Apr 26, 2009

IMF protesters arrested in DC Apr 26, 2009: Pleiades implicated?

Police and protesters clashed at the IMF's Washington headquarters yesterday, Apr 25, 2009, with seven protesters arrested.

Hmm...is today's Sunset spectacle (see previous post below) - involving some difficult stars of the Pleiades cluster of seven stars - affecting the collective a day early? The IMF and World Bank were meeting to discuss a $55 billion infrastructure project for the 'developing world' as they're fond of saying, and using the current financial collapse (in which they are implicated) as cover and justification.

Sounds like more resource plundering on the way.

Saturday's protesters carried placards saying 'Capitalism in Crisis' and I'm not sure if anyone, financial experts included, could disagree with that. But vandalism at protests is never greeted happily so arrests were predictable. 'Plants' in the ranks of protesters are also possible, as I always remind myself in these cases.

One of the more famous 'cases' remains the 'Battle in Seattle' against the WTO (World Trade Organisation) in November-December of 1999. Lots of vandalism there by what looked to be planted operatives. Stuart Townsend did a great job directing the film, Battle in Seattle, worth a DVD viewing if you haven't. It contains actual footage as well.

Then there's a previous post from Feb 16, 2009, IMF plans proceed for martial law in the US, which may be even more specific to the protests against the IMF yesterday in our nation's capital.

And you know that the transiting midpoint of Pluto-Chiron is now conjunct US natal Pluto - or US Secondary Progressed Pluto, if you like - now progressed to a crisis-ridden 29th degree (of Capricorn.) Interestingly, the Sabian Symbol for America's natal Pluto degree is 'An Aviary' so I can't help it if I've been half-expecting a bird flu outbreak in the US. Looks like the pigs arrived first.

Yes, Pluto-Chiron is the '-isms' pair: fascism, statism, corporatism, racism, etc, plus disenfranchisement, primal violence, suffrage, etc, and, I suspect, the current outbreak of swine flu is somehow involved with Pluto-Chiron with Chiron relating to health as the Wound and the Wounded Healer, and Pluto playing his usual transformative games and secretly in control.

'Quarantine authority' is held at state and local levels, so stay aware, m'peops.

And since Pres. Obama left Mexico about 10 days ago, his health isn't expected to be in question relating to the current outbreak of swine flu.

That's good, because a US president spreading contagion of this kind would be even freakier than the usual swill coming out of Washington.

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