Jun 19, 2009

"Khamenei has never seen a crisis like this"

For information on the demonstrations going on in the streets of Iran since the presidential election of June 12 and insight into the politics behind them, check out Der Speigel's interview with Afshin Molavi, Iran expert who was born in Tehran, raised in the West, and is author of 2002's Persian Pilgrimages: Journeys Across Iran.

Mr. Molavi has worked at the World Bank in the past and is now at the New America Foundation. Hmm...anyway, he does understand his home country and has insights into its political and religious rulers, if you're interested.

Today Iran's Supreme Leader, Khamenei, sent his people a warning to stop expressing their displeasure at being victims of massive election fraud, or else. And with websites shut down and foreign journalists tossed out on their ears, a crackdown in the streets is apparently on the Persian menu; plus, some say, arrests have been and will be made by the Revolutionary Guard even after protests end.

My prayer is that the wonderful Iranian people will be safe from brutality, yet I don't know the answer to their election recount demands. But I do know that several million ballots could not possibly have been counted by hand and the winner known a mere hour after the polls closed!

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