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Jan 10, 2011

Moment of Silence: Moon = AP at Ic of US natal chart

Thinking of Tucson as Left Blames Right, Right Blames Left

On C-SPAN just now, neoconner Bill Kristol just asked if Palin isn't responsible for the violence in Tucson on Saturday (better her blamed than him, I guess.) Now he's defending George Bush and the 'attacks' on Bush while he was president for "consciously" lying and getting people killed (in his wars - his, Cheney's, and Kristol's.) As if the whole thing weren't planned all along with ginned up intell and propaganda doing the trick to lie us into war again. One has to assume that war planners have to know that soldiers sent to fight will be maimed and killed.

Kristol is accepting questions now and he's certain to have some interesting views on such topics. He just compared Paul Krugman (who criticized Sarah Palin over Tucson which is what Kristol just did but more mildly) to Joseph McCarthy! The old McCarthyism propaganda!! Pardon me, I need another cup of tea just to listen to this dribble, with several inches of snow and ice outside and still falling which makes a cuppa a double necessity.

Makes me wonder who thought Bill Kristol was an appropriate guest for C-SPAN this morning on the topic of political hate speech leading to violence, no less. Perhaps at Kristol's level of power, he decided to do the show to fend off criticism of his father's neocon movement.

After the 11:00 am Moment of Silence at the White House and Capitol Building a few minutes ago, it seems of interest to me to provide you with a link to a post on the Tax Day Tea Party of April 15, 2009, the "New American Revolution" as bull's-eye-loving Dick Armey, Sarah Palin, and others so raucously term it.

After Saturday's shootings in Tucson, this particular peacenik's prayer is that the revolution hasn't begun violently - the pen really is mightier than the sword. Yet the revolutionary Uranus/Pluto square is approaching, after all in action-loving Cardinal signs (issuing from the Great Conjunction/s of Uranus and Pluto in the mid-1960s @ '17Virgo', a critical/crisis degree, and a violent time in America - of anti-war protests, Civil Rights protests, and political assassinations by higher powers. You know: the higher powers the kid in Tucson took unfortunate action against in our propaganda-spouting government. 40 years on and you'd think we'd learn.)

Moment of Silence January 10, 2011 in Washington DC with Moon in Aries rising in DC (an Aries Moon is the significator of "I AM the people", as Moon in Aries Robespierre was fond of saying to justify his crimes - against the people of France); Moon at AP conjoins America's Ic (endings; the drain; the HOW? Point of any chart) in the Sibly version of the US natal horoscope, the degree of the June 8, 2010 Great Conjunction of Jupiter and Uranus.

Jupiter/Uranus = Moon: prudence; far-sightedness. Plus, the image is of the Moon (we-the-people) at our lowest emotional ebb (Ic) today over violence (Mars rules Aries and guns.)

Yes, it seems an obvious and honorable thing to have a brief ceremony in Washington today in honor of Rep. Gabrielle Giffords and the other victims yet I have to say it: seeing President Obama and the First Lady standing there in silence, heads lowered, cameras clicking away, looked and felt more like a photo op than anything else. Sorry. My big mouth.

And it remains to be seen how Saturday's tragedy in Tucson will lead to more security tightening in America when, imho, it's gun control laws that concern guns purchased with no background checks and guns with repeating rounds - pardon, but I don't know what they're called) that need improving along with the US government coming clean about its role in shoving the backs of the American people against the wall from where they know we'll eventually explode.

(The gun Loughner used in Tucson was purchased with an "instant background check", not that anything criminal would have shown up on him which points to our pathetic mental health system letting society down, another of my soap boxes of grumpiness.)

The GOP take-over or funding of certain Tea Party groups has shown how this dynamic can be ramped up while pretending to care about better governing. (I don't refer to Tea Party rank and file members - I mean manipulators like Mr. Koch, Mr. Armey, Mr. Beck, Mrs. Palin, and who knows who else.)

Perhaps you remember that Congress went into secret session in March 2008 to discuss their security needs and where they'd all hunker down when the depth of the financial crisis became clear which it did a few months later. (And they're acting similarly this week to discuss their own security concerns! Seems a given to me that "why do they hate us?" will be purposely misinterpreted after Tucson just as it was after 9/11/01 - in order to bolster the creation of a police state in America.)

The secret session was the meeting where all members' phones had to be surrendered at the door, and any details of the meeting's occurrence came to the public through Rep. Ron Paul who did not attend (congressional sessions are supposed to be public, not private. He said he'd attended such a meeting during his earlier days in Congress; the time of the chart you see below is from his remarks.)

Now perhaps you think Congress' rare closed-door session in 2008 can have nothing to do with our current tragedy and the steps our government will be taking in order to protect congressional members, staff, and other officials from public wrath as the US gov continues implementing globalist draconian policies meant to collapse this nation and our lives with it.

But I think it does.

If for no other reason than what Franklin Roosevelt so famously informed us: "In politics, nothing happens by accident. If it happens, you can bet it was planned that way."

You betcha!

March 13, 2008 Capitol Building 7:30 pm est; Hour Saturn (control; authority); Mc (The Goal) = '12Can' = "A Chinese Woman Nursing a Baby with a Message" (certainly our biggest creditor, China, had a message for Congress); Mystic Rectangle pattern includes: Mercury, Venus, Mars, Pluto, and Saturn; Moon (the public) is out-of-bounds as is Mars; Moon/Pluto = Sun: special far-reaching plans.

Now the Thom Hartmann Show is on TV and Thom reports that Tucson shooter Loughner may have had a link to 'the American Renaissance', a white supremacist, anti-government group. Perhaps he did - or is this planted info to deflect attention from neocon win-at-any-costers like Bill Kristol? Mr. Hartmann wouldn't do that, but right-wing political propagandists would.

So now The Right is putting out a message of "Democratic congresswoman a liberal"? Oops! Seems they may not have thought that one through very well and for better deflection from the consequences of their operatives' violent rhetoric, they may need to "reload".


If you missed it, you may wish to read today's Fresh Air feature on Arizona's lenient gun laws (audio available around 5:00 pm est today.)

Apr 15, 2009

Moon-Pluto conjunct for Tax Day Tea Party 4.15.09

Update April 16: found At-Largely's the rich buy the stupid. Umm-hmm.

Also please scroll to my post below with musings about whether Tax Day Tea Parties are anti-Obama (bigotry) or not.

Original post begins here:

Today's Tax Day Tea Party movement may gather quite a few participants with the Moon (the people; the public; publicity) meeting up with Pluto, planet of powerful people, publishers, the wealthy, politicians, and secret string-pullers indicating zeal, intense feelings, and propaganda in the air for this group endeavor.

In fact, click the above link for Dec 25, 2000's Solar Eclipse energy being triggered by today's Moon-Pluto conjunction.

Oh - and if applicable to you, please send the US Treasury Department your money!

Apr 13, 2009

Tax Day 'Tea Party' Astrology: Mars conjunct Uranus 4.15.09

Update Tuesday 4.14.09: after writing the following post yesterday concerning Wednesday's Tea Party hullaballoo while attempting to not credit or blame the GOP with the concept, it turns out that one of the Tax Day Tea Party organizers has distinct GOP ties - which makes me wonder: innocent - or trying to hide something?

Original post begins here:

Across America this April 15 'Tax Day Tea Party' rallies are being staged at town halls and state capital buildings (most are at noon) to protest spendthrift deficit government spending - some sources say 'stimulus package' also which in my book has to include the Bush administration - and massive bailouts (which definitely include the Bush administration.)

Over taxation is an allied issue as well but this may be where people like Newt Gingrich show their hands because the rich fear financing the poor and needy.

Now I'm Jill-come-lately to looking at Astrology charts of these events but you don't have to look for long to be aware that April 15, 2009 is the day of the cyclic conjunction of Mars and Uranus, together the revolutionary pair.

Not surprisingly, "a new American revolution" is a phrase being bandied about concerning 2009's 'Tax Day Tea Party' and, of course, Mars and Uranus form a wide conjunction in Gemini in the US natal chart of 1776 (8 and 22 Gemini.)

You may even give merit to the natal version of what I think may be Benjamin Franklin's preference for America's birth chart by his reputed insistence that the Declaration of Independence be signed at 2:21 or 2:22 AM lmt (July 4, 1776, Philadelphia, PA) - Mr. Franklin the Astrologer is pictured on the $100 bill with the Independence Hall clock pointing to 2:21/2:22. A chart set for this time and place gives Uranus precisely rising which is why I'm investigating this chart more and more. Yet the Sibly version (5:10 pm lmt) certainly times perfectly the attacks of 9/11 with the tr Pluto-Saturn opposition across the ASC/DESC axis. Perhaps both charts are relevant even though Uranus was discovered in 1781.

On Wednesday, April 15, 2009, the Mars-Uranus conj is exact in Washington, DC from 5:57 am to 6:27 am edt; ascending degrees range from 9Ari52 to 22Ari07, with asteroid Nemesis (keywords: the unbeatable foe; divine retribution) 22Ari35 and rising at 6:27 am. Midheaven degrees: 5Cap25 to 12Cap21 placing US natal Jupiter, then natal Sun at the HOW? Point of the chart - the IC, or Foundation of the matter. Money and mission matter, indeed.

5:57 to 6:27 am edt:
Sun 25/26Aries, Moon 2Cap14 to 2:28, a Fire-Earth blend which gives these 'Images for Integration':

'A young soldier is rewarded by the King for exceptional bravery in the cause of freedom and individual human rights...Columbus discovers America, and a new world order is born.' (Sun Sign-Moon Sign, Charles & Suzi Harvey.)

'Freedom' and 'individual rights' are words associated with Uranus; 'new world order' is a phrase associated with much of the blogging I've done here since 2005 and on jude's threshold...and with the deceitful bailout betrayal, fraud, and greed that have boosted the coffers of the global power elite's one-world-economic-order agenda while beggaring the American people and other ordinary folk trying to exist on the Earth at this time in history.

Mars and Uranus meet at 24Pis27 in the 12th house of Karma, Self-Undoing, and Large Institutions in the chart set for Washington, DC...a political behind-the-scenes meeting perhaps? As you know, Mars conj Uranus indicates risk-takers and those who despise the authority and control of others. I, too, despise what 'my' government has used our tax monies for - their own ends, such as war, the undermining of duly-elected governments abroad, assassins' paychecks, and who knows what else under heaven.

My neck of the woods, Atlanta, GA:

With Sean Hannity's 'Tea Party' broadcasting at the State Capital Building in Atlanta, GA (7 to 9 pm edt), I'm not certain that Capital Hill politicians are particularly worried about this 'new American revolution' as much as they are planning for it. See previous post Congress' closed door meeting of March 13, 2008. But we can bet that police squads will be in place and radicalized against dis-order of the populace, if needed.

Tea Party speakers in Atlanta are said to include former House Majority Leader Dick Armey, country star John Rich, and even "Joe the Plumber" may "stop by"...hopefully the rally's porta-potties are in no danger of failing if they must depend on this fake plumber's services. So who knows how it will go in Atlanta? Hannity's inclusion has made the event's funding requirements considerably higher than they were initially and last I checked, they're seeking more donations.

Another astrological factor to consider for April 15 is the ongoing transit of dissolving, often deceitful, if spiritual Neptune to US natal Moon (we-the-people), a time when we feel a rootlessness as domestic relationships become eroded or more spiritual; sticking to a routine is difficult, but promotional talents can flourish. Prisons may be on Neptune's menu as well.

And very telling is that possessions are subject to loss through carelessness - or by theft.

And that theft is being billed as the impetus for Tax Day Tea Party rallies 2009 - theft of taxpayer monies. The devil is that some of our rich power elites are participating, too, as if they are suffering anything like the financial hardships that we-the-people are undergoing.

Plus, you probably know of the political party formed as the 'Boston Tea Party' as an ideological improvement on the Libertarian Party, and whose platform is based on Ron Paul's Campaign for Liberty. The whole Tax Day Tea Party shebang is based on their lead, it seems.

My fret is that their platform to abolish practices which do need abolishing (such as warrantless searches and surveillance, and establishing a total withdrawal of US troops from all nations, and a well-deserved audit of the Federal Reserve) - while they sound good - may be part of a disguised attempt to abolish our nation's sovereignty and thus promote the same old NWO agenda. Tiresome not to know whom to trust, isn't it?

Note: concerning the original
Boston Tea Party of Dec 26, 1773
- it was apparently staged by Masonic Lodge members dressed as Indians! Not that they were the only participants, mind you, and the anti-British government tea-dumping is now considered part of the lead-up to the American Revolution. "No taxation without representation" is still an issue for certain with the fatcats of Washington and their global masters pulling strings against us.

So with the early-Cap Moon of April 15 conjuncting manipulating, plutocratic Pluto (planet of powerful publishers at 3Cap+ Rx) during the day, it will be interesting to see if the media (mainstream or otherwise) portrays 2009's Tax Day Tea Party rallies as 'anti-Obama only.'

My advice: don't leave out the de-regulating, thieving Bushies, Clintonites, and the Reaganheads - for they are heisters all!