Jun 16, 2009

Scotland founded in 1005 and Jupiter Meets Uranus

Of late it seems that mentions of Scotland keep popping up on my blogs by way of TV's Craig Ferguson, articles from the New Scientist, and from my reading of Anne Whitaker's new book Jupiter Meets Uranus which I've just reviewed on Amazon if you'd like to check out this excellent book about the 14-year Jupiter-Uranus cycle and its scientific, political, financial, and many other implications for society.

Anne covers personal charts with Jupiter-Uranus effects as well in her research begun around the time of their conjunction of February 1997 at 5AQ55 - and you know who was US president then - the just-re-elected Bill Clinton.

He was a real New World Order promoter, our Bill, and futuristic about the New Millennium. His natal Mercury in Leo opposes the Jupiter-Uranus conj of 1997 so we have a midpoint picture we may wish to consider...

Jup/Uran = n Mercury: planning on success; a series of fortunate breaks; confidence; ready-wittedness; a person with an abundance of ideas; the gathering of ample knowledge; a fortunate turn in one's occupation (re-election!)

Ready-witted Bill's natal chart and details are included in Anne's book as well, and much more - including the US' first landing on the Moon, the first landing at Cape Canaveral, Florida - linked through the centuries by the Jupiter-Uranus cycle (I know-w-w!, as Mr. Ferguson might say amusedly.)

From historical record we know that March 25, 1005 is the date that King Malcolm the Second was crowned at Scone thus founding Scotland, so full of talent and genius which it has so often shared with the world!

You'll find an image of Scotland's natal chart along with Anne Whitaker's astute analysis of the national psyche of her home country as she writes appealingly from 'the Twelfth House'!


Anne Whitaker said...

Hi Jude

many thanks for all the great publicity - not only for 'Jupiter meets Uranus', but also for Scotland!

We Scots have always got everywhere, in one context or another. And I'm old enough to remember Craig Ferguson when he was called Bing Hitler!


jude cowell said...

Anne you're very welcome! And yes, Craig has mentioned on The Late Late Show his Bing Hitler days - hilarious! Jude