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Apr 4, 2009

Full Moon April 9, 2009: Sun Ari-Moon Libra

For the culmination stage of March 26's New Moon 6Ari08, we have a Libra Full Moon on April 9, 2009 which I have detailed for you with the chart set for Washington, usual astrological and political shenanigans.

This Full Moon gives us a Fire-Air Sun Ari-Moon Libra blend to consider as relationships of all kinds are highlighted now.

Full Moons are oppositions (which always tell of relationships or partnerships) and Aries-Libra is the natural sign polarity of relationships. Rulers Mars and Venus are passionate about getting together - or arguing about why they can't!

Sun Ari-Moon Libra indicates issues of who has the power - me or others? This is a vivacious, charming, outwardly confident pairing, but it vacillates between independence and dependence.

An inner 'heroic picture' may be nursed, yet others may not 'see' the heroism. Head and heart clash over and over again, and the resulting frustrations can destroy self-confidence.

Idealism and hopefulness abound with Sun Ari-Moon Libra in its 'live-wire' Fire-Air combo which is shared natally by William Hazlit, who brilliantly observed:

"The love of liberty is the love of others; the love of power is the love of ourselves."

Image for Integration: 'A conductor leads an orchestra with passionate conviction and a vibrant, pulsating organism of musical perfection is created to the ecstatic uplifting of the audience.' (Sun Sign-Moon Sign, Chas & Suzi Harvey.)

Now - if you click and read the above-linked post concerning April 9's Full Moon, note that Venus Rx 00Ari34 (conj World Point 00Ari00) is now hanging out with asteroid Terpsichore, the orchestrator in April 2009's Full Moon drama in Washington.

Yet on another level, art-loving Venus and music-scorer Terpsichore are possibly about to unleash new, enticing music upon the planet!

And we could all do with some new tunes, couldn't we?

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