Jun 16, 2009

US warhawks' new-found concern for the Iranian People

The "Bomb Iran" Contingent's New-found Concern for The Iranian People

By Glenn Greenwald

Much of the same faction now claiming such concern for the welfare of The Iranian People are the same people who have long been advocating a military attack on Iran and the dropping of large numbers of bombs on their country -- actions which would result in the slaughter of those very same Iranian People. #

Yes, "such concern" and crocodile tears belong in the same bucket. Of cr*p.

The hypocrisy of Washington politicians knows no bounds! Sometimes I have to wonder who writes the scripts - like this morning when I heard President Obama calling out North Korea's threat toward other countries and I thought, 'How soon they forget' that Bush-Cheney did much more than simply threaten other countries. Now Mr. Obama is on track to continue the bombing, and we-the-people know not where - but it's supposedly being done in our name.

And so the demonization of Iran's government rolls on, revved up this week by the Iranian people's understandable disbelief in their election outcome. But that is their business, is it not?

You know, I'd love it if all my grousings these last few years (on this blog since 2005, and in Slate's The Fray for years prior) about New World Order chaos plans (including financial collapse) with a power elite's shock doctrine agenda (so well-described by Naomi Klein) - if it all turned out to be merely a conspiracy theorist's nightmare amounting to nada. That would be be tres cool, you know?

She Still Is

And I've always said that 'America is my only nag in the race' especially when it comes to Capitol Hill legislation and election campaigns that tout our illusory 'two-party system' which is designed to divide and conquer, with little if any difference between Rs and Ds.

Class warfare, etc...them vs us, and you have your noggin planted firmly in the sand if you can't see who's winning big-time. Did I hear you whisper, 'middle class'? You know it's getting smaller by the day, m'peops. Our losses are someone's gains.

As for Iran's contested presidential election or one of our own, it's sadly become the same the world over, for it isn't who casts the votes that determines the winner. It's who counts them.

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