Mar 9, 2009

Bush's torture memo authors can't fnd jobs

If the tale of how a former Cheney chief-of-staff can't find a job elicits a collective 'ahhh-h-h-h..h...h....h...' moment, I'll eat my tortured chapeau.

More like a tut tut especially since you'd think they'd have thought of that. Even eight l o n g years don't last forever.

Sheesh. Hope they weren't expecting awards and rewards for their fascist efforts!


Anonymous said...


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Tango daddy said...

It's only fitting they are out of work so are millions of good guys. Bush enablers are not the good guys!

jude cowell said...

Jilly you get the oddest word verifications! Or perhaps we should say, synchronistic... jude

Hi Tango daddy, it does seem to be poetic justice which is why i wanted to mention it on this blog after my years of complaining against Bush!


Anonymous said...

LOL it only happens on this blog.