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May 13, 2009

Annual Bilderberg meeting 2009 being mocked

London's The Guardian is running joke coverage of 2009's Bilderberg Group enclave in Athens, Greece, May 14 - 17.

Too much attention is being paid to this year's meeting so the complicit media (and Charlie Skelton, the Brit comedy man hired to pretend to 'investigate' the secretive meeting of the world power brokers who demonstrably brought the world the European Union and the Euro) are satirically 'covering' the shindig at the hotel to muddy the waters for you.

Are you fooled yet?

For more reading try What Really Happened?; or nab a smidgen of Astrology for May 14 - 17, 2009 in my post below. If I weren't about to go out of town, there would be time to hone in more on the chart/s for the event, but perhaps there will remain something to investigate about the horoscopery even after my return.

After all, these dudes and dudettes sneeze and we all get swine flu.

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