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Jan 15, 2009

Bush and Washington: Farewell Addresses

It's been 213 years since President Washington gave his buh-bye to the American people, and tonight we get another buh-bye from Washington...DC.
George Washington's Farewell Address of Sept 17, 1796 involves no tacos or other references to what his audience expects to have for lunch or dinner.

But Washington does mention that he's made mistakes.

The George of our time, however, gives his Farewell Address tonight, Jan 15, at 8:00 pm est, an hour which does not, as some have noted, interfere with tonight's episode of The Office.

Mention of Bush mistakes are optional. The entire list would be refreshing and healing.

And since such an address at the end of a US president's term is a "fare thee well" wish, I must wonder if Bush will bespeak to us more of a 'Good-Bye, Suckers Address'...much more appropriate when you consider the man and his administration's radical rearrangement of America.

With minimal blogging time this morning, I'm posting the chart set for Washington, DC, 8:00 pm est, assuming that things run reasonably on schedule. You see one of the Images for Integration for Sun Cap-Moon Libra is scribbled in the lower left corner.

Moon is conjunct America's natal Midheaven, so the public is watching (those who can stomach it.)

Bush's feisty natal Mars is his 'first planet to rise' in the chart, and added to other factors, he should be in a self-defensive mood...'putting one's foot down; making a point strongly; standing up for one's position'--> Mercury-Mars = Sun, the leader.

8:00 pm is a Jupiter Hour so we may expect more of the Airy 'freedom-democracy for the world - by force, if necessary' schtick from this neocon mouthpiece.

Chart-ruler Mercury is Rx so it's a review and revise exercise for Mr. Bush, whose backside will be larger in the rearview mirror than it now appears.

9:29 pm est: Quit Yammering!

Well, how interesting is this? Hope it doesn't mean Bush was shaking his sabre at the American people or at Barack Obama on his smarmy way out the door...

...Dubya hushed up at 8:14 pm est with Ic (the Foundation or Basis of the chart, aka The Drain; Ending) conjunct Inauguration 2009's Moon 29Sco45...Ic at 8:14 pm: 29Sco17.

"30Sco"..."A Halloween Jester."

And at the WHY? Point, Mc..."30Tau"..."A Peacock Parading on an Ancient Lawn."

And yet, underneath the make-up he looked like a wax doll to me. Or maybe my TV screen could use a bit of a polish - I know tonight's address made me want to spit.


DD said...

It looks like Bush will portray himself as the stern paternal figure creating every way to keep US safe so he can call his two terms nurturing to Americans, right?

Jude Cowell said...

Poppa...Poppa can you hear me? Poppa? Leave DC immediately go directly to the Hague do not pass Crawford do not collect Sun Myung Moon from Paraguay...

Donna, I can hardly wait to hear his patter tonight...10 more minutes...within his bubble of silken privilege i figure he CANNOT POSSIBLY realize what a relief most people will feel to see his shadow on the doorstep! ;p