Jun 12, 2009

Obama's US war escalation: assassins-r-us?

New US Commander in Afghanistan Assembles Team of Assassins

By Bill Van Auken

In its escalation of the US war in Afghanistan, and its increasing extension across the border into Pakistan, the Obama administration has chosen as its senior commander an officer who is among those most deeply implicated in the criminal operations carried out under Bush and Cheney. #

This Just in from SO'W's Sad To Say Department:

Despite Obama's lilting campaign promises, the prospect of America ending her imperialistic 'perpetual war' never stood a chance, m'peops. The war baton was passed on January 20, 2009, as I've groused previously. Label any US president as you wish - play their diversionary 'Ds vs Rs' game if you like, it makes no never mind in the high-stakes end-game they intend to win no matter who gets hurt.

Their escape hatches and bunkers are all in place and stocked in case of revolt or other disaster. (But the joke's on them, because if one day they're all that's left, they'll have only one another's sorriness to deal with hardy-har-har.)

Still, old Machiavelli would be so proud of our swampers on the Potomac.

Besides, it's more than a little late for America to fulfill her much-touted "Manifest Destiny" by becoming The Dove of Peace she's so often pretended to be, doncha think?

In fact, I don't believe the neo-con/neo-liberal warhawks of Washington DC would even know how to begin to allow peace to break out if the people of the world had their shared wish granted - to live in harmony!

Now what to do? Who needs replacing? 99% of them?

And when will The People's grievances be redressed in the halls of Capitol Hill as the Founders intended?

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