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May 12, 2009

UK PM Gordon Brown; the Waterbearer's Example

Here's a timeless article, an interview with UK PM Gordon Brown who has some choice spin for us on globalization, one of the code words for the one-world-government/new-world-economic-order...whatever nickname you'd give lucifer's spawn, the ones wanting to enslave anyone who isn't a member of the every exclusive top tier of power, banking, and monarchical elite (or someone temporarily of use to them.)

Note to tmb: yes, the UK story now about how Brit politicians have financed the upkeep of their perks - swimming pools, renovations on fancify digs - on the public farthing, is predictable. But it's all so garishly pulpish as to purport itself to be diversionary (yet basically true - but why now?) Facts are getting stretched depending on who's to be tamped down or ruined by plunking them into hot water while and showing them to be in need of a big bar of rubby dub soap.

They are, of course, playing their assigned or unexpected roles, perhaps in collusion, perhaps unconsciously.

Promoting the Final Push: the Lisbon Treaty; May 14 - 17, 2009 is the Bilderberg Group's annual conclave, this time in Vouliagmeni, Greece (near Athens) at the Nafsika Astir Palace Hotel. Tres Secreto!

Sunrise May 14, 2009, Athens, GR: Sun/Asc 23Tau28; 9th house Moon '18Cap' (the NWO's signature Great Conjunction planets, Uranus/Neptune, 1993; '18Cap': POLITICAL POWER; "The Union Jack Flag Flies From a British Warship"...Keynote: The protection afforded to individuals and groups by powerful institutions in charge of maintaining order.' (Dane Rudhyar, An Astrological Mandala; see Amazon Slideshow of Good Astrology Books in sidebar.)

Sun (leadership; hero's journey; purpose) '24Tau': "An Indian Warrior Riding Fiercely, Human Scalps Hanging from His Belt"...VIOLENCE FOR SURVIVAL...Keynote: The aggressiveness of human instincts when fighting for their earthly base of operations.

And you may wish to know that the Bilderberg Group or Club began in 1954 with the 11 North Solar Eclipse Series as its Pre-Natal Eclipse Series - what I called the 'New President' Eclipse of Jan 26, 2009...6 days into Barack Obama's presidency.

Brady's Predictive Astrology gives the 11N as one in which individuals may suddenly change groups with which they mix, either through travel or ideas; deeper commitments may be made in relationships; positive outcomes usually result.

If you have Astrology software and wish to probe the charts of the Bilderberg Conclave 1009, I urge you to do so. I'd start by locating a a time period between May 14 and 17 that contains at least two, preferable three, patterns of stress such as T-squares, YODs, Fists of God, even Grand Trines.

The more patterns there are and the tighter their orbs, the more critical those moments in time are and the more likely they are to trigger an event or two; an animated chart feature such as SolarFire uses will show up planetary patterns like a laser beam.

Such 'time frame' charts (May 14 to May 17 -- midnight to midnight? sunrise to sunset or midnight?) may also be used in a purely symbolic way even if no info ever comes out about what actually went on within the elusive ivory tower and at what hour of day or night.

And I'd pay attention to politicians' - esp Gordon Brown's - after-scripts in the next few days/weeks or so for the propaganda-watchers among us. Other bankers, CEOs, and all-for-the-man media outlets' talking heads will be sure to squeak out well-filtered messages from on high to serfs around the globe.

And we have the (Jupiter/Neptune) June 12 Digital Divide 'switch' to D-TV where subliminality shows what it can really do to the human brain.

Well, if you wish a snoop into what author and long-time Bilderberg investigator Daniel Estulin is up to now that it's time for the Bilderbergers' annual planning session for mapping out the right measure and location of world chaos, try Prison Planet one of the most awfully descriptive names for a site or blog I've ever heard.

Old Tricks Are the Best Tricks: the Political Arm Excels

Goal: To neutralize by laying a hand on your enemy without leaving your pawprints behind. Ex: a character assassination has occurred. Who benefits? Who leaked? Who can be bought or coerced? Who eventually fills the shoes? Who expands?

'Divide and Conquer' always increases the divider's strength while reducing two enemies-in-one's mojos.

Now personally I prefer the Golden Ratio. The Golden Rule.

To me it seems that transcendental concepts are the prime clues we have for escaping the maze which seems material to most folk but is really a spiritual struggle for our hearts and minds.

And with Jupiter, Chiron, and Neptune merging off and on of late in Aquarius, this would be a perfect time to consider such things more fully.

Especially because Aquarius is the sign of the waterbearer pouring out the water (ether) of all knowledge, of the four elements, and if we watch and mimic the angel's example, we each shall not spill a drop (for best results.)

Water, Water; Ether, Air; and we see the Earth element in the angel's urn; the Fire element signifies Creative Fire from On High...poured unto humankind in radiant abundance.

A Buddha-Esque Baby drawing by jude cowell 2009+


Blog Note to All 5 SO'W Readers: A family 'NC island visit' will interrupt blogging here and elsewhere for a few days in mid-May - back with island details by May 20 if not before. jc 5.12.09 7:58 pm edt


clymela said...

Well just sos you don't miss my birfday.
But really have a wonderful time. Perhaps I can catch up reading you by the time you get back.
I think I may pop a gasket in my disappointment with Obama and his sticking with Geithner and now backing out on showing what we did during the Bush administration. I feel frightened of this backing away and sucking up to the bankers and Wall Street.
But you go on and have a good visit-I'll keep an eye on things.

Jude Cowell said...

Your birfday? uh oh. Glad to know the mess will be in good paws clymela, thanks...scoop at will. ;p

Obama's natal Saturn in Cap Rx is showing an awful lot. But you know he had the sneaky secret meeting in June 2008 with the Bilderbergers who were meeting last yr in Chantilly, VA. They're sometimes called 'kingmakers' for just such a reason.

Jupiter/Saturn = the king. And this one promises to rest on day' 73' (one of his jokes at the W-H Corresp Dinner last Fri pm) so i noticed the significant number 72, a quintile asepct and indicator of talent, among other things.

Well thanks, clymela, for the bon voyage!!! I look forward to seeing again the Great Atlantic. jc