Feb 16, 2009

IMF plans proceed for martial law in US

Yes, you've probably seen this article from Chris Hedges, published today. But in case there's one person who sashays into this blog and hasn't seen it, I'm posting a link to Bad News from America's Top Spy because all Americans, accustomed to civil rest for decades now, should be aware that martial law is being planned to quell the 'civil conflict or disturbance' the ruling class fully expect to occur due to the worsening economic crisis (which they created for their dominion purposes - they have us in a bit of a Catch-22 trap, don't they?

And for those who doubt that the 'new international economic order' or 'New World Order' - is part of the ruling class' plan, think how desperate millions of people are in the US (and there are civil riots ongoing in other areas of the globe now) and how many sources - including the ones in the article - are predicting the same revolt in the US.

No, you may not be surprised who's doing the predicting - the International Monetary Fund - the IMF, which is the entity sitting atop the apex of the US dollars' 13-step pyramid of power according to Robert Hieronmus in his book, Founding Fathers, Secret Societies.

Who Rules the World? The IMF. And they're readying for our dissent.


See a few of my notes on the WTO's troubles in 1999 at the so-called Battle in Seattle.

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