Jun 20, 2009

Financial Reform and the July 7, 2009 Lunar Eclipse 15Cap

If you want a Capitol Hill flavored view of the July 7 Lunar Eclipse, read my post below.

But if you'd prefer a more balanced view to go along with the politics - or in spite of them (possibly the wiser choice!) - check out Julie Demboski's take and advice on the July 7 Lunar Eclipse with the four major asteroids as archetypes that Julie blends so seamlessly into her analysis!

Original post begins here:

On June 11, 2009 Paul Weinstein, Jr called for regulation of Wall Street by the Fed and the FDIC, two entities he says will be "independent super-agencies" that, among other tasks, will regulate hedge funds, insurers, and derivatives markets.

Will this great financial reform be accomplished with the aid of the Lunar Eclipse of July 7, 2009?

Comparing the July 7 Eclipse chart with America's natal chart (Sibly version), we see that the Lunar Eclipse, a Full Moon at 15Cap24, conjuncts the Sibly 2nd cusp of Earning Ability and Values, leaving the Sun 15Can24 to sit directly upon the (Sibly) 8th cusp of Shared Resources, Insurance, Debtors, Creditors, and other high-stakes wheeler-dealers and those under contract to pay them. The 2/8 axis is the Money/Values Axis, as you know.

(If I drift off-topic before I'm done composing this, it's because C-SPAN is on the TV behind me re-running Tuesday's Democratic Leadership Council tribute to Al From - and I'm getting cavities just listening to it. No disrespect intended, and they have a right to uplift whomever they want, for service to the party, of course. And you thought Barack Obama walked on water!)

The Lunar Eclipse occurs so soon after July 4 that we might expect it to be pertinent to US affairs on several levels, but my question is: will it affect the economy of our nation and the implementation of the Obama administration's financial reform initiatives?

Let's keep peeking under the univeral hood, shall we?

The speculator pair Jupiter and Neptune are dancing now upon the US natal Moon '27AQ' (the people; the public) yet I won't bark again about the midpoint picture formed since I've howled so many times here and elsewhere because its influence takes up all of 2009 and goes into 2010. Plus, these two wildly imagining planets of liquidity and grand plans are in another Air sign in the *NYSE natal chart: Libra.

Well, I've yet to give you the details for July 7's Lunar Eclipse chart:

ASC 12Can04; MC 21Pis05 (note that the ASC/DESC and MC/IC axes are nearly the same as the NYSE's angular cusps as listed below); Sun and Moon you know, Mercury 7Can24 which makes Mercury the oriental planet (rising last before the Sun) - the 'dot the Is, cross the Ts' influence of one who deals with minute details; Venus 2Gem14 in 11th house; Mars 26Tau39 in 11th h and conj Fixed Star Algol of intense passion and rage; Jupiter you know; Saturn 17Vir04 conjunct NYSE's natal Mars 18Vir43, a transit of actions restricted, a need for better organizaiton becomes evident, and trying to circumvent rules and regulations ends badly.

The Lunar Eclipse's Uranus 26Pis36 is in 10th house indicating career disruptions or reforms, plus Uranus in now within orb of its transiting square with transformative Pluto 1Cap38 in 6th house of the Lunar Ecl chart.

Saturn in Virgo is actually at Thales Point in the chart for its aid to the opposition of the Sun and Moon - Saturn trines Moon and sextiles Sun.

And when the chart is set for Washington, DC, Sun, Moon, Saturn, and MC (17Pis48) form a Mystic Rectangle, although the 4th point as a chart angle should really hold a planet in order for it to be properly called a Mystic Rectangle (a pattern of practical mysticism.) Well, '17Pisces' is a critical degree, however, and Washington is a mystical place with its buildings based on Masonic principles: the Pentagon's 5-pointed star, White House as White Lodge, Capitol Building as Masonic Temple, and more.

Well, is that enough for now? Perhaps this post can be updated as the Eclipse nears or inspiration occurs. Until then!

*New York Stock Exchange: May 17, 1792; timing varies, but I use 7:52 am LMT, 'under the Buttonwood Tree', NYC - ASC 13Can51; MC 23Pis21; Sun 27Tau12; Moon 18Ari39 approaching Saturn 26Ari22; Jupiter 22Lib57 in process of conjoining Neptune 27Lib42. So when Jupiter and Neptune conjunct about every 13 years, this astrologer naturally thinks of the NYSE.

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