Sep 14, 2008

Tina Fey knocks Palin ball out of park

Last evening when former head writer Tina Fey returned to Saturday Night Live, expectations for her impression of Sarah Palin were high, and Fey masterfully delivered alongside Amy Poehler's brilliant version of Hillary Clinton to open the show.

Tina Fey was born May 18, 1970 in Upper Darby, Pennsylvania, a suburb of Philadelphia with Mercury, planet of writers, conjunct Saturn (form; work) in Taurus.

Mercury/Saturn signifies the professional writer and both her Mercury and Saturn are conjunct Fixed Star Menkar, alpha star of Cetus...Fey is able to tap into images and archetypes from the collective unconscious bwo Cetus, the Whale.

This ability usually resonates familiarly with the public, plus, Fey's style of comedy is light enough to cause the stuffier folk among us little or no offense.

Graduating from Upper Darby High School in 1988, Fey grew up a fan of Monthy Python comedy, Marx Brothers' films, and of SNL where she began writing in 1997 after a stint with Second City.

As the first female head writer for SNL (1999), Tina Fey added so much to the show's writing that it was a joyous triumph to see her again on the SNL's season debut and doing a bang-up job of impersonating Sarah Palin.

That Fey favors Palin physically is obvious, but capturing Palin's mannerisms and accent was made to look easy as pie by the self-effacing star.

Now during the 24 hours of May 18, 1970, the Moon was primarily in Libra but if Fey was born between 6:49 pm (edt) and midnight, her natal Moon would be in Scorpio, an intense, rather moody Water sign.

And although her mother (Moon) worked for a brokerage firm (Scorpio = high finance), her chances for having a Libra Moon are high.

She seems more of a balanced, cool Libra Moon lady to me, but I will give both Sun-Moon combinations along with her late Taurus Sun even though her successful career and fame would indicate a Moon upper in the natal chart, thus an earlier birth.

Sun Tau-Moon Libra is an Earth-Air combo which gives a productive, rational personality that can be both innovative and efficient. This is an up-in-the-air and down-to-earth blend that brings together abstract thought with practical considerations of how to get on in the world.

Earth-Air is the practical idealist combo that plans a course of action, then acts (JFK had this blend although he had Sun in Air, Moon in Earth.)

With Sun in Earth, Moon in Air there is a conscious impulse to come to grips with reality through logic, but to make one's efforts as humane and far-reaching as possible.

What may receive short shrift is the emotional side of life, yet Earth-Air usually gets along with most people on a practical social level. Rational rapport is sought within relationships, and this blend is very supportive and adaptable.

Sun Tau-Moon Libra: charming and rational lover of harmony; attractive personality; sensual, sentimental, and devoted with a need for companionship with lots of affection and kindness; a pleasantly persuasive social theorist (a bit of a utopian) and an idealistic artist; a champion of justice who enjoys life to the hilt.

Genuinely interested in people, this blend has a lively social conscience and may be an environmentalist who is attracted to progressive ideas; accepts that everyone is an individualist and believes in a society where everyone is respected; waste not, want not; compromise is integral, for conflict is anathema to this combo; has diplomatic skills that can overcome antagonism in any setting; gentle wit and impeccable artistic sensibilities.

If there are weaknesses here it is an over-reliance on popularity and social acceptance, and an over-emphasis on rational solutions for every kind of problem.

Noel Tyl points out that in this blend both signs are ruled by Venus, so romantic and social dimensions are emphasized, and flattery and social appreciation may easily pull one off-course and off-purpose.

Images for Integration: 'A loaf of fresh bread in an art exhibition...A computer produces beautiful painting...Cream tea for two.' (Sun Sign-Moon Sign, Chas & Suzy Harvey.)

(This is the natal blend of Bertrand Russell and Rudolph Valentino.)

For Sun Tau-Moon Scorpio (an opposition which I don't believe is Tina Fey's personality blend), I shall simply let Noel Tyl give details - see if you think this sounds like Ms. Fey...

a very strong streak of stubbornness; headstrong self-willed energies of Taurus are forced into the world to dramatize how significant, deep, and important the ego is; materialism shows off personal worth; over-analysis of the status quo impedes progress.

(This is the natal blend of Harry Truman.)

Images for Integration: The mating season...Persephone and Pluto...'The Phantom of the Opera'...Dennis Potter's 'The Singing Detective.'

Well, you may decide which blend describes the brilliant writer and comedienne Elizabeth Samatina Fey however you like, but personally I'll have to vote for an Airy Libra Moon!


This afternoon I'll be posting Wedding Day Astrology; Tina Fey and Jeff Richmond over at jude's threshold if you're interested...look in the sidebar on the Pages list.

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