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Dec 10, 2013

"Republicans are Reactionaries" not Conservatives (Uranus not Saturn)

How refreshing to read a previous tweet by Billy Butterfield shouting out that 'Republicans Are Reactionaries' and not Conservatives, so I retweeted it today.

Check out @bilibutterfield

Using Political Astrology, I'd have to echo Billy's sentiment for in Mundane charts, Republicans--not just the Tea Party faction of the party but the group as a whole--are signified by rebellious Uranus, the revolutionary, now lurching through Mars-ruled Aries (sign of war, opposition, cussedness, and a selfish me-first mindset), what Reinhold Ebertin describes as fanatics acting under "blind zeal" and using "violence"; they have an "urge to strive for reform" and are stubborn, "dreamy enthusiasts and Utopians" and that IDs them as acolytes of the Francis Bacon/Adam Weishaupt crowd of illuminated miscreants and perverts. Their "Great Plan" has progressed through the centuries and now shows itself as it truler is at its core--a devouring, undermining influence against civilization.

(You'll note the Republican focus on women's bodies: they worship the feminine in an unhealthy way. Pope-ishness now rises and helps uplift archetypes such as Isis, Lilith, Innana, and the rest of the haggish icons (hags and shrews, when their energies are perverted by mortal men who think themselves 'gods' on earth...puh! Plus, in transit, Uranus burst into US natal 4th house of Domestic Scene in 2010 at Aries Point (AP = our national IC, The Drain)--get outta my house, Utopians! And take your socio-pathic 'vision' with you.)

So! Since Republicans are not Saturnian 'Conservatives' nor are they 'conservative' what could be their modus operandi? It's Damn the Torpedoes, 'burn down the house' to achieve 'success at all and any cost' for Machiavelli would agree this is the winning hand in Politics (though I've always said that cheating isn't winning, it's stealing). Yet with Saturn now traversing Scorpio (Mars-Pluto) and the intense, forceful, big money, corporate vibes contained therein, they have manager/lawmaker Saturn's status quo influence within them as well for everyone and every group (and event) acts under influences of all the signs at all times.

Then we look to the Democratic Party as having the same 12-sign opportunities to shine or to disrupt and its natal link to the American people is primarily through US natal Moon 27AQ10, We the People. The party acts under motherly vibes as we see with the charge by the GOP that the Democrats are the "nanny party." Well, yes, actually the Astrology of the matter supports this; plus, the Republican Party's natal Sun (ego; life goal, purpose, essence) conjoined in perpetuity to US natal Sun in Cancer (13Can19) is 'daddy' and everyone knows 'his' love must be conditional. Then lo and behold! Fixed Star Sirius (aka, Isis) conjoins both Suns.

As you see, there is deep symbolism here--beware! With Astrology you are able to lift the rock of Politics and peek in amazement at the dark, squirmy creatures and the secrets that scurry underneath!


America's natal Sun Cancer-Moon Aquarius blend may be of interest to a few readers if you don't have the info already: this is a Water (intuitional plane; emotions, 'gut feelings', but also business and home loving; Cancer is a tribal sign, and this Caucasian tribe o'mine (with some bohemian gypsy and Cherokee tossed in, I'm told) must be jittery in some quarters, elated in others at the sight of today's video/TV views of the joyous tribal celebrations of the life of Nelson Mandela, their primary icon of heroism and rescue from oppression!

As the psychopaths at least partially described by Fixed Star Denebola (to go against society), the miscreants we discussed above long for nothing if not for conflict and war--global chaos and war. In Politics, Denebola echoes the call of Uranus, America's planet of war, revolution, and disruption. And yet look at the Sistine Chapel's dome for the Sky God, Ouronos, also provides humankind with brilliant ideas, genius, and happy surprises--and my own 10th house Uranus in Gemini prefers that, thanks! Oh, and a sovereign America--without the corrupt Machiavellians who pull the global strings of discord and misery to the masses.

Highly recommended reading: Dipali Desai's article on the current, extended stay of Mars in Libra.

Though the birth data is Conflicted/Unverified (Rodden Rating DD for 'Dirty Data') you may wish to view the natal horoscope and details concerning Nelson Mandela available at AstroDataBank. See what you think about the chart's veracity.

if you click 'Machiavelli natal chart details' in the tags below this post, you should find a previous post on the freak. If Blogger is doing its job, that is. jc

Apr 27, 2010

Blackmail runs Washington DC

Since 2005 on this blog, my own years of living in Washington DC have inspired me to occasionally assert that if Washington didn't have blackmail as a control tactic, the city would have to shut the doors of the White House and Capitol Building and fuggedaboudit.

Now I know I'm not the only one with the opinion that blackmail runs Washington by holding embarrassing secrets over the heads of our "representatives" and presidents so they'll stick with the power elite's chaos-brings-one-world-government script, thereby keeping them employed while making acting against the best interests of we-the-people part of their job description.

Machiavelli would be so proud that the needs of we-the-people are even more cut out of Capitol Hill's political deliberations than we ever believed and that the cruel win at any cost ploy keeps the political world of Washington DC 'secure' in its orbit.

If you like, read some of Machiavelli's natal chart details and you'll find that a new cycle of activity began for Nicolo Machiavelli in October 2008 with his Secondary New Moon 9Sco47 - during the high drama of Financial Collapse 2008 Theater.

Apr 27, 2009

Machiavelli will inspire you now

Machiavelli's ideas about the difficulties of introducing a
new order of things are part of Jeff Huber's excellent article in which he relates the 'brave new world order' to America's recent changes in perspective and prospects for world domination which by my count, aren't going very well for humankind's sake. But I suppose on a sub-human, reptilian level their plans are slithering like clockwork.

Nicolo Machiavelli was born in Florence, Italy on May 11, 1469 (NS = Gregorian calendar; his birth date involves the Florentine calendar as well and his chart details have a Rodden Rating of 'B' from auto/biographical sources.)

Sun 20Tau58, Moon 2AQ50; Mercury 10Gem15; Venus 22Ari34; Mars 11 Pis59; Jupiter 27Can21; chart-ruler Saturn 4Tau56; Uranus Rx 12Lib58; Neptune Rx 7Sco44, and conjunct Pres. Obama's Neptune; Pluto Rx 6Vir01 - conj Pres. Obama's Pluto; Chiron Rx 27Cap53conj BHO's natal Saturn; NN 7AQ13; ASC 11Cap22; MC 8Sco46.

First house contains Chiron, Moon, and North Node, Mars is in 2nd house, Venus and Saturn in 3rd house, Sun in 4th, Mercury in 5th.

Jupiter is in 7th house of Partnerships and Open Enemies (he was out of favor and desperate for some years during his life), Pluto resides in 8th house, leaving Uranus and Neptune in 9th with his Neptune conjunct MC.

You may notice that the old pot-stirrer has recently had a Nodal Return in late March, 2009 a time when new associations may be made, but so far I have no reports of his turning over, sitting up, or appearing at any political events in person.

But he has had public mention (NN) in the above linked article and by my own keyboard tinklings which are now falling silent. My work here is done and Monday house cleaning activities are about to begin...

Oh! except for one thing:

Machiavelli began a new phase of activity on Oct 22, 2008 with a Secondary Progressed New Moon 9Sco47, the place in the zodiac where the transiting Saturn/Pluto midpoint (cruelty; hard labour; cold-heartedness; magicians and adepts) now resides - 9Sco12 this very day. And yes, our charts continue to be triggered long after we're gone!

Saturn/Pluto = Moon: melancholy; a tragic destiny (esp of 'a woman'); frigid feelings; renunciation; giving up giving; abstemiousness.

Saturn/Pluto = Sun: the threat of loss; enforced change; ill health; toil and over-exertion; sparing no pains in one's work; renunciation; privation; a physical separation (Nic is still dead so 'ill health' for him can't be Swine Flu. Too bad.)