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Apr 27, 2009

Machiavelli will inspire you now

Machiavelli's ideas about the difficulties of introducing a
new order of things are part of Jeff Huber's excellent article in which he relates the 'brave new world order' to America's recent changes in perspective and prospects for world domination which by my count, aren't going very well for humankind's sake. But I suppose on a sub-human, reptilian level their plans are slithering like clockwork.

Nicolo Machiavelli was born in Florence, Italy on May 11, 1469 (NS = Gregorian calendar; his birth date involves the Florentine calendar as well and his chart details have a Rodden Rating of 'B' from auto/biographical sources.)

Sun 20Tau58, Moon 2AQ50; Mercury 10Gem15; Venus 22Ari34; Mars 11 Pis59; Jupiter 27Can21; chart-ruler Saturn 4Tau56; Uranus Rx 12Lib58; Neptune Rx 7Sco44, and conjunct Pres. Obama's Neptune; Pluto Rx 6Vir01 - conj Pres. Obama's Pluto; Chiron Rx 27Cap53conj BHO's natal Saturn; NN 7AQ13; ASC 11Cap22; MC 8Sco46.

First house contains Chiron, Moon, and North Node, Mars is in 2nd house, Venus and Saturn in 3rd house, Sun in 4th, Mercury in 5th.

Jupiter is in 7th house of Partnerships and Open Enemies (he was out of favor and desperate for some years during his life), Pluto resides in 8th house, leaving Uranus and Neptune in 9th with his Neptune conjunct MC.

You may notice that the old pot-stirrer has recently had a Nodal Return in late March, 2009 a time when new associations may be made, but so far I have no reports of his turning over, sitting up, or appearing at any political events in person.

But he has had public mention (NN) in the above linked article and by my own keyboard tinklings which are now falling silent. My work here is done and Monday house cleaning activities are about to begin...

Oh! except for one thing:

Machiavelli began a new phase of activity on Oct 22, 2008 with a Secondary Progressed New Moon 9Sco47, the place in the zodiac where the transiting Saturn/Pluto midpoint (cruelty; hard labour; cold-heartedness; magicians and adepts) now resides - 9Sco12 this very day. And yes, our charts continue to be triggered long after we're gone!

Saturn/Pluto = Moon: melancholy; a tragic destiny (esp of 'a woman'); frigid feelings; renunciation; giving up giving; abstemiousness.

Saturn/Pluto = Sun: the threat of loss; enforced change; ill health; toil and over-exertion; sparing no pains in one's work; renunciation; privation; a physical separation (Nic is still dead so 'ill health' for him can't be Swine Flu. Too bad.)

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