Apr 15, 2009

Moon-Pluto conjunct for Tax Day Tea Party 4.15.09

Update April 16: found At-Largely's the rich buy the stupid. Umm-hmm.

Also please scroll to my post below with musings about whether Tax Day Tea Parties are anti-Obama (bigotry) or not.

Original post begins here:

Today's Tax Day Tea Party movement may gather quite a few participants with the Moon (the people; the public; publicity) meeting up with Pluto, planet of powerful people, publishers, the wealthy, politicians, and secret string-pullers indicating zeal, intense feelings, and propaganda in the air for this group endeavor.

In fact, click the above link for Dec 25, 2000's Solar Eclipse energy being triggered by today's Moon-Pluto conjunction.

Oh - and if applicable to you, please send the US Treasury Department your money!

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