Feb 11, 2009

Obama "fearless" on economy? + EU's natal planets

Here's an interesting view from abroad on Pres. Obama's economic stimulus bill, his chances for success, and some details on how the EU is handling similar financial issues.

The European Union was hatched at midnight CET of Jan 1, 1958, Brussels, Belgium. Here are the entity's astrological particulars, beginning with Rising sign/degree, and including this afternoon's transits (tr) in italics.

You'll notice much action by way of several transits in 5th house of Gambling, Risk-Taking, and Creative Ventures:

ASC 29Vir36;

2nd cusp 23Lib35: Jupiter 28Lib35; Neptune 4Sco26; NN 8Sco40;

3rd cusp 23Sco38: Mars 6Sag10; Saturn 19Sag26; Mercury 26Sag49 Rx;

IC 29Sag29: Sun 10Cap01; tr Pluto 2Cap36 ; tr Mercury 27Cap20 ;

5th cusp 5AQ22: Chiron 14AQ50; Venus 15AQ17; tr Mars 5AQ38 ; tr Jupiter 8AQ46 ; tr NN 9AQ15 ; tr Chiron 21AQ17 ; tr Sun 23AQ20 ; tr Neptune 23AQ55 ;

6th cusp 5Pis31; tr Uranus 20Pis59 ;

DESC 29Pis36; tr Venus 6Ari41 ;

8th cusp 23Ari35; SN 8Tau40; Moon 10Tau23 ;

9th cusp 23Tau38;

MC 29Gem29;

11th cusp 5Leo22; Uranus 10Leo49 Rx; Pluto 2Vir08 Rx; tr SN 9Leo15 ;

12th cusp 5Vir31; tr Saturn 20Vir15 Rx; tr Moon 24Vir+.

The speculator pair of grand visions - Jupiter/Neptune in 2nd house of Earning Ability and Values form a midpoint picture with NN...

Jupiter-NN = Neptune: lack of clarity in objectives of being or working together; sharing the spirit but not much else, esp in the way of grounding. (Tyl.)

Here are the rest of the EU's natal midpoint pics...

Jupiter-Pluto = ASC: being known as an organizer or special achiever (Tyl); prudence; the desire for power (Ebertin.)

Mercury-Pluto = Jupiter: publicity; persuasion brings success; gaining a good reputation.

Saturn-ASC = NN: unpleasant circumstances with others;

Neptune-MC = Pluto: the supernatural as a professional focus; strange happenings on the job or in the home. ~:~

As you see above, restrictive, somber Saturn will be conjuncting ASC when the venerable lesson-bringer reaches 29Vir36 in October 2009, a time of facing reality, being accountable, and being ones true self (whether you want to or not.)

It will be May 2010 before disruptive rebel Uranus crosses the DESC and moves into 7th house, possibly causing break-up within the Union or at least a new way of partnering - and, of course, Uranus reserves the right to act as catalyst earlier or later than expected.

Also in early 2010, as 5Cap is reached by tr Pluto, the god of the underworld and/or the secret hand will be within 5 degrees' orb to natal Sun 10Cap02, a time when power issues surface and aggression and intensity are highlighted.

Circumstances may provoke resentment and resistance toward those who are perceived as manipulative or who have more power and control; the EU could become more formidable during the transit of Pluto to natal Sun.

Natal Jupiter 28Lib35, in 2nd house, is conjunct the degree of the EU's Pre-Natal Eclipse (PE) which is in the 14 North Series, and whose keywords are:

a most peculiar family of eclipses heralding an acute time of confusion in relationships, unexpected happenings in financial matters, and possible illness; despair, a draining of energy (and of money??), and peculiar events; clear judgments are difficult as the eclipse affects the chart - there's too much confusion and possibly delusion to make important decisions. (Brady's Predictive Astrology.)

The 14N Series last manifested on Nov 13, 1993 (22Sco) and will occur next on Nov 25, 2011 (2Sag.)

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