effects and conditions:

NYSE May 17, 1792 7:52 am LMT NYC shows wealth-hoarding Pluto @23AQ31, direct and in the corporate Big Business 8th house. However, 1792 Pluto squares 11th house Sun and Mercury Rx in money sign Taurus, therefore, transit Saturn squares them, too, which adds to the difficulties. Yet financier planet Jupiter of 1792 (22Lib57, 4th house) trines 1792 Pluto (big wheeler-dealers), so transit Saturn beneficially trines 1792 Jupiter so that a measure of mitigation of difficulties is provided during the earth-shaking, old order vs new order influences of Saturn conjunct 1792 Pluto exact on: 1. April 19, 2022; 2. July 22, 2022; 3. January 11, 2023. Power and control issues are also part of the Saturn-Pluto picture.

NYSE Reorganization May 11, 1869 NYC New Moon @20Tau57 in 10th house along with money planets Pluto (16Tau36) and Venus (21Tau33); there's a crisis/turning point YOD pattern between Uranus (14Can26 11th house) sextile Pluto at its base representing the reordering or reorganization of Wall Street itself due to crisis conditions, with apex Saturn Rx @15Sag33 in 4th house, planet of karma and of senior, well-established participants. Rounding up old man's Saturn's degree we get a Sabian Symbol significant to our current topic: "Sea Gulls Watching a Ship". And if we read the trio as a midpoint picture we find potentials for egoism, self-will, and exposure to great pressure (R. Ebertin). Great pressure sounds to me like a current condition as well.

Suggesting upheaval, changes, and a very bumpy ride, transit Uranus conjuncts 1869 Pluto three times, exact on: 1. June 6, 2022; 2. November 16, 2022; 3. March 28, 2023. You'll note the November 16th date so near the November 8, 2022 Election Day with Uranus conjunct 1869 Pluto. Perhaps we can agree that violent disruptions interfering with Midterms 2022 voting bodes ill for society on many levels which includes economic issues.

Yet we know that the inverted bond yield indicator isn't written in stone as a recession signpost since its negative effects could be avoided with careful navigation, yet the wealthy elite are apparently lacking confidence in America 'going forward' which may prove even more important since their failure to invest in the US economy can trigger a recession. Why, some of the wealthy villains even supported Trump's violent J6 coup attempt against the US Congress but you can bet that many of them made the bulk of their fortunes off the American people - in our democratic society.

Meanwhile, we should begin to understand more about these issues once banking planet Jupiter Stations and turns Rx on July 28, 2022 @8Ari43. Jupiter will remain inwardly turned (inverted?) until the third week of November 2022 after the 2022 Midterm Elections and the day's Taurus Lunar Eclipse conjunct disruptive Uranus, planet of radical politics and zealots which creates a major problem of instability for financial markets and for Main Street shoppers who stay home out of fear, and who may stay home from the November polls, choosing to Vote By Mail.

So as you see, these major transits to the NYSE charts are already in progress since April and June 2022 which possibly denotes that a recession is already in progress (although other more beneficial transits into 2023 may bring economic relief). But however Wall Street decides to react to these cosmic influences, we may as well expect difficulties through the bond yield market on into 2023 with little if any benefits from retrograde Jupiter's funds or from the Great Benefic's protective function.

Actually, my suspicion is that there are potentials in store for aid delayed and/or blocked efforts to show up on our societal menu, most likely engineered and promoted by sorehead politicians of a regressive persuasion working hard to sabotage our country on behalf of their foreign and domestic handlers and financiers. My feeling is that voting for malevolent saboteurs in the 2022 Midterms will go ahead and sink that Ship (of State), the one the seagulls are watching very intently for signs of faltering.

Therefore, realistically speaking - and as previously noted - these major 2022-2023 transits for a US economy led by Wall Street gentry may be cosmic announcements of a very bumpy ride.

But hey! How about fighting back the toffs? For there's one event full of hope (one of Jupiter's favorite functions!) which was held on June 18, 2022 under the restless influences of the first Uranus-to-Pluto transit to the 1869 chart. As you know, the Uranus-Pluto pair is always active when social protests rise up under great pressure, as we saw with Reverend William Barber's Mass Poor People's and Low-Wage Workers' Assembly and Moral March on Washington and to the Polls.

So for more information,and you don't have to be poor, why not check out the PoorPeoplesCampaign website!

May 19, 2022

Jupiter-Neptune and Volatile Markets 2022

Inflationary Jupiter-Neptune: All Bubbles Must Burst

by Jude Cowell

Back in July 2015, we discussed the activation of the New York Stock Exchange May 11, 1869 Reorganization Horoscope's YOD, a crisis-laden planetary pattern which includes a timing element based on the apex planet or planets when conditions reach a crossroads and the time has come to take action. And naturally, the NYSE's 1792 Buttonwood Horoscope has been previously featured in a SO'W post as well. In fact, the 1792 chart of that first handshake shows the Jupiter-Neptune Conjunction of speculation, get-rich-quick schemes, and grand promises, with both planets retrograde in 4th house: Jupiter Rx @22Lib57 and Neptune Rx @27Lib42. My view has always been that the Wall Street Casino was a bubbly affair in 1792 and has remained so through the years until this very today. But you do you.

Meanwhile, CNN is reporting that stocks are mixed if you want to check it out. Things have certainly been up and down all through 2022 what with Covid shutdowns, ill employees, supply chain issues, oil prices squirrely (thanks to global conditions such as Saudi Arabia closing spigots and refusing to deal with President Biden), and the purposeful inflation of prices thanks to greedy corporations exploiting the situation at the public's expense. And you can probably think of other causes, even without blaming a politician or a foreign dictator.

Then if we consider the April 12, 2022 Jupiter-Neptune Conjunction @23Pis59 - shady, secretive Pisces, ruled by Jupiter and co-ruled by higher octave planet Neptune with its links to oil and gas, and fraud, we find a curious cosmic time link of a sort. Because the Jupiter-Neptune Conjunction of April 2022 lands directly upon the Midheaven ('MC': the Goal Point) of the 1792 Buttonwood Horoscope. Significant? To me it seems to be, considering the market volatility of 2022, although you may, of course, disagree, dear reader.

Political and Legal Conflicts: Jupiter-Neptune

Well, here are potentials of the midpoint picture that the 1792-to-2022 time link forms:

Jupiter-Neptune = MC: 'fortune hunters, visionaries, squanderers, spendthrifts, philanthropists; harm or damage through thoughtlessness' (R. Ebertin). However, finance isn't the only realm of life affected by the Jupiter-Neptune cycle of approximately 13 years. From Michael Munkasey comes this: "The role of politics as a means of gaining in stature or standing in life," with stature and standing relating to the most visible point of any horoscope, the Midheaven. Add to this, 'hypocrisy as a form of internal politics; scandals about growth, values, or belief systems; a legal system based on favors and pay-offs; and/or foolish or unfounded legal situations'. This sounds like the way our society has been trending the last decades which I must time by the beginning of the Reagan administration.

Now we should also consider the Sabian Symbol of the rounded-up degree of the April 12th Conjunction: '24Pisces' = "An Inhabited Island"; "Keyword: CULTIVATION; positive expression: achievement through a creative opportunism or inventiveness of exceptional order; negative expression: snobbish complacency and self-indulgence" (Jones).

Hmm. Wonder if Wall Street gentry are 'snobs' and if the 'inhabited island' could be Manhattan, home of the New York Stock Exchange?

Pictured, Above: Dual Horoscopes of the Jupiter-Neptune Conjunctions of 2009 (#3 of 3) and April 12, 2022; follow the link for details.

Mar 10, 2020

Is America on Edge of Recession? (w/ Richard Wolff)

March 10, 2020: here's an insightful discussion of the US economy and its current challenges between economics Professor Richard Wolff and the always informative Thom Hartmann:

Neptune in Astrology: Contagion, Erosion, Corruption, Deception, and Secrets

Now I don't know about you, but I'm ready to give urge-to-merge Neptune floating through contagious Pisces some very loud boos. Besides, you know that Pisces is also the sign of fragile health and of course seniors and folks with underlying medical conditions are most at risk of succumbing to Covid-19. Our financial prospects are being undermined now as well and recessive conditions are a mark of Neptunian activities. Other planets are doing damage, too, but it's Neptune in Pisces I'm fussin' about at the moment.

So when can we look forward to transit Neptune leaving its own sign of watery Pisces and entering fiery Aries? Not until the very end of March 2025 for about 6 months or so. Then the Gaseous Giant meanders back into Pisces the third week of October 2025 and makes her final crossing of the Aries Point during the last week of January 2026 where she'll laze about in Aries, to-ing and fro-ing, until 2039.

Besides contagion, infection, fear, and paranoia, Neptune in Pisces has brought to the Collective surface interests in mysticism, psychism, ghosts, seances, UFOs, divine inspirations, perceptions from higher realms, Astrology, cravings of all sorts (particularly for drugs), loss, vagueness, ocean changes, floods and mega-storms, bubbles (including economic ones), deceptions, delusions, illusions, disappointments, pathological tendencies, hypersensitivity, and/or pessimism--to name a few.

Considering Neptune's 164-year cycle, it feels as if long-term karma has left its calling card for humanity.

However, with Neptune in Aries we may expect a continuation of hypersensitivity, and for some, a love of humanity will blossom. There may be longings for far distances, remote viewing could become more of 'a thing', expressions of rich feelings could be heard more often, confusion may reign off and on, insane ideas will astound, while some folks are prone to feeling a sense of aimlessness or nervousness. Yet from some gifted people will come dreams and plans that benefit the social welfare and make a real difference in society!

Dec 28, 2018

1929 'Black Tuesday' Solar Eclipse repeats July 2, 2019

Not to Worry But to Inform

by Jude Cowell

Here you see a re-posting of the DC Horoscopes of the opening of the 116th Congress on January 3, 2019 at noon est, Capitol Hill, Washington DC (inner) with the 3 North July 2, 2019 Solar Eclipse @10Can37 (outer) conjoining the IC of the 116th Congress. Of interest financially is Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi's natal Jupiter @18Aries opposing Trump's natal Jupiter @18Libra in rising and setting positions in the chart (denoting their wall-funding stand-off most likely along with the Trump Shutdown, and then $ome), plus, the fact that a 3 North Solar Eclipse @18Taurus preceded the 1929 'Black Tuesday' Crash, with acquisitive Taurus, sign of money, growth, and possessions, snorting like the 'Bull of Wall Street' and an apt symbol of Wall Street greed and gold-worshiping.

Now as you may know, a previous SO'W post displays both DC Horoscopes of the 3 North July 2, 2019 Solar Eclipse @11Cancer and the July 16, 2019 Lunar Eclipse @24Capricorn with wealth-hoarder Pluto in Capricorn ('The Dictator', aka, the 'Underworld Crime Boss' and/or the saboteur of governments) creeping nearby and getting ready for his tryst with karmic Saturn @22Cap46 on January 12, 2020--conjunct the natal Vertex (fated encounters) of Mr. Donald J. Trump.

Will the karmic imperative of 'reaping what was sown' prevail?

3 North themes: news involving a young person and or that transforms a situation; information causes worry or obsessive thinking; large plans are wanted which can be positive but don't get carried away (paraphrasing Brady's 'Predictive Astrology').

For more info, follow the 'July 2019 Eclipses' link for the 3 North Eclipses, one of which was the Prenatal Eclipse ('PE') of 9/11/01 for it perfected as the 2001 Summer Solstice Eclipse @00Cancer, one of the four Cardinal World Points of Manifestation where prominent events tend to happen on the Global Stage.

Apr 5, 2018

NYSE Buttonwood Chart 1792 and Trump vs Amazon

NYSE Created by a Wall Street Handshake; Trump Aims at Amazon and Bezos

by Jude Cowell

April 5, 2018: Thanks to the Buttonwood Agreement on the morning of May 17, 1792, 24 stock brokers and merchants formed what we now 'lovingly' call the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) and what I tend to call the Wall Street Casino (you take your chances and the game is rigged). However, this was not the first American stock exchange for the Philadelphia Stock Exchange had formed two years prior.

The Handshake: By Gottscho-Schleisner, Inc. [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

This week with Mercury retrograde until April 15, 2018, I've been culling through charts, notebooks, and scribbled notes in an attempt to create order out of my own personal chaos and have just discovered a decrepit little notebook that includes the founding data of the Buttonwood Agreement including the time: 7:52 am. This May 17, 1792 horoscope had been in my files for years until it and hundreds of other astrology charts were lost in a pc crash a few years ago. Since then I have been using a NYSE chart set for May 11, 1869, the after-war Re-oranization horoscope so I'm glad to add the 1792 horoscope back to my files. Unfortunately, I have no record of how the hour was ascertained (historical record perhaps?) but here's the chart for future reference:

NYSE 2018: Ups-n-Downs Volatility

Previous posts on such topics include: wealth-hoarder Pluto's upcoming shift as Astrologer Warns of Pluto Crossing October 31, 2018 and Natal YOD of the NYSE activated by Trading Halt which occurred on July 8, 2015 for 3 hours 32 minutes. Post details include a YOD crisis pattern which may, or may not as it turns out, point toward restrictive, law-abiding Saturn. If not, or if I explained chart factors badly, it's a mea culpa.

Jupiter-Neptune: Speculation, Bubbles, and Bursts

However, the Buttonwood natal chart of 1792 seen above does contain a crisis-turning-point-special-task YOD pattern of sorts involving Mercury-MC = Jupiter Rx with suggestions of recognition, publicity, success, good fortune, and an optimistic outlook, a phrase we've occasionally heard applied to the stock market through the years. And since moneybags Jupiter conjoins fraudulent dreamer Neptune in the 1792 chart (in Venus-ruled Libra) we may wish to include Neptune as apex of Mercury-MC as well with its varying tendencies toward fantastic notions, disappointments, a 'can't lose' position, lax or self-deceptive practices, and/or confused judgments (Ebertin-Munkasey-Tyl midpoint pictures combined).

Also note that 1792 Venus, ruler of evaluations, valuables, and small amounts of money, recently returned to her natal degree of 5Tau23 on April 4, 2018 beginning a new cycle of Venusian activities. In the Venus Return 2018 chart, Venus trines the current (now separating) Mars-Saturn conjunction which perfected @8Cap57 on April 2, 2018.

Trump Tanks Stock Market 2018 Messes with Amazon: Just Like Putin Would Do!

If only Russia's Vladimir Putin had an operative inside the US to do his bidding! Someone highly positioned inside the US government so that Nikita Khrushchev's prognostication in 1956 that Russia would one day "bury" America because history was on Russia's side could come true!

Plus, Putin may harbor more than a little sense of 'payback' due to his humiliation at the Disintegration of the Soviet Union on December 25, 1991 when the hammer (Mars) and sickle (Saturn) flag over the Kremlin was lowered for the last time. Last time? Promise? Well, given Trump's idolatry of Putin and Donnie's preference for dictator-style governing, I'm not convinced the Soviet Union flag won't fly again, are you? Perhaps over the White House with Trump the Tool in charge--or dismissed? Thing is, revenge is sweet for some like Trump and Putin and in 1991 the US should not have chortled over the demise of the Soviet Union into 15 separate countries as being proof of a "triumph of democracy over totalitarianism" and "capitalism over socialism." It's always a bad idea to poke The Bear and we see totalitarian governments now rising all over the globe as Earth heats up. The same correlation has occurred in the past and history does tend to rhyme, on one side's particular side or the other.

Also it's doubtful that global leaders of the transnational variety intend for America to be leader of their next 'new world order' when it's fully implemented. Some say the leadership role will be China's or Russia's, or on an alternating basis but without the US whose 'new order' reign was always intended to last from 1776 to 2025 or so. Perhaps we need to ask high-level Freemasons about that little rumor--not that they would spill those particular beans before they're fully boiled. Anyway, the Big Picture is in process now (1993 Uranus-Neptune @18Cap = transit Pluto: the big picture must be followed, very little option to do otherwise (Tyl); 18Capricorn = "The Union Jack Flies Over a British Warship": POLITICAL POWER...negative expression: smug or strong-armed paternalism' and police power to "maintain the social order" (Rudhyar). Or is that actually a hammer and sickle flag?

Okay, maybe Trump's current campaign against Amazon and Jeff Bezos doesn't rise to such a traitorous level but when added to other curiosities between Trump and Putin it satisfies yours truly as part of a Russian 'collapse America campaign' which seems to involve the themes of the The Tower Solar Eclipse of August 11, 2018 @19Leo which is the Prenatal Solar Eclipse of the 2018 Midterm Elections (another meddling can of worms).

Is it curious that Jeff Bezos built Amazon Tower, a 524-foot structure which opened on December 14, 2015 in Seattle, WA where he founded Amazon on July 5, 1994? Is the Amazon Tower in Trump's grumbling cross hairs? We shall see, as they say. But after all, how dare the richest man in the world build a Tower as if he's a Donald Trump, right? Because vengeful Mars-rising Trump, master of retaliation, might grouse just this way over Mr. Bezos and his accomplishments which 'tower' over Trump's--until he took over the Oval Office from which he can take revenge.

As for Wall Street, I'll add one final note to this rambling post: that the 1792 NYSE horoscope when progressed shows that a Progressed (SP) Full Moon perfected @7Can25 (conjunct Trump's natal Mercury @8Cancer, planet of trades, commerce, thought processes, tricks, and tweets) on March 10, 2017 and conjoined its SP Saturn-North-Node midpoint which provides some interesting potentials including: foreign enterprises offer assistance; a country in inner turmoil (Munkasey), both of which sound correct to me, if not to you, dearest of readers!

Apr 1, 2018

Astrologer Warns of Pluto Crossing October 31, 2018

April 1, 2018: since today is Easter Sunday (He Is Risen!), family doings are in progress here so this post is merely a quick heads-up concerning astrologer Chris Rogers' warning of an upcoming cosmic event which may, in that history-rhyming sort of way, affect finances of the masses (ex: the stock market) and potentially the power structure in Washington DC and elsewhere.

This is disturbing, I know, yet it seems to me that Pluto's Crossing tallies with the difficult 2 New North Solar Eclipse of August 11, 2018 @19Leo which on Stars Over Washington (if nowhere else!) has been termed The Tower Eclipse due to its theme of 'collapse of existing structures and lifestyles' and the necessary 'rebuilding after the dust settles' (Brady). Basically, this eclipse describes #16 'The Tower' in the Tarot deck for those who use the cards. Notably, 2 New North also manifested prior to The Crash of 1929--follow the link for a few details. Also, 2 New North is the Prenatal Solar Eclipse of the November 2018 Midterm Elections (hacked or crashed voting machines with plutonian Putin's claw prints all over the sabotage?)

Plus, astrological Pluto is also associated with underworld figures, networks, criminal cartels, mobsters and other financial crooks, plus, transnational bankers and foreign power brokers so given the Mueller investigation into the political and financial ties of Donald Trump and his dubious 'associates', major events may be expected before the end of 2018 and into early 2019. Certainly, conclusions will be reached and reports revealed which involve potentials for destruction, transformation, and/or regeneration of a plutonian nature.

Now I could parrot here more details concerning Pluto's Crossing and its mass power effects on the stock market, etc, but you'll fare better letting Chris fill you in if you're curious:

Pluto Crosses the Ecliptic October 31, 2018 from north to south.

Related info: a harbinger? Lexell's Comet.

Mar 4, 2017

A Saturn Rx Station and the Rollicking "Trump Rally" Bubble

April 6, 2017 Saturn Stations Rx and Rises with 1988 Uranus in Tow

by Jude Cowell

As I type it's easy to find articles concerning the current stock market, the 'Trump Rally' some call it, which is a bubble of over-evaluation that the US stock market is floating around in, a bubble made to feel right at home thanks to the natal horoscope of the NYSE (1792) with its inflationary speculator pair of Jupiter conjunct Neptune in Libra. So the NYSE is in process of a Jupiter Return as well! Natal Jupiter @22Lib57 Rx; natal Neptune @27Lib42 Rx).

Here's a good article on the Trump Rally and the DOW's bubble if you're curious.

No financial astrologer am I but it is interesting that the Saturn-Uranus pair--the first planet, restrictive, sober, and cautious, the second, progressive, freedom-loving, and futuristic--when blending their energies together in the realms of Economics tends to create "sharp swings before settling on a new track," says expert astrologer Marjorie Orr. What goes up must come down and even Wall Street gentry can't change natural laws.

So all this has inspired me to look at the last (current) conjunction/s of Saturn and Uranus which occur approximately every 45 years, and compare it with transit Saturn's 2017 position here in the first year of Mr. Trump who has recently touted his so-called "Trump Rally" on Wall Street. Yes, Jupiterians tend to take credit where it isn't due. And since he's known for his attraction to gambling casinos, it seems appropriate to include him in this consideration since Wall Street is a gambling casino. So the three 1988 Saturn-Uranus conjunctions fell in the range of 27 to 30 degrees of Jupiter-ruled Sagittarius and what seems significant is that transit Saturn is in process of returning to those three degree positions.

Further focus may be found in the horoscope (pictured, below) of Saturn's April 6, 2017 Retrograde Station @27Sag47:29 whic casts a spotlight on the third of the three Saturn-Uranus conjunctions which occurred on October 18, 1988 (with a 2-minute orb). For as you know, stationing planets increase in strength, here is transit Saturn retracing and highlighting its own path at the beginning of the current Saturn-Uranus cycle, and there's a shady "Trump Rally" going on in markets.

Now everyone knows that a Saturn Return is a time of accountability--of confronting past failures, correcting mistakes, and ending situations and alliances that prevent future growth. This is made more necessary by the fact that Saturn is now passing through the NYSE's 4th house, a time of Atonement. Of course, it may be that re-commitment is in order though I suspect that a finalizing period would be more likely considering the Exchange's lack of transparency. Remember when transit Saturn hit and crossed the IC (The Ending; The Drain) of the 4th house (IC @28Sco19) and resulted in the strange episode of July 8, 2015 when trading was suddenly and mysteriously halted due to an "internal technology issue" which "prompted the halt"? If memory serves, the poorly explained shutdown of the DOW lasted from 11:32 am edt to 2:45 pm or so. That was Saturn shutting down the proceedings allegedly due to technology issues of techie planet of and electricity, Uranus.

Plus, traditionally the Saturn-Uranus duo relate to the Middle East particularly to Israel and Palestine and you'll find quite a few such references on a list of Historical Events of 1988 in addition to finances, President Reagan, UK PM Thatcher, Bush 41, the Soviet Union's Gorbachev

, and the SEC fining Drexel, to name a few. Sports and entertainment events are listed as well and of course Donald Trump turns up as well: on July 11, 1988 Mike Tyson hired Mr. Trump as "an advisor." Then on October 26, 1988, Trump presents Tyson with a $2 million bill for 4 months' worth of advisory service. Somewhere between those dates Mr. Tyson smashed a TV camera but it isn't listed whether that little PR stunt was staged on the sage advice of Mr. Trump (aka, John Miller, the mysterious PR guy).

Please enlarge image if you wish to read my study notes:

Pictured above is the Saturn Rx Station horoscope of April 6, 2017 (Washington DC) placing a cosmic emphasis on their cyclic dance which began in 1988 and showing that Saturn and Uranus have reached a harmonious trine (120 degrees) phase of received benefits for groups and organizations if not for one's personal finances. However, lower interest rates are suggested by the trine and tax breaks for certain classes are 'in the air'. Money bags financier and politician Jupiter is Angular and on display upon the world stage but with the opposing Sun at IC (their opposition a time of all show, no substance) and something quirky or untoward is afoot with the Sun approaching radical Uranus (24Ari00) in the 4th house of Real Estate, Mining, etc (with this chart set for Washington DC I continue to 'think Trump' here).

Note: see lower left for the T-Square's midpoint picture between Sun-Jupiter and apex Pluto, a large scale enterprise trio.

Predictably, manipulation is possible for very few people during this time for only those favored with the widest vision may see far enough ahead and behind to take correct or corrective action. 'Those' such as the wealthy, stealthy first house Pluto in Capricorn which is, as you see, intercepted. This hints that something hidden and karmic is involved in the current bubbly affair that Mr. Trump has taken credit for (when he isn't disparaging it)--possibly in a breakdown mode to ready for plutonian transformation. But there's always karma's natural law of reaping what's been sown which can apply to stock markets in general, now that I think about it, although gamblers always tend to want large gains for little effort, no matter the scale of their endeavors.

Don't miss Politico's Trump's 'big fat bubble' trouble in the stock market.

Now because of Saturn's upcoming retrograde period (the very moment of his directional shift you see before you in this horoscope), the latest degree of the Saturn-Uranus conjunction/s is 29Sag55 on February 13, 1988, a critical-crisis 29th degree--but it won't be reached until around December 20, 2017--just prior to transit Saturn eagerly entering its own sign of Capricorn. And as you may know, heavy, cold Saturn when in barrier-loving Capricorn does not tend to favor markets. So let's see as 2017 comes to a close if Mr. Trump takes the credit--or the Saturnian blame--for that.

Related: a quirky Uranian-in-Chief have we in The Whimsical Sun (POTUS) of Inauguration 2017.

Aug 26, 2015

Corporate Fraud Is Costing Taxpayers Billions and Will Cause A New Economic Crash - video (w Eclipses)

Trouble Making from the Great Beyond

Ayn Rand and her Objectivism just keeps on taking and working against the best interests of the American people. And curiously, Rand's natal Venus @29Pisces, money planet of values and evaluation, is currently spotlighted by the Spring Equinox 2015 Solar Eclipse conjunct turbulent star Scheat, plus, her natal MC @4Aries (Goals; Public Status) will be conjoined soon by the September 27, 2015 Lunar Eclipse @4Ari40!

Solar and Lunar Eclipses Herald Important Events

So with the current stock market crash which began on Friday August 21st (and not within 2 weeks of September 13th), the high stress level theme of the September 13, 2015 Solar Eclipse in Virgo seems to be already in evidence yet we may ascribe a fair amount of the crisis atmosphere on Wall Street and globally to the background influence of the Spring Equinox Solar Eclipse (linked above) which fell at a critical-crisis 29th degree of Pisces and involves world markets for it conjoins the Aries Point of Global Manifestation and World Shaking Events. And of course, murky Pisces has criminal tendencies unless higher spiritual values are followed rather than the materialistic win-at-any-cost methods of cheating and exploiting other people for personal gain.

An additional eclipse caution after September is that restrictive Saturn, still in late Scorpio for now (sign of Big Business) approaches a certain Lunar Eclipse @4Sagittarius which occurred in May 2013 though it will be early November 2015 before the Saturnian encounter is exact--and transit Saturn must cross the Inauguration 2009 Moon position first,(29Scorpio) which is a depressive indicator to add to the transiting Jupiter-Saturn square of frustration and the deceptive, inflationary Jupiter-Neptune opposition soon to form across the Virgo-Pisces axis in cyclic fashion with Jupiter-Saturn beginning in 2000 (23Tau) and Jupiter-Neptune in 2009 (27AQ.)

Altogether such cosmic factors over the next several weeks make for difficult conditions that will be reflected upon the Earth especially when decent earthlings must deal with crooks and fraudsters of the global criminal syndicate who think they're really really special.

Oh look! Here's IT Corporation Telos based in Ashburn, Virginia. 'Telos' means goal.

Stock Selloff: Panic Time or a Blip on the Radar? Information Clearing House

As we all suspected, it's a lot more than China:

Stock Selloff: Panic Time or a Blip on the Radar?:  Information Clearing House - ICH

Aug 23, 2015

Sept 2015: Cosmic Events and Pope Francis to Washington DC

Amidst 3 Cosmic Events of September 2015 a Pope Comes to Call on America

by Jude Cowell

As three major cosmic events dot our September 2015 calendar, an illustrious visitor bestows a golden papal glow to the proceedings scribbled on Washington's earthly schedule.

1. First is the September 13th Solar Eclipse @20Virgo which falls within orb (1'13") of the natal Neptune of Pope Francis (December 17, 1936.) As you know, Neptune is the planet of the Divine Source on a positive level, the masses, mass media, the glamour of the silver screen, things that spread (like propaganda and ideas), and many other negative Neptunian possibilities. As you may know, Pope Francis was born during a Saturn-Neptune opposition phase so adding its usual 'wild card' status which all eclipses are capable of, the September 13th Solar Eclipse contains somewhat negative themes (click or tap to read) which may catalyze or activate his natal Saturn-Neptune opposition. Perhaps this will be expressed by his topics such as how we treat the weak, poor, elderly, and ill (Saturn-Neptune) among us.

2. Next on the calendar is September 23rd's Autumn Equinox 2015 (chart shown set for DC) which involves quite a mix of portents to go around and with the Sun reaching a Cardinal Point of World Manifestation, Prominence, and Fame (00Libra), we may easily guess that one expression of this is the Roman Pope's visit to Washington DC with Sun representing leadership. In his natal chart, the Pope has a Sun-North Node conjunction in late Sagittarius. During his speech to Congress, the transiting Sun and North Node @1Libra will conjoin in a very shiny and public encounter--upon America's natal MC! (July 4, 1776 5:09 pm LMT Philadelphia, PA.) The 'god-related' solar significance of Sun-NN at MC should be noted and some form of spiritual inspiration may be experienced.

3. Finally, this stellar month nears its end with a prominent Lunar Eclipse on September 27th @4Ari40 and is thought to have esoteric or even prophetic vibes attached (tap or click to view the horoscope with details.)

Well, it's quite a full month As Above and Below--and that's not counting the dire financial and other predictions being made about September 2015 especially after the steep decline of the stock market on Friday. Is is time once again for The Fed and Wall Street gentry to work their economy-crashing voo doo?

Be that as it may, here's a view with of the natal horoscope and a brief bio of Pope Francis I if you're curious or haven't seen it with his Sun in Sagittarius, sign of The Seeker and the foreign traveler, and Moon in humanitarian Aquarius, sign of The Water Bearer, a socially concerned blend with high ideals and a tolerant temperament. If he's managed to genuinely retain such kind-hearted traits and sentiments may not go over very well with Republican congress members of the Ayn Rand persuasion. Before the Pope speaks, maybe right-wingers will suddenly remember they have other engagements to fly off to!

But really, they can't since Speaker John Boehner wrote to Pope Francis last March inviting him to address a Joint Session of Congress and as a result the Pope is to speak on September 24, 2015 at 9:15 am edt--one day after Autumn Equinox and one day prior to Pluto's Direct turn.

In fact, in the horoscope of the Pope's September 24th address, Pluto is stationing @12Cap58 ('13Cap' = "A Fire Worshiper".) Notably in Mundane Astrology, as a single planet, Pluto can play the role of 'Pope' and I won't tell you how I know, but there will be some play acting afoot. I believe topics in the news may relate to issues around the time of the Solar Eclipse @00Gemini (conjunct starry Alcyone of the turbulent Pleiades constellation--themes: mystical but judgmental; something to cry about) which manifested on May 20, 2012 in the 14 South Saros Series. 14S themes include: 'an obsessive idea is finally accepted; a long awaited breakthrough; success' due to its Mercury-Pluto content. Curiously, September 24th's stationary Pluto conjoins the Pope's natal Mercury, planet of speeches and the delivery of messages.

Possibly Related Reading: LBJ's War on Poverty: 1964 v 2014 Planets and of course, there's this from 2010: Washington DC a 'New Rome'? Altair the Eagle Says Yes!.


Jul 9, 2015

Natal YOD of NYSE activated by Trading Halt July 8, 2015

July 8, 2015 Strife on Wall Street: The NYSE Experiences a Major 'Halt' of Trading

by Jude Cowell

The founding data of the New York Stock Exchange is based on the 'Buttonwood Agreement' of May 17, 1792 but it's the NYSE Reorganization horoscope of May 11, 1869 that contains a crisis-laden YOD pattern with a Uranus-Pluto sextile pointing toward natal Saturn Rx @15Sag33. The YOD was activated or triggered at the halt of trading yesterday (July 8, 2015 11:32 am edt NYC). Apparently there was a crisis in 1869 which required the 1792 stock exchange to be reorganized and those energies have carried forth into 2015, always subject to transits and progressions.

Both horoscopes (1792 and 1869) remain operative for the Wall Street casino they call the NYSE and though the trading volume of the exchange is much less than it once was (10% these days but only 2% at 11:32 am yesterday!), the crisis situation of the "internal tech glitch" that shut down their computers after a morning of lower volume and messages sent out concerning gateway issues resonates with the implications of a natal YOD and the pattern's crisis/turning point and special task connotations. Even the health of the NYSE and other markets around the globe could be affected by yesterday's halt. Will there be more such events to come?

Since natal Saturn (1869) is in Jupiter-ruled Sagittarius, we know that the gentry of the NYSE like to retain their control, authority, and power which were lost for 3 hours and 38 minutes yesterday as technicians worked to bring the exchange back to life (reopened at 3:10 pm edt with the transiting Pluto-Chiron midpoint of Plutocracy exactly conjunct IC). This position for Saturn also denotes those for whom reputation is of primary importance, and pundits began speaking of loss of confidence and the image of the NYSE while the outage was in progress. No doubt we will hear more of such suppositions as the story plays out in the media.

Besides the YOD emphasis on the 1869 Saturn, the planet is also the 'handle' of a Bucket pattern of planets and as such, provides a release point for the natal energies (planets) in the horoscope and shows an uncompromising direction of the NYSE's purpose with undertones of the Jupiterian influence of Sagittarius. That Jupiter and Saturn are the 'societal planets' and their cycle relates to markets, investments, and finances spotlights their basic expansion vs restriction principles of our dualistic world.

A further consideration underscoring the Uranus-Pluto-Saturn YOD in the 1869 natal chart is the ongoing Uranus-Pluto Cardinal Square (Aries to Capricorn) under which the world has been groaning with its last exact square on March 16, 2015 and more of its unrest and upset to come. In addition, we may wish to detail the potentials of the midpoint picture formed by the trio in the YOD which was activated by yesterday's Sun @16Can00--and instigator Mars @9Can26, out-of-bounds and representing an out-of-the-mainstream element that may have instigated a hack attack:

Uranus-Pluto = Saturn: exposure to extreme pressure from others; self-will; egosim; hatred (Ebertin); persisting despite obstacles on the path toward reform (Munkasey); tendency toward autocratic leadership; "my way is the best way"; pressure from others; toppled from position (Tyl.)

Plus, hidden hints exist if we substitute the natal Uranus @14Can26 conjunct US natal Sun and SIRIUS) with yesterday's transiting triggers, Sun and Mars (planet of attacks including those of a 'hacked' variety):

Sun-Pluto = Saturn:separation by a higher power; ruthless overcoming of obstacles; restriction (imprisonment) (Ebertin); a potential for fanatical ventures or destructive tendencies (Munkasey); potential loss through power struggle (Tyl.)

Mars-Pluto = Saturn: leaving no stone unturned in pursuit of a particular task (Ebertin); lessened personal power (Munkasey); hard, hard work; extraordinary discipline is needed and usually pays off (Tyl.)

Well, there's my brief analysis of yesterday's NYSE crisis as viewed through the lens of the 1869 YOD with its 'special task' and crisis potential. There is much more to consider in both the 1792 and the 1869 reorganization horoscopes so perhaps you may set them up and have a look, and if you do, you'll spy the Halt's restrictive Saturn Rx @28Sco45 sitting precisely upon the NYSE's 1792 IC, the Point of Endings, Separation, and The Drain!

Jun 21, 2013

Experts run the world with theories as 2007 Jupiter-Pluto conjunction triggered

Since the New Millennium, we've seen 'experts' running the world via their long held pet theories which have had no history of success. With this weekend's Full Moon @2Cap09--a 'supermoon' (Nolle) because it is closer to Earth than any Full Moon will be until August 2014--its bright light is precisely what their purposefully inept theories that have debilitating consequences for the masses need:

Here are a few rays of illuminating moonlight: Experts now run the world using their theories. What if they fail, and we lose confidence in them? for your consideration.

And since master astrologer Richard Nolle coined the term 'supermoon' to describe a perigee Moon, you may wish to check out his forecasts for the June 23, 2013 Full Moon and more.

June 2013's Downer DOW and the Fed's Jupiter-Pluto

As for the stock market's plunge this week, my schedule overflowed with real world events and I wasn't able to make time for an article on financial matters. So I'll briefly mention what I noticed about the week's Fed announcement by Ben Bernanke and the NYSE reaction (which won't be comprehensive at all but here goes...)

Besides today's Summer Solstice 2013 triggering the Cardinal World Points (Sun to 00Can00:00, when important events manifest), the Sun-Jupiter conjunction of the week at 28Gem+ (a degree of Bankruptcy in the Sabian Symbols, as noted in a previous post) opposed the Great Conjunction of Jupiter and Pluto @28Sag23 on December 11, 2007, also a day of a Fed announcement.

The Jupiter-Pluto pair (big bankers, plutocrats exploiting the masses, organizers of large projects, professors of law, pursuers of fanatical aims, speculators and squanderers, influential criminal elements, extreme depletion of resources) conjoined within 15 minutes of Mr. Bernanke's public remarks that day and of course the coming Bush Depression-Financial Collapse of 2008 was in the wind in December 2007 had many only realized it.

My point is that this week's Sun-Jupiter conjunction was something of a double whammy for the beginning of the current Jupiter-Pluto cycle for Sun and Jupiter both opposed 2007's banking Jupiter and wealth manipulator, power-mad Pluto.

2013 Sun oppo 2007 Jupiter denotes an unfavorable time for religious and political activities (Obama in Europe and at the G8 Summit in Ireland this week has been called disappointing) and people may be all show with little substance (don't get me started on "amateur hour" in Congress+ this week!)

2013 Jupiter oppo 2007 Jupiter is a period when discontent with wealth or status is evident and discouraging comparisons (Speaker Boehner?) are made along with overblown efforts which impress no one.

2013 Sun oppo 2007 Pluto is not a good time for power plays, it's impossible when investigating to get to the bottom of situations, and ego-bruising conditions may abound for those in power.

2013 Jupiter oppo 2007 Pluto denotes a period of gross mismanagement, overrating conditions or people is a hazard that will cause regret, and contests of wills occur involving financial matters including taxes (IRS), debt, insurance (Affordable Care Act?), and inheritances.

Well, not much jolliness for our Full Moon weekend in June with these transits, is there? But of course as with all matters, Astrology brings to the table what no other system of analysis can bring: the element of Time so that we are assured that, after all, This Too Will Pass.


Astro-Note: there's another reason for my busy-ness this week: tomorrow a comprehensive 'Stars Over Washington Report' will be made available for electronic delivery, its topic: America's Solar Return 2013. The SR Report is 'good for' a year and I hope you'll consider ordering yourself a copy of this PDF report, suitable for printing! Watch this blog and my Twitter feed for details.

Wishing you all a Happy Weekend! Jude

Dec 20, 2012

If sold to a rival NYSE moves to Atlanta GA

Local Resident Feels Grumpy about Atlanta, Dreads New Neighbor

by Jude Cowell, local resident

America's premiere rigged casino, the New York Stock Exchange, will be sold to a rival for $8 million if regulators okay the transaction, and will then be based down the road about an hour from this blogger in Atlanta, Georgia.

Read the details here.

Well, they could hardly have picked a more corrupt place with its own gaggle of crooks than that of 'Hotlanta'. My days of art school there were many moons ago but even I noticed what a cesspool the city was. Living on Peachtree Street was a lovely thing aesthetically speaking but the corporate businesses I worked for were awful, plus, the usual description of Atlanta was and sometimes still is: fires, sinkholes, rapes, robberies, and murders.

Ex: one ('S___ Enterprises', by name) had an agreement with a modeling school owner to 'dates' for company executives. Never having dated a married man (still the case!) and having moral standards learned in the smaller, churchier town of Athens, I quit the job before the harrassment got any worse.

What a bunch of creeps!

Well, if this deal goes through, I do wish the Exchange good fortune setting up shop in once-burned, water-challenged Atlanta--for the sake of the American economy. Yes, the historical sights are interesting, I admit, and it's become a lovely enough city as cities go yet the business end of the stick isn't always what honesty requires. But that's probably no deal-breaker for a rigged casino, is it?

Dec 19, 2012

Billionaires dumping US stocks: an End -of-2012 YOD crisis?

Okay, this is the sort of news I've been hoping not to hear--that billionaires including Warren Buffet and others are 'dumping' US stocks in some of our nation's biggest corporations such as Johnson & Johnson. You may check it out at Money News if you're interested.

And even though I know that astrological Jupiter signifies large sums of money, corporations, bankers, billionaires, and such and remains retrograde until January 30, 2013, I'd hoped that the end-of-2012 YOD pattern of crisis and turning points wouldn't indicate financial calamity such as the above linked article portends--in spite of Washington's ways.

The YOD's base is the Saturn-Pluto sextile, normally a helpful sort of aspect of 60 degrees, but the two planets involved are both considered karmic, or fated (reaping what's been sown--in the case of global financial systems, corruption, fraud, and greed)--and denote a working relationship between two planetary actors that can, if warranted, bring loss and destruction. Wealthy Pluto of the Underworld is super-avaricious, you know, and wants all the treasure.

Now tell me: have you been 'hoarding resources for potential future disasters'? Then you're feeling the Saturn-Pluto pairing at work, according to astrologer Michael Munkasey in his, Midpoints: Unleashing the Power of the Planets which adds these potentials for the Saturn-Pluto duo of energies in Politics and Business:

Thesis: restraints on destructive weapons (Congress and the White House after the recent school massacre in Newtown CT? jc); turmoil in any rigid or older structures; upsets in existing checks and balances; using secret police or military agencies.

Antithesis: secret preparations for future restrictions (so-called 'fiscal cliff' negotiations? jc); lengthy consideration of methods for removal or destruction.

Well, this is some crummy way to end 2012, isn't it? Balancing the budget precariously on the backs of the working class! Why, it's as if there are radical zealots in Washington who wants the US economy to fail! Plus, President Obama said he wouldn't accept a GOP deal that would harm the needy and elderly, but will he keep his Jupiterian promise with hard-nosed Saturn-Pluto aiming in his direction? He's looking mighty wobbly with Jupiter Rx and in the Mutable (changeable) sign of Gemini.

Now you've probably already considered the midpoint picture/s created with Saturn-Pluto pointing directly at Jupiter Rx in Gemini (sign of young people and of reporters colluding and otherwise); Jupiter simultaneously conjoins US natal Uranus @8Gem55, the radical planet of rebellion, sudden change, and disruption...I'll type them for you once again; the first potential seemingly has a positive nature so we may have to put our tattered faith in it:

Saturn-Pluto = Jupiter: favorable outcomes in the use of large expenditures of resources or energies; people with leadership and the power to dispense it; opinions about how to reclaim the use of waste products for other uses.

Saturn-Pluto = US n Uranus: sudden changes or upsets in plans related to very important activities; reforms in punishment for important crimes; the erratic or uneven use of retaliatory measures (Munkasey); now we must add this: brutal efforts to start a new order; an attack, regardless of potential losses (Tyl.)

Now if you've read this grumpy blog before today you probably know that I quite regularly complain about the power elite's determination to force a 'new world order' upon the world. Even so, I don't like to think that the last potential has anything to do with restricting gun ownership in America due to the horrific nature of the attack on the Sandy Hook Elementary School. Second Amendment notwithstanding, I won't say more but if you've fallen in with the cynicism that Washington politicians and their backers have managed to instill in many Americans, you just might understand what I mean without my having to type it for it comes under the heading of Thinking the Unthinkable.

And if the 5:10 pm LMT horoscope ('Sibly' for July 4, 1776) is correct and America's natal IC (End of the Matter; The Drain) is at the Mars-ruled Aries Point (00Ari+), then weaponry and rebellion are how our nation began--and how it will, at some point, end. For as you know, it's a natural law that the end is in the beginning...are we watching it unfold before our very eyes?

Sep 19, 2012

MarketPlace: Traders Use Financial Astrology (audio)

Remember the other day when we discussed the Fed, QE3, and inflationary Jupiter-Neptune? Well, today MarketPlace presents a revealing look at market traders who use Financial Astrology and the current Saturn square natal Neptune affecting the Fed's natal horoscope. This is the 'false hopes and promises' transit when deception, illusion, and limitations are part of the picture, at least until the transit passes.

Wonder to which international banking houses America's treasure was sent this time--and why? And what does the IMF know?

As old financier extraordinaire, J.P. Morgan (student and client of master astrologer Evangeline Adams) once famously said, "Millionaires don't use Astrology, billionaires do."

Yet we may never know how many traders take advantage these days of the financial cycles described so well by Astrology since, as mentioned above, its use is often kept a big secret!

Sep 8, 2012

Quantitative Easing Explained (video) w Jupiter-Neptune

The Fed's 'Quantitative Easing' of Inflationary Jupiter-Neptune

by Jude Cowell w Video by Omid Malekan

If you've visited SO'W before you know this dissenting American blogger has done quite a bit of grousing over Fed actions and its shady beginnings, and no less so now. Even just yesterday I blogged about the planetary imprint or signature which seals its meanings and themes into the Obama administration and which will affect his legacy as president (Jan 20, 2009 until noon of January 21, 2013.)

Yet if Mr. Obama is re-elected, the Jupiter-Neptune combo of energies will continue in the background of his second term. Expansive Jupiter and merging Neptune will meet next in 2022 @23Pis59 conj NYSE's natal *MC 23Pis21); or, if another man is selected for Oval Office duty in 2012, Jupiter-Neptune will flavor events, plans, grand schemes, religious flowerings, and more with major associated events and circumstances timed by the pair's aspects to one another as they circle in their orbits--as seen from Earth. Either way, controlling the inflationary qualities of the pair won't be easy and may not be possible, even if that is the Fed's true motivation.

Happily I find that Omid Malekan has updated his video library since I visited so I chose two of my favorites concerning the Fed and "the Ben Bernank", as he's called therein. If clear explanations are your preference and Financial Collapse 2007/08 remains an issue for you and yours, check out the two videos and think of how secretive the what-became-known-as the Fed's planning session on Jekyll Island, Georgia was in 1910 and how the White House and the US Congress colluded with NY bankers and politicians to morph a utopian take-over fantasy into political and legal reality through the creation of the US Federal Reserve Bank set up by an Act of Congress.

And of course for something that unpopular, the culprits sneakily pushed through the legislation on December 23, 1913 when Capitol Hill's Christmas recess had begun and many chambers, halls, and seats were empty of anyone who might've objected to forming a central bank a la Alexander Hamilton-style. For if we're talking Jupiter-Neptune, we're talking visionaries and scoundrels out for their main chance and successfully linking treasuries of the US with that of Britain (City of London) in spite of all the fighting and sacrifices our ancestors did to free us from the grip of the British Empire. Shams and Mystery Plays!

As the video reminds us, the Fed has been wrong about everything from the start and maintains plenty of air with which to blow things up: the Fed wants an inflated economy that continues giving Goldman-Sachs all advantages and leads to a global financial collapse when they're good'n'ready.

Guess it probably should go without saying that the New York Stock Exchange was formed (by a small group, again) on May 17, 1792 under the auspices of a previous Great Conjunction of Jupiter and Neptune in Libra in 4th house, both retrograde in late degrees, a section of the Zodiac where Saturn has lumbered recently (on his way to Scorpio):

NYSE's Jupiter-Neptune = transit Saturn 2011/12: consequences issuing from false hopes; lack of confidence; pessimism; disappointments (Ebertin); possible self-delusion; breakdown of idealization (Tyl); any, all, or none may apply.

So as everyone freely admits, the NYSE is a rigged casino. And it's a natural law that Jupiterian-Neptunian bubbles must always go pop! Now. How to shoehorn the varmints out?

*Jupiter-Neptune (2022) = natal MC (1792): visionaries; spendthrifts; speculators; fortune-hunters; philanthropists; squanderers; damage through thoughtlessness; political conflicts (Ebertin); over-indulgences of all kinds (Tyl.) Sounds mighty familiar, hmm?

May 19, 2012

Chris Hedges: Colonized by Corporations (NYSE = Jupiter-Neptune)

On the topic of who really runs America, on May 14, 2012 TruthDig published a not-to-be-missed article by Chris Hedges, Colonized by Corporations, which makes the point that it's the declasse among us--the educated now left by the power elite with no position and few prospects--that the corporate class fears most. I provide the article link in case you missed it.

Here's a brief excerpt from Mr. Hedges' article:

"--those who hold power, real power, are not the elected mandarins in Washington but the criminal class on Wall Street."

Jupiter-Neptune Describes New York Stock Exchange

The quote from Chris Hedges 'outs' a concept that is one of the main reasons I created Stars Over Washington in 2005 (to vent frustrations!) so putting on my Political Astrology hat, I'll say that the birth horoscope of the *New York Stock Exchange shows just what Capricornian cynics like me might expect: a frothy Jupiter-Neptune conjunction, with both planets retrograde in late Libra (22:57/27:42.)

This means that the Buttonwood Tree agreement in NY was formed under such influences as speculation, waste, grand schemes (including 'bubbles'), idealism, over-extension, over-promotion, and fraud. Sad to say that the Obama administration is imprinted by a Jupiter-Neptune conjunction as well with their three exact conjunctions occurring on May 27, July 10, and December 21 of inaugural year 2009. There are no Great Conjunctions in 2013 to imprint the next presidency with different energies so unfortunately the Jupiter-Neptune themes are to be continued--plus, Neptune now resides in its own murky sign of Pisces which indicates the heights or the depths, and contagion of all sorts.

(Next up will be Jupiter conjunct Saturn once on December 21, 2020 @ 00AQ29--prominent at Winter Solstice--which hits the January 20th US inaugural Sun.)

As you remember, in 2009 all three conjunctions directly hit US natal Moon 27AQ10 (the public) which provided We the People such delights as: instability, becoming involved in speculation, losing oneself in plans, dreaminess (oh Barack!), little sense of reality, and uncertainty. Some people have experienced great loss through floods and gas damages to water tables (fracking chemicals), all provinces of Neptune with Jupiter expanding the negative effects and the size of the fraud and loss. Naturally much disappointment has resulted since inflated Jupiter-Neptune bubbles must pop eventually.

Now they say that how a person, event, or entity begins shows how things will end...the end is in the beginning. If so, We the People (and other disenfranchised populations across the globe) have already suffered grievously and lossed unfairly from the predictable actions of the weak characters of current and past Wall Street titans and traders whose natal Jupiter, planet of banks, large amounts of money, growth, gurus, and ideals, has been undermined from the start by gaseous Neptune which, according to astrological principles, wouldn't know how to provide stability if it tried. Unless it's in the spiritual realm and I think we can safely rule that out when it comes to those who worship gold, love money, and lust for power.


*NYSE birth data: May 17, 1792 NYC; I tend to use the '7:52 am LMT' time which appears in various places online though I've seen some who favor 10:00 am LMT as does Celeste Teal in her book, Eclipses, in which she cites Maggie Hyde for her rectifcation work on the chart which gives ASC 9Leo38 with Uranus 15Leo09 rising in 1st H, and MC 27Ari59 conjunct Saturn 26:23 in 9th house which places Neptune Rx on the IC (Endings; The Drain) but on the 3rd H side with Jupiter Rx. Neptune conj IC is descriptive of what I groused about, above, with its unstable roots and shady beginnings. A Saturn-Neptune opposition indicates trust issues, lack of confidence, and exploitation; Jupiter opposite Saturn shows fluctuations in values and worth, and a need for 'yes-men' for any criticism is deemed unmerited, the titans think.

Yet looking at a '7:52 am LMT' birth hour, ASC 13Can51 conjoins US natal Sun with 1792's Chiron 15Can25 rising and MC 23Pis21--so that NYSE's Career and Public Standing are ruled and sub-ruled by Jupiter and Neptune! In both natal charts a midpoint picture emerges: Jup-Nep = Saturn: feeling abandoned by one's luck (as you will if you gamble in the rigged casino on Wall Street); false hopes; plans that come to nothing; losses; disappointments; self-delusion; pessimism; combining the real with the unreal in one's activities. (Tyl; Munkasey; Ebertin.) Plus, by transit, Saturn in late Libra has catapulted off-and-on this difficult midpoint picture into 2012 for present-day expression!

Feb 5, 2012

Newt Denies his Bohemian Grove attendance! (video); and Jupiter/Uranus

Playing dumb when confronted with the reporting of your attendance at Bohemian Grove rituals may make sense when you're desperate to play president. Here's Newt Gingrich being placed on the 'male-prostitute' spot by a gutsy young man (thanks, young man-- Newt's confrontation with the truth is priceless!)


For more info and videos concerning the annual gatherings amongst the Redwoods of California of political, business, and entertainment industry bigwigs (and hired servers)--a social affair where calling on the devil seems to be the order of the night, scroll a bit to this blog's Search Bar and type in 'Bohemian Grove' for various entries on this pagan conflagration of 'fire worshippers' who act as social tinkerers and 'leaders' when wearing business suits.

You know, some say that Russian mystic and artist *Nicolas Roerich, an adviser to President Franklin Roosevelt, led the White House under the auspices of 'Black Majick' and that if the American people had known what was really going on, FDR would have been ridden out of Washington on a rail, or worse.

Now I don't know how true the myth but the District's association with the Goat of Mendes gives me pause for wondering about evasive old FDR who took control of our nation at the same time that devilish Hitler rose to power...and both under the influence of the same Solar Eclipse, the 'Fascism Rising Eclipse' of Feb 24, 1933 @ 5Pis28--which conjoins President Obama's natal Chiron and tr Chiron 2012.)

Were AH and FDR both working toward a 'New World Order'? My suspicion is, Yes, each in his own way with both countries wanting to man the helm of Global Government. In the Eurozone, Germany now ascends monetarily while the US has been financially heisted and weakened--on purpose, thanks to the SEC, Wall Street, transnational bankers, rating agencies, and the Fed.

View the 1933 eclipse horoscope with its interlaced YODs of crisis and a few chart details here. Why, in 1933, the Fed was only 20 years old!

*Nicolas Roerich born October 9, 1874 St. Petersburg, Russia; at noon: Sun in mid-Libra, Moon 4Lib37 (or could be in later degrees of Virgo); Mercury in business-oriented, ruthless Scorpio; Venus 2Sag05 (conjoined by our last Solar Eclipse Nov 25, 2011 #@ 2Sag37--the 'Super Committee' eclipse), Mars 14Vir35 (Mars is in Virgo now indicating his Mars Return 2012), Jupiter 12Lib58 conj n Sun, Saturn 7AQ40 Rx, Uranus 14Leo28, Neptune 29Ari47 Rx (@ critical degree), Pluto 22Tau20 Rx (conjoined on May 28, 2000 by the Jupiter/Saturn conjunction = Pluto: attaining aims slowly but surely; violent changes or restrictions; immense efforts - Ebertin.)

Natal North Node (NN) 26Ari40 Rx conjoins his Pre-Natal Eclipse Series (PE) 26:24 which conjoin his natal Midas 26:03 and all are snugged between his natal Chiron 20Ari24 Rx, the Wound (so he was born during a US Chiron Return) and often-delusional Neptune...Neptune/NN = lack of community or team spirit.

Hmm. Reminds me of the uncooperative attitude of Republicans and DINOS on Capitol Hill (circa Jan 20, 2009--Jan 20, 2013) who do not need to be named here. (Note: Ebertin gives the Jup/Uran combo of energies on a negative level as: 'obstinate adherence to one's own principles from inherent opposition rather than from true conviction; magnifying or exaggerating everything'. As noted, for we know who the undermining jackasses are.)

Anyway, Roerich's PE falls into the 2 Old North Series: 'unfortunate news concerning relationships; a glum and difficult series bringing potentials for separation and the ending of unions, yet taking quick action may bring positive results.' (paraphrasing Brady's Predictive Astrology.) A Solar Eclipse last manifested in this series on July 1, 2000 @ 10Can15 which greatly affected US natal planets in Cancer, mainly Jupiter '6Can' (monetary policy) and the Sun '14Can' (the leader, or, leadership; the president.) In fact, this eclipse degree was triggered on July 1, 2011 by a Solar Eclipse @ 9Can12, the initial eclipse in a new series.

As for his financial expertise and advising of FDR on monetary policies, Roerich was born with the promise of lucky breaks and financial opportunities because a Jupiter/Uranus sextile (60 degr) attuned him to the financial cycles and peaks of Jupiter and Uranus (as timed by their sextiles and trines) of his day. The Jupiter/Uranus cycle is the "ultra-important" one when it comes to stock markets and business/monetary cycles, says Sybil Leek in her book, The Astrological Guide to Financial Success (1972.)

Jupiterian growth + Uranian change = peaks and fluctuations, with Uranus associated with Technology and Industry; their adventurous blend also indicates scientific discoveries and inventions, broadened horizons, and far-seeing plans and activities.

Not that the current opposition of societal planets Jupiter (growth, investment) and Saturn (restriction, loss, austerity measures) isn't important as well. But they sure are behaving stubbornly especially if we use them to represent Ds (Saturn usually but these days, Jupiter) and Rs (Jupiter traditionally, but these days, Saturn.) The Jupiter/Saturn opposition phase is "strongly recessive," says Sybil Leek. Can you feel it, even with Jupiter moved ahead into Earthy, practical Taurus and Saturn hanging back at the end of Airy Libra? Things are shifting now...

So Jupiter's growth function works well with Uranus' change function, a teamwork that denotes business peaks which may be clearly seen--not only with Astrology--but in stock market records which detail the approximately 3 1/2-year business cycle of Jupiter and Uranus (3.45 years actually.) Many traders know of the 3 1/2 year cycle yet few if any can explain the How or Why of it--unless Financial Astrology is employed for timing purposes.

("Millionaires don't use Astrology, billionaires do." - J.P. Morgan Sr.)

The current monetary cycle as timed by the Great Conjunction/s of Jupiter and Uranus began, of course, with the three-fer we experienced from 2010 to 2011 with their first meeting standing out due to its occurrence upon a World Point of Manifestation, the Aries Point, as you'll remember:

1. June 8, 2010 @ 00Ari18
2. Sep 19, 2010 @ 28Pis43
3. Jan 4, 2011 @ 27Pis02

In markets, Aries = war, weaponry, iron and steel, transport, policing-fire fighting-security services, surgery, adventurous enterprises, mining, oil drilling, and other Martian sectors; Pisces = oil and gas, oceanography, water travel, fisheries, footwear, drugs drugs and more drugs (including vaccines and contraceptives--in the news now), entertainment, art galleries, antiques, religion, mysticism, state bonds for civic development (Leek), and other Piscean sectors which include the military as does Aries.

Naturally, we may expect that market and economic issues will continue to need close attention during Spring 2012 as the Sun reaches Vernal Equinox (00Ari00:00) on March 20, 2012 and highlights this monetary/business cycle while forming a midpoint picture:

Jupiter/Uranus = Mar 20, 2012 Sun: far-sightedness; inventive minds; illumination of one's best position in any circumstance; great success (Ebertin; Tyl); incorporating new ideas (Munkasey.) Well, someone is doing okay, right?


Our current 'ultra-important' financial period: June 2010 + 3 1/2 years = end of 2013, early 2014; or, Jan 2011 + 3 1/2 years = mid-2014, so the parameters are: end of 2013 to mid-2014. Not being of a trading or speculating disposition, there's not a lot I plan do with this info personally but those who are planning ahead in their careers just now may be able to use the suggested periods as a 'far-seeing' financial guide for future expansion and reforms in Technology if in nothing else.


Further reading: 2011's Solar and Lunar Eclipses.

A Blog Note to my Readers: due to an upcoming relocation, my blogging time will continue intermittently until things settle down in early to mid-March. This will entail new tech equipment which I am looking forward to enjoying so please stay tuned for it seems that the broadening energies of Jupiter/Uranus may just knock upon my blogging door yet! Jude

Aug 5, 2011

Uranus in Aries, the History of Utopia (video), and ALEC

Of late I've complained often about an active Uranus in Aries representing visionary Utopians as Reinhold Ebertin mentions in his book The Combination of Stellar Influences.

For the DOW's 500+-point plummet yesterday, the midpoint picture of Uranus in Aries at apex between Jupiter (@ '10 Taurus' = "A Red Cross Nurse" which on one level implies Rosicrucians) and nebulous Neptune (@ '1 Pisces' = "A Public Market"--our 'consumer economy' and the NYSE) was in force as its been during the 'debt-deal/default' theater we've just been treated to by Washington (ad nauseum.)

As you know, Jupiter with Neptune is the speculation/wastrel/inflation/grand scheme pair of planets, a perfect dynamic for a pie-in-the-sky illusion such as Utopia...

Jupiter/Neptune = Uranus: coming down to earth with a bump; sudden recognition of a difficult situation; imagination v reality (Ebertin.)

And of course, progressive, futuristic Uranus itself relates to Plato's Ideal which remains but a dream unless and until it finds Saturnian form (practicality; solidity; status quo) to pour into in order to manifest on earth, the physical plane.

The Form Returns...

On August 28, 2011, Saturn for the third time in this 28-year cycle returns to US natal Saturn's degree (14Lib48) which should be a resolution phase for issues of accountability, responsibility, and--as the US government is determined to enforce upon the have-nots rather than upon the rich who caused financial collapse--austerity measures.

Since Uranus has an approximate orbit of 84 years, the last time Uranus was in Aries, Herr Hitler rose to power. This is an important astrological tidbit to know as you consider James Corbett's overview of Utopia while thinking of all that is transpiring to gridlock the US government, lower the people's approval of it, and overthrow our democracy--what little we have left to overthrow as Uranus Rx prepares to hit Aries Point (00:00) again, and recross the IC (Homeland; Domestic Scene) of the US natal horoscope--Utopians in America...

For further reading on another historical Utopian (and a definite villain of our piece), you may wish to try Sir Francis Bacon, Uranus/Neptune, and Pluto. And don't be surprised if there's a Rockefeller involved...

Then there's Plato's Ideal State and his Theory of Forms if you're in a seriously philosophical mood.


Americans, the totalitarian coup d'etat is in progress and time's a-wastin'! If you're not a fan of corporations writing US legislation for a complicit Congress (as I type ALEC meets in convention in New Orleans, Marriott--to decide America's future), please visit ALEC Exposed and get involved. For if you haven't noticed yet, the American Revolution for freedom and independence must now be fought all over again.